By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"Zhao Kuangyin saves fake scholar Zhang Guiying to match the real life Lord"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第五回 赵匡胤救假书生 张桂英配真命主

Poetry says:

The setting sun makes people sad.

In the age of six feet of Huang Huang, the ancient hills were blocked by Jiao Jiao Shuangxiong.

The enemy suddenly becomes a Kaifu, and the strange way is to make Yonghe island.

Only because of many miracles, we have to teach less.

It's said that many people instigated Luo to see that the great king was not good at his ability. He hurried up the mountain and reported to the two great kings: "it's not good to start the two great kings! When the great king was touring the mountain, he met a young man with a red face. He asked him to buy money for the road, but he didn't agree with him. He fought at the right time. However, the red faced young man is very skilled and ferocious. The king is fighting against him, but he is in danger. Please go down the mountain to help him. " Hearing the news, the two kings quickly put on their horses and ran down the mountain with silver guns in their hands. Just as he walked with horses and saw off with swords and sticks, the great king was in a hurry and lost. The two kings said with a big drink, "big brother is busy, and I will help you." Kuangyin was in the middle of a fierce battle. He heard the sound of shouting in his ear. He took a peek and saw another mountain king. How can he dress up?

The silver helmet on his head is murderous, and he is wearing iron armor. He is wearing a silk belt around his waist. The pot contains golden arrow, and the bag is inserted with iron fetal bow. Sit down and follow the wind, snow lion horse, pick up the gun and point out the West and East, Yang Wei goes down to the mountain. Whip like a tiger, sound like thunder.

The two kings picked up their guns and stabbed them. When the great king saw that his brother came to help him, he was able to keep his spirits up and help the enemy. He fought and lived in the same place. There are more than twenty of them. Kuang Yin is brave. How can he help each other? He is exhausted of energy. He is breathless and flustered. A rage burst the top door open. The red light is on. He saw a red bearded dragon with five claws in the air. He watched the two kings. When the king saw it, he was shocked. He collected the weapons together, rolled his saddle and dismounted, knelt down beside the road, and said, "Lord, I don't know God. I'm offended for a while, so I'm not responsible for the crime. I just want Lord to forgive me." Kuang Yin said, "since you two are fighting, you should set a high position. How can you kneel down to beg for mercy and hide treachery? Don't say much. Get up quickly and meet you, male and female. " Second humanity: "how dare I have a plan? The commissar was reckless for a while. He didn't know that the LORD was on his way, which made him profane. He just asked for forgiveness. " Kuang Yin said, "I ask you: why do you call yourself Lord?" Two humanitarians: "just now, when the LORD was fighting, he saw that there was a real dragon, protecting his body and body, so he knew that it was the real life. In the future, he will surely climb the ninth five year plan. Ministers are willing to surrender, to protect the establishment of Jiangshan, hope that the fair acceptance of the Lord. " Kuang Yin said, "did you see the real dragon just now?" Second humanity: "how dare the officials lie?" Kuang Yin said: "to be honest, I am Zhao Kuang Yin of Bianliang. I only killed 118 women's music because of a big fight in the Royal prison. So I want to go to Guanxi to join my family, pass Baoshan, and meet two heroes. It's a lot of offence to fight just now. " Erhen: "it turns out that the Lord is Lord Zhao's son. He has been famous for a long time! It's a great honor to meet you today. " Kuangyin was very happy. He helped them up and asked their names. Da Wang said: "I'm a compatriot of my mother. I'm Dong Long, my brother is Dong Hu, and I'm from Shuozhou. I'm a good citizen. I've been good at spears and clubs since I was a child. I've learned a lot of martial arts. Only because of the crimes and persecution by the court, so the right to live in this mountain. Dare to ask the Lord to stay in the barren mountain for a few days, and then see you off. " Kuang Yin saw that the two were sincere and did not doubt, and said, "since we have inherited the two beautiful feelings, we will go to Baozhai to disturb each other." Dong Long brings jujube Liuju here, and asks Kuang Yin to ride. The two brothers lead the way in front of him, and then they ask him to hold the Panlong stick, and then follow him.

