By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The fifty fourth chapter of the whole story of flying dragon: Wang Jing divides his troops to attack Ma Ling and take Fengzhou from Xun Jian"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第五十四回 王景分兵袭马岭 向训建策取凤州

Poetry says:

The heaven will go down to three palaces, and the star gate will call for five soldiers.

Sitting in the temple of planning capital, Feixi stands in Wenxiong.

Red earth meteor sword

In autumn, Shudao was born, and Huangzhong was surrounded by murderous Qi.

When will the wind and rain leave? The same day for Qin Zun.

From the pavilion is not expected, ditch water from the west to the East.

Yang Jiong's sending Liu Xiaoshu to join the army

It is said that Shizong is discussing with his officials about the way of governance. Suddenly, Huangmen official said that there is a way to report confidential matters. Shizong asked why, and Huangmen official said: "mengchang in Xishu, who has not been taught for a long time, wants to abuse the people, indulges in promiscuity, extravagance and lust, and abolishes the failure discipline. As for the drowning tool, it is also packed with seven treasures. It seems that the people are incessant in fornication, and complain about it very much. When the minister hears the reason, he plays with special features. " After hearing this, Shizong discussed with Wang Pu. Wang Puzou said: "mengchang is the one who is not allowed to slow down in the national law because of its evil to the West Shu and its indulgence in hurting the people. Your majesty is Yixing's anti violence division, saving people from water and fire. One is that the fire is false, so that the production and education will not be hindered by the ancestors; the two also make the Southern Tang Dynasty and the northern Han Dynasty aware of the wind and fear: this one stroke and two gains strategy, your majesty should be urgent. " Hearing this, Shizong asked: "Mr. Shi said that Shu could be attacked, but I don't know who can take the position and serve and win? I will decide with you, sir, if you are able. " "Minister Guan xuanhui emissary Xiang Xun has a lot of generals. Fengxiang Festival emissary Wang Jingshan can use his troops. His majesty can order them to attack Shu, and they will receive the whole skill." Shizong allowed to play, issued an imperial edict, took Wangjing as the general, Xiangxun as the pioneer, and led the elite soldiers to cut Shu.

With the aim of training, he led 20000 soldiers to meet Wang Jing in Fengxiang. Wang Jing received the edict, lit up the horses and men, and set out. On that day, Xiangxun said: "the mountain of Shudao is high and the mountains are steep, which is the most dangerous. If you make one master pass, ten thousand masters are not allowed to enter.". Now I have two ways to advance with Gongfen: Gongke can lead 20000 soldiers to advance from QinZhou; I can lead an army to advance from huangniuzhai. All meet at Maling pass. " Xiang Xun leads the army to Taizhou today. Wang Jing, the leader of the army, left Fengxiang and set out for huangniu stronghold.

At that time, there were eight strongholds in Sichuan, including huangniu, Maling, Mumen, Xianhe, Baijian, Zijin, tiexia and Donghe. Only the three strongholds of huangniu, Mumen and Baijian are built on the mountain, which is the most dangerous. The Huang niuzhai town is guarded by two powerful Generals: one is from Taiyuan, surnamed Zhang, whose name is Chu Chu Cun, who is born with black face and black beard, who is good at using an iron gun, and the other is surnamed Xiao, whose name is Bi Sheng, who is born after the mountain, who is born with a face like Fu Fen, whose lips are painted with Zhu, who is a machete. Both of them are brave enough to be wrong. Hearing that Zhou Bing was going to fight for Shu, Zhang Chu Chu Chu said that Xiao must win: "today, Wang Jing will be the leader of the army, and he will come soon. If he fights with him, he will take advantage of the sharpness of the moment, and the victory or defeat seems unknown. If Yan Du sticks to it, wait for his army to run out of food, and then send out his troops to cover up, and a drum can be captured." Xiao will win according to his plan. Even if he sets up the weapons strictly, he will not go out according to his troops.

