By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 50th receipt of the whole story of the flying dragon - covering the snake, Pangu and Huaide trapped in the cage"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第五十回 单-覆没蛇盘谷 怀德被困铁笼原

Poetry says:

The book of war has been idle for a long time. I have been fighting for many times.

Flat clouds are like array colors, half moon like city shape.

On the other side of the river, the sand is white, and the willows are green.

You are young and many chivalrous. It's easy to be a guest.

Excerpt from Wang Bao's march to the army on the right

It's said that Zhou Shizong, with his whole heart, was superior to Zhao Kuangyin. He had no plan to save him. Therefore, he went out to recruit people who knew the path of the earth, so as to wait for the soldiers to be saved from the path of the earth. It's the night. I can't sleep. I'm patrolling the camps. Suddenly, there's a voice of singing in the distance after the camp. Shizong listens to it. He's more quiet and happy. His words are clear and clear. He really has the ambition of uplifting the blue clouds and the wind of spring and snow. His song says:

"When the heaven and earth are overturned, I will be able to maintain them; when there are many troubles, I plan to keep them. The pearl is hidden in the box, which is always brilliant; the good soil is hidden in the mountain, which is inorganic. It's done! What do you want to know? "

After hearing this, Shizong thought to himself, "this man must be special. I need to visit him."

The next day, it was a secret visit. Not long ago, I saw the same strong man enter the camp, and the worship was finished. Shizong asked his surname. "The villain's surname is Shi, his name is Kui, and his character is Yan Sheng. He is the son of Shi Jiantang." Shizong said: "it was after the famous general. Last night Qing Yin, what did you do? " Shikui said: "the villain lives in the Jianghu. I was hiding in Jiangzhou before. I ran into Shan Ling, who was called by the public and worked with the army. If you don't want to let the public use it, you will feel it and write about it. " Emperor Shizong invited him to join his family and set up wine and food to treat each other. Because of this, he said, "since a strong man has such a mind, why should he live under people and not consider his glory?" Shikui said: "before I met you, an Wang was honored? The villain treats others sincerely Shizong said: "I heard that good birds choose trees to live in, and good officials choose their masters. I've always been the most concerned person, the wise man. Now I see that I have such a great talent. I'm really glad to be humble. What can I do for you? " When Shikui saw that Shizong intended to employ people, he took the opportunity and said, "Your Majesty, I can see that you are the heart of the country. Dare you play with reality? Although the villain is a general under the public account, he is thirsty to his majesty. He has a long-term heart of submission, but he hates nothing, so he stops listening. Now I see the public plan of Shan Ling to trap Zhao Kuangyin in the valley. I don't know that Zhao Kuangyin and the villain have a love of water. They wanted to save each other early and are looking for opportunities. It's suitable to be recruited by your Majesty's imperial list. Therefore, the villain makes songs to explore his ears. He really wants to meet his majesty and save Kuangyin. " Shizong was very glad to hear that. He thanked him and said: "if you have this desire, I'm very lucky. But I don't know how to save it? I wish to hear the details. " Shikuimi said: "this plan can only be successful if it fits in with the outside.". The villain returns to the camp, scams people and horses, and lies in the valley in advance. His majesty should watch the fire at night on the third day, and then he should lead the soldiers to enter. The villain should take over in the valley, and attack inside and outside, and then Kuangyin can go out. " When Emperor Shizong heard this plan, he said happily, "if you succeed, you must repay."

Shikui resigned from Shizong and returned to camp. There was no word on the first day. On the second day, Shikui came to see Shan - and told him, "the little general saw that Zhao Kuangyin was the tiger General of the world, and the Lord of Zhou relied on him for safety, so Kuangyin was trapped in the valley, while Zhou Bingjian was stationed outside, but Kuangyin was only one person. They kept their troops together for a long time, which was not a good idea. The little general is willing to lead a soldier to the valley, take advantage of his meager food and weak strength, cut off Kuangyin's head and command the army. Seeing Kuangyin's death, he would not have the heart to fight, and his soldiers would naturally retreat. This is not only to solve the situation in the east of the river, but also to win the victory in the early days of the general, which will not lead to long-term labor. " Shan - according to the saying, that is to say, Shi Kui went to the camp with his troops, and Shi Kui went out of the camp, and Liu Yong was consulted with his confidants, so as to submit to the family's wisdom. And he said, "you will set fire in the camp tomorrow night. I will fight out of the valley, and there will be Zhou soldiers outside. You have done a lot to save Kuangyin. Keep in mind that there is no mistake. " Liu Yong follows the advice.