Kuangyin went all the way up the mountain and looked around. He saw that the mountain was precipitous and precipitous, and the stockade was strict. He was very envious. After several passes, I came to Kunming village and dismounted in front of the hall. Go to the hall, two times to finish the ceremony again, Dong Long then asked Kuang Yin to sit in the middle of the tiger skin chair, and the two brothers sat next to each other. After tea offering, Dong Long said, "it's rare for the Lord to drive to the barren mountain, but he has nothing to respect. He has one or two fat sheep, so I should offer him wine." Kuangyin heard this, and secretly said, "the sheep have only four feet. What are the two foot fat sheep there? What is the image? Why don't I ask him to take a look and see the end. " Said: "two generals, I have never seen to kill to eat, do not see to kill not to eat. After being treated well, I hope to bring the fat sheep here, and I can see the beauty of the two. " According to Dong Long, even if he pays off, he will bring out two fat sheep and peel them on the pavilion. I promised that I would go out soon, and soon I would bring the fat sheep out. At the beginning of Kuangyin, he only said that he was a two legged sheep. He had never seen it in his life and was strange in his heart. So he set it as a weird word and asked him to lead him to have a look and broaden his knowledge. Now I hope that I am surprised to see all my followers coming up from afar. It turns out that it's not a two legged fat sheep, but it's a man with two hands tied and two subordinates with arms. One took a basin of clear water with a coconut ladle in it, and the other took a long eared sharp knife with a bright face. They all gathered on the peeling booth and stood up. I saw another minion walking to Dong Long and said, "great king, here comes the fat sheep." Dong Long said, "take that guy's heart and offer him wine." I promised to go down and tie the man to the post. I was about to start. Kuangyin saw such a scene, and knew that it would hurt his life. He cried hurriedly, "wait a moment, and then do it slowly. Two generals, this is a clear man, how to call him a fat sheep? " Second humanity: "to be honest with the Lord, everything I say in the green forest is a whisper, so others don't know." Kuang Yin said, "what's the use of this cold water for him?" Second humanity: "everyone gets fat sheep, first pour cold water on his head, coagulate his heart and blood, then open his mouth and break his stomach, dig out his heart and liver, then it will be crispy and delicious, with endless peculiar smell." Kuang Yin said, "I see. However, although we accept beauty and treat each other politely, we are in fact sad and can't bear to appreciate it. I hope you can see my thin face and let him go. Even if I am Zhao Kuangyin's general mind, I will never forget my virtue. " Two humanity: "since the Lord pays, dare not obey." Then he asked the minion to let the man go. They agreed, and they untied the rope.

Dong Long then asked the man to come up and say, "you are the food that I used in the mountain stronghold sooner or later. However, I met the benefactor who is good at living, and then I got the whole life. Thank you very much. Thank you very much The man stopped for a while and knelt down on the ground, shouting: "Lord, king, small people are mercifully released, killing is hard to report." Kuang Yin's eyes were fixed on him. He had a neat personality: he was no more than 15 or 6 years old. He was born with red lips and white teeth. She was graceful and graceful. She seemed to be a beautiful woman. I thought to myself, "no wonder the robber has no conscience. I don't know such a beautiful scholar there has taken him as a delicacy for fat sheep. I'm not here just now. I've become a ghost under the spring. " Then he asked, "what's your name? What's your career? Where do you live? But he said to me, I will make up my mind and let you go down the mountain. " The man asked, kowtowed and cried: "in my small home, there are more than 40 li away from here. The place is Zhangjiazhuang. My father's name is Zhang million. My name is Zhang Guiying. Because my father's family is rich and wealthy, it's called a member. There are no three men and four women, only one. Because I came here the day before yesterday when I was travelling in spring, I ran into two kings. If you take me here, you will die. You don't want to return home in this life. Heaven sent to be rescued by the benefactor and liberated to go home. It's really a blessing of reconstruction. It's just like a new parent. The villain can't make up for it in this life. In the next life, he is willing to be a dog and a horse and repay his kindness. " Say, tears like rain.