This day, Wang Jing led the soldiers to the huangniu stronghold. He saw the lines of flags and peaks, the lines of swords and halberds, blocking the key points, and the soldiers could not move forward. Wang Jing sends orders to camp and plans to capture. Wang Yijin's strategy is: "I heard that the guards of huangniu stronghold are Zhang Zhucun and Xiao Bisheng. They are both intelligent and courageous. How can we get there if he defends according to the danger and blocks the key points?"? If we do not take the easy first, then attack the difficult. Recently, I visited tumin. There is a path here that can pass through Maling pass. The defenders there are weak and easy to attack. The master and general should stop fighting and March in secret from this path. If we get this pass, the huangniu stronghold will not be hard to break. " Wang Jing listened and said with great joy, "this is a wonderful plan." In the meantime, the military orders were sent in dark, and the people and horses walked along the path all night. At this time, the moon was shining. The sergeant did not use the torch, crossed the valley and crossed the ravine. He went ahead secretly. He was about to arrive at dawn and had arrived at Maling stronghold.

Yu Ji and Zhao Jili will guard the stronghold. Although they know that Zhou's troops are fighting against Shu, they are only strong in front of the stronghold and are not very wary. On this day, I suddenly heard that the village was full of drums and gold, and I was shocked by the sound. I posted the general situation that Zhou Bing had arrived at the village. Yu and Zhao were at a loss, that is, they hurriedly ordered the whole army to go out to meet the enemy. They were meeting Wang Yi's army. Wang Yi said: "today, the soldiers have entered the nest. You and other false orders have not come early to protect the leader. How dare you lead the soldiers to resist the enemy and want to cut them into meat and mud?" Yu Ji was furious, not to speak, and took the king's throne with his gun. Wang Yi comes to welcome me with a knife. The two will fight under the pass, about six or seven, without winning or losing. Suddenly, I heard that the gold was beating the drum, shouting and waving the flag. When the first general was killed, it was the pioneer who came from Qinzhou and led the attack from the side. Zhao Jili saw that the situation could not be supported. First, he put the baggage and concubines into the car and took the general with him, even if he fled. Yu Ji can't resist the enemy. He doesn't dare to fight. He has opened his way and fled to Chengdu. Wang Yi and Xiang Xun joined forces to fight in Maling stronghold and bring down the whole army. There are poems as evidence:

The murderous spirit came to the south to fight against the cold, and the cloud ran covered the empty mountain.

The hero plans to drive the army, and talks and laughs for a moment.

Not to mention Wang Jing and others have taken malingzhai. In addition, Yu Ji and Zhao Jili will flee to Chengdu to see the driver. They report that "Zhou Bing has been attacked by Maling stronghold. Please forgive me." When the master of Shu heard about it, he said angrily, "since you are the general, you can't practice armour and defend according to the danger. Now you can't resist the enemy as much as you can. Instead, you are looking forward to the wind. What do you want to see me for? " The order of beheading was issued, and then the policy of withdrawing Zhou soldiers was discussed with all ministers. Shumi sent Wang chugu into the way: "recently, the Zhou army is very powerful and invincible. If the Lord wants to protect the western land, he must join the northern Han Dynasty and the Southern Tang Dynasty and ask for help. If the two countries allow him to follow, Zhou's troops will surely retreat. " The master of Shu followed his words and sent envoys to the two countries for help. At that time, the two countries got the rescue documents, and they all agreed to help.

However, Wang Jing's army and horse tunzha Maling pass are eager to forge ahead, but they are lack of food and grass and dare not move lightly. When discussing with Xiang Xun, he said: "there is a strong city in front and a strong enemy in the back. How can we support the grain in the army?" Xiangxun said: "huangniu stronghold knows that when I attack Maling, he will not dare to go out of the army to stop me. If we close the stronghold in front of us, we will be careful to guard ourselves. Why does he plan? However, since the army is short of food and grass, it only needs to send people to the capital to know the Lord and help them. I plan to forge ahead with the public in order to enrich the royal family. " Wang Jing was very pleased to hear his words. He sent people to Bianjing every day to collect grain. Send people to take orders, go to Beijing in the starry night, and start playing in the dynasty.

Shizong got to play, and issued an imperial edict to discuss with the officials. All the officials said that Wang Jing had no success in cutting down Shu. He spent money and food in vain. He doubted that it would be useless. So he might as well stop fighting and then draw a plan. Shizong hesitated. Zhao Kuangyin, the king of the Southern Song Dynasty, said: "recently, I heard that Wang Jing has won many battles over the soldiers of Shu, and the military power has been greatly improved, so there is no report of success. Why should your majesty doubt that there is a natural shortage of food and salaries in the army today? I would like to personally supervise the army grain and escort it to the front of the camp to see what he looks like, so as to decide where to take it. " Shizong said: "if you have a royal younger brother, I have no worries."