Shikui leads the soldiers to gukou. He meets the garrison sergeant and gives the order of the public. The sergeant dare not disobey the order and let Shikui go into the valley and still keep it. When Shi kuijin got to go, he saw Kuang Yin sitting on the stone, silent; he was depressed and hungry because he had no more than a thousand soldiers. Shikui sighed. He will bring people and horses to a place, walk to Kuangyin alone, and shout: "general is very sleepy! Can you recognize the old man Shikui? " Kuangyin saw that there were people coming in the valley, intending to fight for power. Seeing that he tied up the people and horses and came alone, he was puzzled again. When he came near, he noticed that Shi Kui was, so he was relieved. Standing up, he cried, "why is brother en here? Is it necessary to save Kuangyin? " They sat on the stone together. Shikui will be before and after the incident, and tomorrow night attack to kill the valley mouth of the plan, detailed once. Kuang Yin said happily, "brother Meng en saved each other in wusuozhou. Now it's so comprehensive. My younger brother's Mingde will never forget, and he will be rewarded again." Shikui said, "what's the point of a little care?" Kuang Yin said again: "my younger brother's department led 5000 soldiers, trapped here for more than 20 days, and most of them starved to death; the rest of the soldiers, killing horses and eating, were so hungry and discouraged, how could there be a conflict tomorrow?" Shikui said, "you may as well. I'll teach him to eat as much rice as I can here." So he ordered the soldiers to take out grain and rice respectively. Originally, the sergeant brought by Shikui had more grain and rice beside each of them. At present, the army handed rice to the hungry soldiers and cooked on time. They ate each meal. They felt that their eyes were bright and their energy was restored. After one night, tomorrow, all the soldiers have finished their full meal. When the fire starts, they will start.

Three nights later, Liu Yong set fire to the camp. When the generals of the Zhou camp saw him, they fired several guns and led the army to kill him in Wanggu. Kuangyin and Shikui heard the sound of cannons from the outside. They knew that Zhou Bing had arrived. They led all the soldiers to rush out and rush to the mouth of the valley to kill the soldiers. They were like chopping melons and cutting vegetables. When Shikui was rushing to kill him, a general came at once, but Shan Shoujun stopped him and scolded: "anti thief, where to go?" Shikui shouldn't have shot, stabbing Shoujun off the horse. Kill and disperse all the troops. Look up at the northern camp. The fire is raging. The northern army is running in disorder. Shikui led the army and protected Kuangyin. When he came out of the valley, he was facing Shan. Shan - scolded: "how dare the anti thief deceive our army and horse, and help the thief instead?" Swing a big knife and cut it in the face. Shikui raised his gun to meet him, but he didn't make it together. Gao Huaide came back early. Shua's stab came. Shan - was unprepared. When he drew back his knife to fight, he didn't prevent Kuangyin from killing him. He took up his knife and fell. He divided Shan - into two parts. When Shoujie saw that things were not good, he left the camp and rode alone. When he met Zheng en, he didn't make the best of his horse and was waved under the horse by Zheng en. Liu Wu and faithfulness were killed by the disordered army. Shouneng even killed people and horses by fire. The rest of the people and horses, the slayer, the downcomer and the fugitive, left no one. Compared with the dawn, look at the northern army, zombies dozens of miles, leaving countless baggage. Liu Yong, the general of the north, died in the chaos. Shikui was very hurt. Zhang Yongde returns to the camp.

Kuangyin went to see Shizong and bowed to his account. Shizong said: "I am trapped and restless with my two royal brothers. If it is not for Yan's promotion plan, he will be in danger. " Kuangyin thanked the generals. All the generals came to congratulate. Shizong, with the merit of Shikui, was granted the title of left military. The rest of the generals will be rewarded.

Since then, Zhou's army has been greatly strengthened, both far and near. Ding GUI's horn soldiers, where dare they fight? He retreated into the city in secret. Shizong moved his troops to Fenshui area and set up a camp. The governor ordered the soldiers to be trapped in Jinyang again and attack it more urgently, day and night. Liu Chong was so frightened and frightened that he was restless. He hurriedly summoned all the officials to discuss: "did you make the whole army fight alone? Zhou Bing was in a hurry to attack the city. Qidan garrison did not move, and there was no news. Seeing the country broken overnight, what strategies do you and other ministers have to withdraw Zhou Bing?" Ding Guijin said: "don't worry, Lord. In the east of Chengguan River, the northern part controlled the great Liao Dynasty, and the western part was connected with the mountains. The city was solid, and tens of thousands of elite soldiers were still in motion. Although Zhou's soldiers were tight encircled, they were eager to go down. Today, the king of the mountain Yingzhou, Yang linggong, and the emperor Gaozu are the most important of Mount Tai. Now, they are armed with excellent soldiers and brave generals. They live in Yingzhou and are famous everywhere. The Lord can send an official to call him for help. Once he arrives, Zhou Bingli will be broken. " According to Liu Chong, he sent his emissary to Yingzhou to summon the commander.