Kuang Yin said: "two generals, now that they have spared their lives, they have to send him down the mountain to see the two Shengde, and they will always be complete." Second humanity: "do not need the Lord's public welfare, ministers and so on from the duty to send." So I assigned four followers to escort Guiying down the mountain. GUI Ying said again, "the benefactor is released. I wish to ask for fame so that the villain can go home and burn incense." Kuang Yin said, "you don't have to ask me my name. Go quickly." Dong Long said, "do you want to ask the benefactor's name? This is the prince who commands the master in Tokyo. His name is Zhao Kuangyin. " GUI Ying said: "the benefactor will come to the villa one day when he is in trouble. My father and son will promise to make up for it." Kuang Yin said, "you don't have to say much. Go while you are here." Guiying kowtowed a head again, stood up, and followed his followers down the mountain. It is:

Split the jade cage and fly the colorful Phoenix, then open the golden lock and walk away from the dragon.

And he said that the two brothers, on the same day, were to prepare a feast and entertain Kuang Yin. The three passed the cup to send the cup and talked about the leisure articles. They didn't realize that they had to drink until the end of the day before they left the table. Dong Long sends Kuang Yin to sleep. One night in the evening.

The next day, the two brothers accompanied Kuang Yin and went around to have a tour of the mountains. Go back to the hall, set up a feast, talk and drink. It's really a mess until you get drunk. Since then, Kuang Yin has been on the mountain for more than half a month.

One day, I thought to myself, "although Liang is good, it's not the land of long love. How can I live in this stronghold for a long time? Is it the work of a great man who is now greedy for all kinds of things and has missed his lifelong career? " When he made up his mind, he asked Dong's brothers to come out and say, "I'm lucky that Zhao Kuangyin met two generals who fell in love. I've been bothering Baoshan for many days, and I've been in love with Gao Qing. But I'm determined to go to guanxi, and I hope to make my life. I'll leave today when the weather is clear. I'll meet you later. " The two men were very hard to stay. Seeing Kuangyin's stubborn refusal, they had to say, "how could I detain the Lord if I wanted to stay for a few more days? But I don't know when I will meet you? I hope you will be happy in the autumn. I hope you will be able to hold fast to your stirrups. " After that, I'll give it to Luo to see him off. In an instant, put the banquet on the hall, and ask Kuang Yin to sit down in the middle. The two brothers will accompany each other around, courteously advise each other and drink for a long time. I saw a small minion holding a plate of gold and silver, standing by. Dong Long said, "my Lord, there are mountains and valleys here. There's no respect. There's Feiyi to talk about. It's a little for the future. I hope you can stay here and extend your heart." Kuangyin said: "I, Zhao Kuangyin, appreciate your kindness. But I have spent all my money, and I dare not take what I have given. If you want to stay in the stronghold as a quartermaster's fee, please collect it yourself. Don't worry. " Dong Long said: "although the Lord is rich in luggage, he shouldn't give these details, but he doesn't have much idea. He should respect these things. He hopes that the Lord can accept them. He doesn't show the sincerity of the two brothers' filial piety." As he said this, he took a wrapping bag and dumped the gold and silver in it. He got a knot at both ends and put them in front of him in the future. Kuangyin saw that they were so stubborn, so he had to grudgingly put them away. He tied them to his waist, put his luggage on his back and picked up the Dragon stick. He immediately stood up. The two brothers personally sent them down the mountain to the fork in the road, and each side gave a few words of exhortation. There are poems as evidence:

The tiger is located in the four distant places of Kunming. It is majestic and awe inspiring.

When we meet, we will return to Allah and spread the name of Erdong through the ages.