Kuangyin quit driving today and ordered more than 500 vehicles to take the grain from the warehouse. He left Bianjing and came to Qinzhou. He sent someone to inform Wang Jing first. Wang Jing said to Xiang Xun, "the LORD sent King Zhao to escort the grain to Qinzhou. However, the Sichuan Road is dangerous and the grain is hard to enter. It's not my interest to know that the soldiers in Shu are afraid. " "Don't worry, sir," said Xiang Xun. "The young general has already thought about it. Now he will only lead 5000 elite soldiers out of chencangkou and wait for Zhao Wang's food and grass to arrive. There will be no mistake." It has been decided that even if the soldiers are invited to Kuangyin, they will say: "there is a potential to be taken in Shu, so we have to worry about food and salaries. If the army were to come to Chengdu, then the rulers and ministers of Shu would not attack but descend. " Kuang Yin said: "general's words are also. But how can we get this food today? " Xiang Xun said: "the Sichuan Road is rugged, and the hub of the car is hard to walk. You can only make the foot ride load, and then you can sneak from the middle road to malingzhai to keep it safe." Kuang Yin listened and said with great joy, "Wang Junshi pushed the public generals, and now it's true." They filled the grain with cloth bags. They sent more than 500 soldiers to bear their own loads. They followed Xiangxun and quietly went to Maling stronghold.

Kuangyin led his troops and horses back to Bianjing and met with the emperor Shizong. He told them that there was no mistake. "Another way:" Xishu has the potential to take. In the autumn when generals and men are willing to use their lives, your majesty should be arbitrary and not listen to the left and right, and lose this opportunity When Emperor Shizong listened to the music, he was full of joy, that is, he issued an imperial edict: "except for Wang Jing, who was the emissary of summoning, he supervised the army for the capital of Xun, and quickly marched into the army to summon Zhang Tianqiu." The emissary led the order and sent it to the malingzhai army. Wang, thanks to the two, entertained the angels and sent them back to Beijing. Then he ordered the generals to prepare their battle gear for the army.

When the Lord of Shu heard this, he called all the officials to discuss it. Han Jixun, the governor of the Xiongwu army, said: "when Zhou soldiers come here, they will attack Fengzhou first. Covering this place is the throat of the whole Shu. It's the place that the enemy must fight for. Your majesty can order the general to guard it strictly. Then point the brave person, the leader lives in Maling stronghold, and stops at the path to cut off the grain road of Zhoushi. Even though there are millions of enemy soldiers, they are useless. " According to his words, the master of Shu ordered the generals Li Ting - and Zhi Shen Zheng to be the general of the army, and led 20000 elite soldiers to reject the Zhou division. Zhao Yantao, the general, was sent to lead the five thousand horse soldiers to live in Fengzhou for the purpose of holding fast. Then order the fine sergeant to go to the left and right paths of Maling and sever each one. The allocation of Shu Lord has been determined, and Li Ting and other generals have taken their own orders.

Li ting-junma came to baijianzhai village to camp, and discussed with the branch, saying: "fifteen li away, the name of huanghuagu is really the key point of Western Shu, where one person is required to guard against danger. If I and Gongyin's elite soldiers copy out of Maling stronghold, Zhou's Division will not be enough to win. " "It's a wonderful plan," he said. Who will lead the troops to Huanghua Valley? " Words are not absolutely, King Luan should say: "little general is willing to go." "If you are willing to go, you will succeed," said the court That is, five thousand elite soldiers will be paid. Wang Luan went to guard Huanghua valley. The imperial court and Shenzheng led the remaining soldiers to fight in Maling stronghold.

When the sentinel horse entered Wang Jingjun's army, Wang Jinghe and Xiang Xun said, "the paths of Shu Road are numerous and difficult to follow. According to the legend of the local people, it is the most dangerous to go to Huanghua valley. If the Shu people keep it, it will be difficult for our army to forge ahead. Who dares to lead the army to take Huanghua Valley first? Make it easy for me to schedule. " Zhang Jianxiong, a helpful general, stood up and said, "little general is willing to go." Wang Jing is very happy, that is to say, he has allocated two thousand soldiers. Zhang Jianxiong went at his command. Wang Jing sent a thousand soldiers from Kangcang to Fengzhou to stop the soldiers from returning. Kangcang also led the troops. Wang Jingfen has been assigned. He and Xiangxun stick to the barracks and can't go out according to the soldiers.