But said this Yang Ling public name industry, the word after industry, Taiyuan people. Born with a face like jujube and five long beards, it has a dignified appearance and a commanding figure. He used a big Sabre to fight like the wind, so it was called golden Sabre Yang linggong, and it was also called Yang Wudi in the army. He is a man of great strategy and great ingenuity. Mrs. Yu, Chang Xiaobing Ji, is familiar with the array. She is used to using a meteor hammer. She is brave and powerful. No one dares to get close to him. This lady grew up in the green forest. Her father, she Zhilong, was a hero. She was respected by the stronghold and responded everywhere. When Yang Ye was young, he was ordered by his father, Yang gun, to visit his relatives far away. When he passed by the mountain, he was stopped by the lady to ask for the money to buy the road, and he fought with each other. The unruly youngsters are matched with unique martial arts. After fighting for a long time, they are rivals. She Zhilong saw that Yang Ye was very talented and adored, so she asked him to go up the mountain and persuade him to accept him as a Dragon Rider. It's a coincidence between the couple. They are extremely gracious and diligent. Yang Ye also uses many good words to persuade Zhilong to change his ways and seek fame. Zhilong is a man of iron. Why does it not depend on him? As soon as you listen, you will be convinced. Therefore, Yang ye went back to see his father and said one by one why he had wronged him. Yang Quan then asked for an order to recruit an, and became a minister of fengjiang. This is a hero since ancient times. He is bright and straightforward. The seven sons born to Yang Ye: Chang Yue Yanping, the second Yan Ding, the third Yan Hui, the fourth Yan Lang, the fifth Ting De, the sixth Yan Zhao, the seventh Yan Si. There is also a son huailiang. These eight gentlemen are skilled in bows and horses, outstanding in martial arts, and all of them are brave enough not to be worthy of their husbands. There are also two daughters, known as eight niangs and nine younger sisters, who are also very brave. So at that time Sheng called the Yang family soldiers behind the mountain the most.

On that day, Yang Ye was discussing with eight children in the government, and suddenly reported to the Lord of the northern Han Dynasty to send an official to summon him. Yang ye received the order and said to Wang GUI, the general of ya: "I have repeatedly invaded the Lord of the northern Han Dynasty and defeated nine counties in Hedong, and the whole army has been destroyed. Zhou division is powerful and has no enemies. Now that the Lord of the northern Han Dynasty has come to call, he has to go to the rescue. " Wang guidao: "if you go now, I would like to go with you." Yang Ye is very happy. Today, he points out 30000 elite soldiers and sets out with eight sons and Wang GUI. When we got to the golden lock, we set up our barracks. The scouts had already reported to zhouying.

Shizong gathered all the people to discuss. Kuang Yin said: "I heard about the soldiers behind the mountain. There is no enemy in the world. Now that he has come to fight, is there any reason to be afraid? I would like to work with all the generals and lead them to a decisive battle without any worries of holy labor. " Shizong obeyed and ordered all generals to be careful.

It's midnight. Shizong sleeps in the army. He dreams of a woman, wearing a broad belt and entering the account. Later, with many female followers, there were about 20 people, holding an extra wooden card with cloud and neon painted on it. In the middle of the card, there was a big word "water". Seeing Shizong, they only shook the card. The woman approached and said to Shizong, "Your Majesty's military power is already great. People from afar are in awe. It's better to drive back as soon as possible. Otherwise, tens of thousands of soldiers and horses may suffer. I am the city god of our city. I am here to inform you. I hope your majesty will pay attention. " Say it and leave. Shizong stepped out to ask about Duan, but he stumbled over his robe and fell down. He was shocked, but it was a dream. When Emperor Shizong got up to look at it, he saw that there were four poems on it, and the ink was not dry. It says:

The first chance of success in hundred battles lies in Fenshui separating Huayi.

Tens of thousands of masters are deceived.