Press the Dong brothers to return to the stronghold. Just say that Zhao Kuangyin left Kunming mountain and looked at the great road of guanxi. Along the way, I saw some scenery of Shulin village, dense bamboo mountain light, and I was very impressed by the love between the two brothers. At this time, it's late spring. I see those peaches, red willows, green plants, birds, warblers and winding streams. Because he was greedy for the view of the wild scenery, he walked at his own pace. Suddenly, dark clouds rose all around, and the sun was shining. That day, the public became gloomy. In a moment, the breeze and drizzle will come down, which will wet the road and make it hard to walk. Looking forward, I saw a villa in the forest. Immediately ran to the front, to the gate of Guangliang. When I saw the rain, it was getting bigger and bigger, so I had to hide in front of the gate. Who knows this rain is bigger than before, just can't fall. However, the rain and the wind are so violent that they wet Kuangyin's whole body. There was some trouble in my heart. I suddenly heard that someone was going to come out, opened the gate of the villa, and looked out. Saw Kuangyin, looked carefully once, also speechless, turned around to look inside walked in. After a while, another old man came out, propped up his umbrella, and came to the front door. He and Kuangyin Gongshou said, "brother Zun, is not Mr. Zhao from Tokyo?" Kuang Yin replied hurriedly, "I'm right here. How do you recognize the elders? " The old man said, "since you are Mr. Zhao, please offer tea in the thatched cottage." After that, he called his men out and took in the luggage and sticks. He walked with Kuang Yin hand in hand, with an umbrella, under the heavy rain, into the village gate, to the hall. The sub servant took out a set of fresh clothes and changed the wet clothes with Kuang Yin. He also removed the wet felt hat and replaced it with a Qin towel. Then, the councillor came over, and again Kuangyin saluted, and divided the guests to sit down.

After offering tea, Kuangyin opened his mouth and asked, "the elder, I don't know each other, how to treat each other with good manners? I'm really upset. I hope you can ask for advice. " The stranger said: "the old man's surname is Zhang and his name is Tianlu. He lives here and has a lot of family resources. Lao Zhuo died in his early years. Unfortunately, he was over half a hundred years old and had no children. He had only one daughter, who was called GUI Ying. He was twenty-eight years old and yet unfit. Only because the day before yesterday, disguised as a man, outing, unexpectedly met a strong man, a life hanging silk. Old man can't do it, but he just sobs to the sky. Who should not cut off the fate? It's only when you meet the young master to save you that you can put it back. This kindness and virtue is unforgettable. Therefore, the old man sent people to wait in front of the door day by day. I don't expect to see each other today. That's what the old man wants to admire. " Kuang Yin hears the words and says, "it wasn't your son who was captured, but your love?" "It's a little girl," she said Then I will pay the servant girl to come out. Not long ago, I saw a beautiful lady come out. Kuangyin stole a glance and felt that he was graceful and charming. Compared with the time when he was dressed up as a man in the mountains, he was really neat. The young lady went to the hall and called out to Kuangyin, "the benefactor is on the top, concubine Zhang Guiying. Thanks for saving your life, killing yourself is hard to report." Say it, and bow down. Kuang Yin hurriedly returned the gift. The councillor held his hand and said, "benefactor, you are a reborn parent. Today, you are given a gift from your little girl. How can you repay it?" At that time, Guiying kowtowed four heads, stood up and asked the servant girl to look at the saddle and bridle. Kuang Yin said, "what's the use of this saddle and bridle, miss?" GUI Ying said, "I have a word before me. I'd like to report to you my dog and horse. Today's ceremony should be like this." Kuang Yin said with a smile on his face, "Miss, I, Zhao, can't afford this sentence. How can I translate empty words into facts? I'm afraid that I'm too pretentious, and I think I'm too paranoid. " "If not, how can a little girl go back to her hometown and live in the world? If you come here today, you should practice your words and thank you. What's the use of modesty? Kuang's little girl wishes to be like a mountain. If she doesn't follow him, she will feel uneasy. " During the conversation, the servant girl put the saddle and bridle in front of her, and put them on GUI Ying's body. Kuangyin quickly reached out his hand, raised the saddle and bridle to one side, and said: "although the young lady has the wish to be in front, she has just received the heavy ceremony. If this is the case again, Zhao would not dare to be. Please come into the boudoir. No pains, no gifts. " That Gui Ying again and again firm please, Kuang Yin just not from, had to stand up, said: "obedience." The road has been restored to all blessings. The member had to ask the servant girl to help GUI Ying in. Arrange a banquet and entertain Kuangyin. The guests and the host have a good time drinking. They talk about family affairs and common customs. At this time, it happens that the rain stays in the clouds and the wind is clear and the scenery is late. At that time, I had a drink for a while, and I was going to leave at dusk. Yuan Wai is the servant who cleans the study and arranges the bed account. He asks Kuangyin to place him. Then I went in by myself. It's a night off.