However, Zhang Jianxiong said that when he arrived at Huanghua Valley, he would sing gold, beat drums and raise flags. Wang Luan knew that Zhou Bing had arrived, so he hurriedly put on his horse and led the soldiers out of the pass, swearing: "the thief who does not know how to advance or retreat! Now that we have gone deep into our land, we do not know the time of death yet? " Jianxiong doesn't answer. He swings his sword and beats his horse to take Wang Luan. Wang Luan shoots at the enemy. The two horses crossed, the two weapons were raised together, and the two generals fought for more than 70 times. Wang Luan was timid and defeated. Zhang Jianxiong shouted with all his might: "kill the general and seize the pass, in this one stroke!" Drive the troops to win and enter. Shu soldiers could not reach the enemy and left the pass. Wang Luan was defeated and fled to Chengdu.

Zhang Jianxiong attacked Huanghua Valley and garrisoned. There was an early report to the court. Ting - hearing that Huanghua valley was lost, he scolded: "my husband missed me!" Hua and Shen fought back, and Wang Jing and Xun found out the news. The leader turned on and off, and Zhou division fought bravely to get ahead and pursued. The soldiers of Shu were defeated and killed everywhere. Li Ting - seeing that Zhou's soldiers were in a strong position, he had to go back to qingniling with the detachment. Xiangxun defeated the soldiers of Shu again, and his voice was loud. Come to Huanghua Valley and reward Zhang Jianxiong. Send a man to the capital.

It was time for Xiangxun to discuss with Wang Jing: "although our troops have won many times, they have gone deep into their land now, but the guards of huangniu stronghold, Zhang Zhucun and Xiao Bisheng, have not yet been obedient. If control chokes me and blocks my way back, it's for the sake of deep suffering. We must be brave enough to defeat them, so as to avoid the later disaster, and we must rest assured that the long drive will enter the cave. " Wang Jingdao: "honest words. However, in my opinion, Zhang and Xiao will be wise and brave. If we don't use those who are able to speak first to tell us about misfortunes and blessings, we will see that the soldiers of Shu are defeated in a row, and we will forgive ourselves. If we don't, we will talk about adding soldiers. Why is it so? " "To the training:" the Lord will say yes, the little general would like to please go Wang Jingdao: "how can you be light when you are in charge of the important tasks? When you order others to move forward, you will have no other worries. " Only see the Ministry of Han lie near said: "little general is willing to say he two people come down." Wang Jing is so happy that he can do it.

On that day, Han lie got on the horse and brought one or two followers to the Yellow Cattle stronghold. When he reached the pass, he shouted loudly, "the leader who guards the pass, go to report to the master and tell him that there is something for Han lie to see." The sergeant heard that he immediately reported to the Chinese army. Zhang and Xiao will order the switch to be released. Then Han lie went to the account and met and sat down. Zhang Chucun asked, "what can I do for the general?" Han lie said: "a Lord has always heard that the two heroes are heroes of the world. They are eager to see no reason. Therefore, although they are ordered to fight violence, they can't bear to add one to the other. In addition, my Division has entered the territory of Shu. However, two of them are guarding the independent stronghold, and there is no rescue nearby. They are in danger. And I, the Lord of China and the DPRK, have been worshipped far and near. Some reason do not avoid axe to see the general. How could a general abandon himself and surrender himself to the public? In the future, his reputation will be more important than bamboo and silk, and his great achievements will be more powerful than Dingzhong. Isn't that great? What do you think of your respect? " When Chu Cun heard this, he thought: "the Lord of Shu is in a state of immorality. The situation has gone. We are isolated here. How can we get it back? It's better to have power and attach it, and then to be a district. " Then he began to say, "general Meng's righteous moves make him feel prosperous and virtuous. He should come to see the general tomorrow."

Han lie said goodbye to Wang Jing and Xiang Xun, saying that he knew that Zhang and Xiao would come tomorrow. Wang Jing is so happy that he orders to set up a generous ceremony. Is it right for the subordinates to believe that they have given up their lives? "Xiaoxiong and zhangxionglie's husband, will they do what is unjust? Don't be suspicious, you are wrong about important matters. " People are not willing to believe. At noon the next day, people reported that Xiao and Zhang had arrived. Wang Jingwen reported that he ordered the army to go to his uniform and meet him alone. When Zhang and Xiao saw this, they were very grateful, so they rolled off their saddles and bowed to the army. Wang Jing raised his horse, invited him to join the account, met each other in turn, ordered him to sit down, and then told him to love him with the virtue of the Zhou Lord. Zhang and Xiao bowed to each other and said, "the two generals are loved by the general. They are willing to work hard to repay benevolence." Wang Jing was so happy that he ordered a banquet to celebrate the new soldiers and reward the soldiers to show his kindness. There are poems praising cloud:

The brave princes are very skillful in martial arts. They will build flags when they march to the West.