Shizong saw it and didn't understand its meaning. Till the dawn of the day, all the ministers were called to explain in detail. He also called the villagers to ask, among which there was the old man's way: "fifteen Li from Fenshui, there is a temple of the empress of the earth. Is it not this God who shows his spirit to report to his majesty?" According to the emperor, he ordered Kuangyin to search for incense candles. If there is a temple, it can be incense. Kuang Yin led the imperial edict to see, not long back to play: "Southwest Fenshui, fruit after the earth lady temple, the minister has burned incense, I would like to go back and forth."

In fact, it was reported that Yang Ye's army had arrived in the northern Han Dynasty. When Emperor Shizong heard the report, he asked the generals, "who dares to lead the troops to the enemy?" Kuang Yin said, "I wish to go." Shizong promised. Kuang Yin led ten thousand elite soldiers to Pingchuan wilderness with Zheng en, Gao Huaide, etc. to form an array. The two armies met. Zhou Bing saw that the soldiers in the back of the mountain were really magnificent. They were quite different from the single soldiers and horses. Everyone admired them. After three drums and a blast, commander Yang ye came out on horseback. Wang GUI was the first in the upper teeth and huailiang was the next. Kuang Yin sighed: "people call the soldiers behind the mountain the most, and the result is not empty!" As soon as the words are finished, Gao Huaide will come out. White clapped his horse and shot his gun, ran to the front of the line and shouted, "who dares to come out and meet me?" Against Yang huailiang, he saw that his horse came out and shouted, "I'll come." Dance the bamboo steel whip and meet Gao Huaide. Two drums of gold and a lot of shouting. Two will fight on more than 40, regardless of the outcome. Yang Ye immediately met his son and admired the courage of Huaide. It was already dusk, and they took up the troops separately.

When Yang Ye entered the pass, he talked with Wang GUI and said, "today's battle of watching the general of Zhou is a hero. We must make a plan to catch the man first. The rest don't mind. " Wang guidao: "what's the plan for public use? Can you capture it?" Yang Ye said: "there is a place four li away from jinsuoguan. It's called tielongyuan. There are no trees on the mountain, so it's easy to ambush. Tomorrow, let huailiang feign defeat in battle, and earn him to the original. I climbed the mountain with the public and watched, commanding four people and horses, only watching Zhou soldiers everywhere, overlapping siege, and catching Zhou generals. " Wang guidao: "the grand plan is really unpredictable." So Yang Ye secretly ordered Feng Yi, the general manager, to lead three thousand soldiers and ambush them. Feng Yiyuan is the general of Yunzhou. He escaped from the army and joined Yang Ye.

The next day, Yang ye went out of the pass, waving the flag and beating the drum to fight before the battle. Kuangyin leads the troops out. Gao Huaide said, "I didn't decide to win or lose yesterday. Today I go out and I will arrest him to defeat his potential." Kuang Yin said: "the north is also a strong enemy. You can't despise it. You need to be careful." At the end of the speech, the two armies are facing each other. Gao Huaide holds up his gun and leaps to the horse. He hopes that the northern army will kill him. Yang huailiang dances with whip on the northern array. Two will hand over the horse, about ten more than the battle together, huailiang back to the horse, looking at the array and go. Yang Ye led the army first, and the army was defeated. Gao Huaide beats his horse to catch up with Zhao Kuangyin. Later, Zhao Kuangyin drives his troops forward, threatening a landslide. The northern army abandons its armor and escapes. Huaide wanted to make a contribution and chased deep into the ground. He was close to the original cage. He heard only one shot. Feng Yi's ambush made two sections of Zhou's charge, and Yang Yanzhao was dragged to the north. He was unable to move forward. Huaide was forced into the original by the northern soldiers. There were only a thousand subordinates. There was a conflict! How can Yang ye be on the mountain, holding a red flag and commanding the three armies to encircle him? You can't come out even if you are flying. Kuang Yin and Zheng en are coming after them. Hearing that Huaide is trapped by the northern army, they rush to the front of the mountain with Zheng en's drum soldiers. The arrows on the mountain are like rain, the cannon stones are like hail, and Zhou's soldiers are injured and countless, so they have to withdraw for 15 Li to camp.