On the next day, Yuanwai orders to set up a table. Kuangyin is invited to talk and drink in his study. At that time, after several rounds of wine and dishes, the councillor held the cup in his hand and said, "the old man has a saying that he doesn't know how to advance or retreat. Dare to tell the young master, is it compatible?" Kuangyin said: "what advice do the elders have? Listen to me." "The old man only because he is near Sangyu, has no porpoise dog, and is worried about it. He is only a little weak girl, who is close to the harvest in the twilight. So he is eager to choose his son-in-law and has spent his whole life. But all worldly things are not virtuous. Today, Prince Guan is a man of benevolence and courtesy. He is a hero. He wants to recruit him here to form a marriage so that the little girl can get the right person. The old man also has a trust in his family. I don't know if you can see pity, do you agree with me? " When Kuangyin heard this, he thought to himself, "I'm leaving my hometown now, and I have no place to live. Now that I meet this opportunity, why don't I answer him, accomplish this marriage, when can I live in power, and then go to Guanxi? Why not?" Even if he replied, "I feel the love from the outside, and Qu gives me a high feeling. But I'm away from my hometown. I'm in poverty. And I don't have a good dowry. How dare I pull high? There is disgrace and love. " "You don't have to refuse, young man. This is an old man who wants to repay his kindness. Where dare you expect the dowry?" he said Then he asked an Tong to take the almanac, uncover it and say, "wonderful, wonderful! I am glad to meet the auspicious period of the zodiac today. It is just a wish of nature and a strange fate. " I will pay for the new house, the bed accounts, tables and chairs, the back hall and the lights. On one side, people prepared a wedding feast, and Kuang Yin changed a set of fresh auspicious clothes, and arranged to get married. On that day, everything stopped and the best man and drummer were summoned to their home. When we got lucky, we dressed up our young lady. Please come out of the back hall. A couple of new people visited the heaven and earth gods. The kitchen of the ancestral hall asked the members to be present in the hall. Then the couple paid homage and held flower candles together. Etiquette has been completed, into the cave, the achievement of beauty. It's so much fun to love and respect each other. It is:

Deliberately planted flowers do not hair, no heart into willow shade.

Since then, Kuangyin has talked about the present and the ancient times in Zhangjiazhuang, or with the hall outside the councillors, or with the young lady's room curtain, or with sticks, to practice martial arts, or with cups, to express his feelings. When you are tired, you can play in the garden pavilion and look for flowers, fragrance and birds; when you are free, you can go to the field and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

It's just that words are long, but nothing is short. Kuangyin is in that villa, but he has more than April. It's boring to sit alone at home, go out to watch and play, and walk at will. Along the way, I saw some Wu leaves floating, trees withering red and green; I heard some cicadas intermittent, wild geese and crows crowing all over the high and low. It's really pleasant to see the golden wind. Suddenly, he looked up and saw two auspicious clouds rising in the mid air. Two objects appeared in the clouds. Only because of this encounter, there are different religions: strangers and branches, a generation of collapse into a great cause; Lan Fang string broken, thousands of years of Qin and zither open deep sorrow. Exactly

Separation and reunion are always determined by the heaven, and sorrow and joy may be decided by people?

After all, we will see clearly what appears next.

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