Not hard Zhang arrow hero Fu, thousands of years of meritorious cloth far Yi.

But he said that in the early days of Shizong's driving, Wang jingjieyin reported to him, and all officials congratulated him. Shizong said that Wang Pu said: "the benefit of graduation is the power of recommendation." "This is your Majesty's far-reaching power. What can I do to help you?" Emperor shizongzao gave King Jing, Xiangxun and other generals a royal robe, and the rest of the soldiers were rewarded with wealth. The envoys led the order and announced it to the king's camp. They gathered together to give things to the emperor. Wang Jingbai has finished his reception. He divided the soldiers and sent the angels back to the capital. That is to say, he negotiated with the generals to enter the army. Xiang Xun said: "the soldiers of Shu have been frustrated repeatedly and dare not fight again. It's not too late for Kangcang to win or lose Fengzhou and then send troops to march in. " Wang Jing, according to his words, stood still.

However, it is said that Li Ting and Zhi Shen were defeated and returned to the middle of Sichuan Province, and they always pleaded guilty. The master of Shu pardoned it, and discussed with the officials the strategy to meet the enemy. Liu Bangyi, the Privy Deputy envoy, said: "Zhou Shijian is sharp and invincible. Recently, he has lost several passes in a row. If the king sends out troops again, it's hard to guarantee the victory. If you don't send people to the Central Plains to make peace with the emperor, and then take up the army and stop fighting, it's up to you. " The king of Shu ordered the Confucian officials to write books, sent envoys to Beijing, and presented the book of Yihe. According to the book of emperor Shizong

It is a dangerous thing to cover and hear soldiers, but war is against virtue. I have been guarding a corner of the Western Sichuan, but I dare not to commit any offense. However, when the Chinese and the Korean dynasties started their army and invaded our border areas, how could I see that? Now I would like to invite you to come and go to a country like your brother, to rest your troops and rest your people, and to save money and food, which is of no profit to your majesty. Otherwise, the Sichuan Road is dangerous, the food and salaries are hard to transport, the labor force is old, the bone is rough and the grass is reckless, it is not beneficial to the soldiers, and it is not appropriate for your majesty to come to the world and appease you. I will tell you the truth, but your majesty will pay attention.

After emperor Shizong finished reading, he was angry that his words were obstinate and arrogant, and he didn't answer the letter. But he said to the messenger, "I will tell your Lord that I am corrupt and oppressive, and that I will disorganize and abolish the government. I will only fight against the tyrants by the order of heaven. "If your Lord is to be his minister, and to offer his land, even if he gives up his army, he will not give up his army, but he will increase his army, and he will sit down and take his ear."

The emissary took the order and went back to the Lord of Shu. He knew that Shizong would not accept the words of harmony. The Lord of Shu was afraid and was eager to discuss with his officials. Wang Zhaoyuan, the prime minister, said, "since China and North Korea are not willing to make peace, our territory is fertile and vast, and the Treasury is abundant. Even though Zhou Shi came, it's OK.". And the trestle road is extremely dangerous. It's hard to get through with food and salaries. I'm eager to fight for the benefit of it. I'm committed to sticking to it. I'm old, deep and long. How long will Zhou Bing be able to stay? " The Lord of Shu believed his words, and even if he ordered, he would gather his army and grain at Jianmen and Baidi city to guard them. Press not to mention.