Yang Ye and Feng Yi guarded gukou and sent people to the northern Han Dynasty. Liu Chongzhi knows that Yang Jiabing has won. He sends his emissary to reward the army before the camp. Yang Ye scattered the army and ordered them to be outside the camp gate, playing music and drinking. If so, for a few days. Youfulu military academy reported this to zhouying. Zheng en said: "the thief will defeat conceit and ignore military situation. He can take advantage of his laziness and lead the soldiers to rob his camp and save Huaide." Kuang Yin said, "No. Yang Ye is a wise and brave general. He must be prepared. If he goes, he will be afraid to fall into his trap. Wait for the Lord to arrive and discuss the plan to save Huaide. " Zheng en said: "if you wait to arrive, Wyatt has been trapped for a long time. Since the second brother is afraid of him and doesn't rob the camp, I will lead our troops to break him. " Kuangyin repeatedly stopped, refused to listen, so he had to lead the troops to take over.

But Yang Ye said that every day, even if the sergeant was drumming and drinking in front of the camp, when Wang GUI remonstrated, "if the commander ordered the sergeant to drink and ignore the military situation, it would not be my interest if Zhou Bing knew that the drumbeat would come bravely." Yang Yedao: "it doesn't matter. Zhou Bing was defeated and left. He was discouraged. How dare an come again? Why do you have to be suspicious? " Wang guidao: "little general hears that he will be arrogant and lazy, so he will lose.". If the army arrives, how can it resist the loss of arrogance and laziness? " Yang Ye said with a smile: "after many years of public service, I still don't know its Aoye? This is my plan. I see that the people of Venus are confused by the light. They should come this evening and the soldiers will come this week. Therefore, I use this plan to lure them. He can lead his soldiers to camp in the south, but if he sees the fire and takes advantage of it to kill, he can win the whole battle. " Wang GUI was just delighted and led the troops away. Yang Ye also ordered: "Huai Liang and Yan de each led a thousand armies, fell down on the main road, let go of Zhou's soldiers, and you went to rob his camp; after Zhou's defeat, you killed him." They took the plan. Then he ordered: "yanlang and yanzhao, each of the leaders of the elite soldiers, ambushed around the camp. When Zhou's soldiers were in the camp, you set fire to attack and kill from both sides." They also took the plan. Yang Ye has set up a camp in the air. His leader retreats to the camp to watch the movement.

At the left side of the second watch, Zheng en led two thousand soldiers into the village quietly. Kuang Yin led the horse soldiers to take over later. He saw that the northern stronghold was more unknown and silent. Zheng en leads the soldiers to shout, kill the general to enter, see is empty camp, Zheng en is greatly surprised, cry: "plan!" After an urgent order, the army quickly returned and Lima wanted to return. Suddenly, a fire broke out outside the camp, killing Yang yanlang and Yang Yanzhao on both sides, blocking the way. Deeper fighting, fighting at night, Zheng en dare not love to fight, rushed around and left, just meet Kuang Yinbing, Zheng en called: "second brother, the thief will have ambushed, you need to be careful." Kuang Yin said, "three younger brothers, you have guaranteed the Chinese army to move quickly. I will be the enemy's pursuer." Two people were walking in front of them. Suddenly, they heard the shouts and shouted loudly. They killed a general at the head. It was Wang GUI, the northern general. He stopped the big killing for a while and turned the army into the majority. The two brothers took the road and ran back to the stronghold. They saw that there was a fire again in the camp. They saw Yang Yande on the left and Yang huailiang on the right. When the two soldiers came, Zhou soldiers were defeated and fled for their lives. The northern soldiers pursued for ten li before returning. When the two brothers saw that the pursuers were gone, they set up a camp.

In the Ming Dynasty, Zheng en collected the defeated and disabled people and horses, met Kuang Yin with Shizong, and told him: "the Yang family is like a God using arms. Because he saved Gao Huaide, he robbed the camp. Unexpectedly, he was prepared first and was killed by his ambush. " Shizong said angrily, "I will personally supervise the army and fight with Yang Ye." That is, to order the commanders of the battalions to set out with their men and horses. Fenshui to the original location of the camp, 20 miles away from the jinsuoguan, the preparation will be sent to fight. No mention.

First of all, after Yang huailiang's order to return to the camp, Yang Ye himself would retreat to guard the pass, that is, to help Feng Yi to defend the valley. It's night. I lie down with bright arms. Suddenly I have a dream. I wake up crying from my dream. Because of this dream, there are different religions: Ba Chi mistakenly divides Wu Yue, and Wu Yue still returns to Ba Chi.

It is:

Happiness and sorrow are determined by heaven. How can we be free from misfortune and danger?

After all, huailiang has a dream. He should know himself next time.

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