Wang Jing inquired about the news of Kangcang. He suddenly reported that Guo, the city of Fengzhou, was very strong and well guarded. Recently, Kangcang and Shu generals were at war, which was quite unprofitable. Therefore, he stationed troops for rescue. Wang jingnai called for advice and said to Xun, "Fengzhou, the throat of Shu, must be guarded by heavy troops. For this reason, those who want to take it first can only transport food for me, without looking back. It's better for you to take it in person, and you'll get good results. " Wang Jing said that he was good, so he ordered Xiang Xun to guard Huanghua valley. He led a horse army of ten thousand. He came to Fengzhou with Zhang Chu and Xiao Bisheng, and left the city for ten li to go to the stronghold. He reorganized the equipment for the battle. When the news came into the city, Zhao Yantao and Wang Huan, the governor of the city, wanted to send troops out of the enemy. Zhao Yanrong, the governor of the city, admonished him, "Wang Jing, the famous general of Zhou, if he fights with him, he may not gain profits; if he doesn't stick to it, he will get old with his division." "Yan Tao said:" this is also timid, it is appropriate to fight with him, in order to defeat its potential, so that he dare not despise Fengzhou Wang Huan said, "there is a reason." So he ordered the whole army to meet the enemy.

In pingming the next day, Zhao Yantao, the forward, was the first. Wang Jing, standing under the banner of the gate, said to Yantao, "when the heavenly soldiers enter the country, all the passes are taken by our division. How can you not return early and resist the enemy? " Zhao Yantao said angrily, "you and other soldiers have no reason to join the army in Shu. You dare to talk before the battle, and you want to kill yourself!" After that, he danced to Wang Jing. Wang Jingzheng is waiting for a close fight. After the battle, one of the generals jumps out and says in a loud voice, "wait for the little general to cut off this man." According to Wang Jing, Xiao must win. He will beat his horse and swing his sword to fight against Yantao. Two drums of gold and a lot of shouting. When the two generals fought for more than 60 years, Yan Tao was unable to support himself and returned to defeat. We will win and chase the horse. Just after arriving at the riverside of the city, we will kill Yan Tao and get off the horse. Wang Jing drives his troops to cover up, and Shu soldiers are defeated. Zhang Chu Cun fought bravely for the first place. He met Wang Huan and made a three-way cooperation with his horse. He was captured alive on the horse. Zhou soldiers rushed in. The soldiers in the Kangcang of the stabbing slope arrived. The soldiers in Shu could not retreat. They abandoned their deserts and fled. There were countless surrenders. Wang Jing entered the city by bridle and appeased the people. Zhao Yanrong was captured by rioters and bound to see him. Wang jingling released the tie and separated with Wang Huan in the army. Two people are angry and die without food. Wang Jing got Fengzhou, and his voice was loud. He was surprised at the distance and distance. At that time, each of the two prefectures gave up their cities.

When the Lord of Shu heard this, he was in a panic and called Wang Zhaoyuan to discuss it. Zhaoyuan said: "things are in danger. The king has to send another person to the Southern Tang Dynasty to ask for help. The common people can retire from Zhou." However, the leader of Shu sent Wang Lizhong to the Southern Tang Dynasty to ask for help. At that time, when the master of the Southern Tang Dynasty finished reading, he said that Wang Lizhong said: "the former was about to leave school, because the food and grass were not collected, it would not work. This week's army is already in-depth. I will send my life to fight against it. I will not be able to cut off the leader of Zhou's general in a few days. I will be angry with him. You will bring the book back to the Lord of Shu first, and you will be relieved not to worry. " Li Zhong leads and returns to Gaoyang. When Xiangxun's patrolmen meet him, they seize him and take him to the camp. He searched around for orders, but found the reply in his arms. He looked at Xun and said, "if not for the Lord's blessing, we would be exhausted." That is to say, they were sent to the capital by the left and right, and then they asked the imperial court to send troops to check the situation.

Wang Lizhong was escorted to Bianjing day and night. He went there for about several days. He went to the capital to see the emperor and drive him. In his rage, Shizong ordered the execution and discussed with the ministers about the strategy of the expedition. Zhao Kuangyin said, "Li in the Southern Tang Dynasty has had enough troops and food recently, which is not comparable to that of the northern Han Dynasty. Today, the soldiers who are fighting for Shu have entered their territory. They are afraid to fight against the enemy. His majesty ordered Wang Jing and Xiang Xun to garrison in Qin and Fengzhou. When his Majesty's heavenly soldiers pointed out that Li -- was captured and beheaded in Chengdu, Meng Chang naturally surrendered. " Emperor Shizong was very happy, so he issued an imperial edict to Wang Jingjun to announce his will. On the one hand, he simply read the soldiers and chose a day to leave. There is no dispute about such a move. There is a division of Education: before sleeping in the west, the South will be attacked first. It is:

If you are not alert, you have to show your enemy's strategy.

After all, when will Shizong leave school? I'll see myself next time.

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