By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The eighth time of Feilong's biography, calculate oil, bang Miao's training, leave words to pluck jujube tree, Zheng en's rescue"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第八回 算油梆苗训留词 拔枣树郑恩救驾

Poetry says:

Wuren Chuixiao City, Hanxin fishing platform.

The past sages have gone astray, and their sons have many talents.

The falling moon shakes the country tree, and the clear Huaishang wine cup.

There are three ways to kill Mao, and the day is leisurely.

He added:

The black arc on the arm and the golden servant girl on the waist.

Suddenly ride the five flower horse and shoot the Millennium fox.

Recording bamboo on the right - the boy

Then Zheng en lost his Bangzi and was having sex in the shop. A gentleman came over there and shouted, "meet me. Poor way is the world famous Miao Guangyi, taught by different people, who can know the misfortune and fortune. If you want to see the Buddha, come to meet me. Once the phase is broken, there is no doubt. " He said, looking into the shop, saw Zheng en making noise there, looked up and down at him, his heart was already clear, and thought to himself, "it was the black tiger star official who was exiled here. When I point out his future, don't make mistakes." Then he called out, "dark faced friend, why are you fighting here?" Zheng en looked back and saw that he was a fortune teller. He shouted angrily, "you just count your life. What's your business?" Miao Guangyi said, "friend, don't make sex or lose any money. Say that you know it with me, and I'll figure it out with you. Naturally you know it." Zheng en listened and said, "what money has been lost? It's only because I don't see a banger selling oil. The music is so angry here. " Guangyi said: "I see. You can give me an hour, and I will count with you. " Zheng then reported the time of Xu. Guangyi bent his fingers to find him, and after a calculation, he said: "Xu is also a dog, and five elements belong to the earth. The oil Bang is carved from wood. The clapper is not covered by earth. It must be picked up by the yellow dog. You should look for it in the dog's nest and guarantee it. " Hearing this, Zheng en pulled the shopkeeper and came to the dog's nest together. He saw that the banger was indeed in the nest. Zheng en took it out and said happily, "it's really a good gentleman. He has never seen music for many years. Do you want to see each other for fun and see the later creation? " Miao Guangyi said, "since you have to meet each other, you can go out of the city with me and tell me about it." After hearing this, Zheng en picked up the oil pole and left the store with Guangyi. He came from pingdingzhou. It is:

If he thinks about the influence, he will search for the future.

When they had done enough, they came to the plain and the wilderness. Zheng en put down the oil pole and said, "Mr. Kouling, now that he is out of the city, you can make music together, and the music will thank you." Guangyi said: "it's not difficult to meet each other. First, ask your name, where is your surname. Then, I will send you the picture without any reward." "Yue Zi is the surname of Qiaoshan County in Shanxi Province. His surname is Zheng MingEn and his name is Zi Ming." Miao Guangyi said: "brother Ziming, I see you respect your appearance. It's still peaceful today. After a few years, I had good luck, and then I came here to establish my fame. In the future, the jade belt will hang down and occupy the throne. Its blessings are limitless. I have a card here and eight copper coins. You can collect them tightly and never lose them. From now on, daily business, must not go elsewhere, only in the sale of gold bridge around. Remember the double ninth of September, so that you can go to the king's rescue. If you meet a red faced hero, it is Allah. Your reputation is in this man. You can give the money and the invitation to this person. I have a few words for you to remember:

In front of the loess slope, the friendship is formed, and the tiger and the dragon are protected.

The wood bell has a definite separation and reunion, and its feelings are endless.

If you ask your surname, the name of Guangyi Miao is Zhenzong.

Today, we break up here and meet each other. "

Guangyi said, and walked away. After listening to this, Zheng en wants to believe it or not. Now, he has calculated out the oil-fired clappers. It seems that they have a basis. How can they not believe it? If you want to trust him, you will have to take a jade belt to hang down your waist and crown him high? After thinking about it for a while, he suddenly said, "well, I'm going to sell oil now. I'll discuss it on that double ninth day." So he took the oil truck and went to sell it everywhere.

After more than 20 days, Zheng en came out to do business on Chongyang day. However, he passed the golden selling bridge, only to see the tax shed on the bridge being demolished, and no one was there to collect taxes from the tax collectors, such as the scalpers, the clippers, the abacus, etc. It turns out that all these people are afraid of Zheng en when they see him on weekdays. Instead of asking him for taxes, they often treat him with good wine and good meat. If there is any slighting, they will eat his Luo Yan, so Dong Da himself is not good at anything. At that time, Zheng en came up to the bridge and saw that there were no figures. I'm afraid he didn't have any wine to eat. He was a bit unhappy for a long time. He said in his mouth, "how can none of these donkey balls get in? I think it was a collision with raw rice, which broke his road, so this is the scene. I will not take care of him, and take these things and change them for drinks. It's also good. It's only a retribution. " Then he put down the oil pole, picked up the abacus, the bamboo, the scissors and other things, clamped them in his waist, took the burden, and went down the bridge. Come to a hotel, come in and shout: "shopkeeper, there are some things here for fun. I'll exchange some bottles of wine with you for a sip." The shopkeeper listened, looked at it, and said, "ah yo! My black lord, you have come to make trouble again. This is the thing in the tax shed. Dong is wasting his breath there. Who dares to take his thing? If you don't have money, eat it, have money some day, and pay it back to me, you can make it. " The shopkeeper said, so he sent the wine and food to Zheng en. Zheng en didn't refuse, but he ate the wine and food, shook his stomach, stood up, and said, "shopkeeper, remember that one day, you will have money to pay back." "Today is September Chongyang," the shopkeeper said, "just remember to understand."

When Zheng en heard the date, he suddenly remembered Miao Guangyi's words and said, "he asked me to wait for help on September Double Ninth Festival. Where do I drive now? It seems like a lot of lies. Don't believe him. " He carried the oil pole on his shoulder, and still put the abacus, the knife, the scissors and other things in his waist. He went out of the shop and walked south along the river. Suddenly I thought, "the oil for fun has been sold out. Only these two oil baskets have been used for a long time, and there is a lot of dirt in them. Why not wash them here when you are free today?" Then he rested the burden, untied the rope, bound the abacus, the knife and other things, and put them on the shore. Then dip the two oil baskets into the water, bend over and shake them around. They only float on the water surface and shake for half a day. No water leaks into them. Zheng en was very impatient. He pushed down hard. Who wanted to use too much force? He had to look up and attack the water. He tilted the oil basket aside and ran down the water, like a sail, towards the south. Zheng en was so worried that he could not do anything but clap his hands and feet. He had to take off his clothes, shoes and socks, put them on the beach, jump into the water, regardless of his own things, or the things he picked up. He was on the water, looking at the South and shouting to catch up, hoping to catch up with the oil basket before he stopped. It is:

It's hard to construct. It's in the middle of the water.

The emperor can lure us to the south.

Press Zheng en to catch up with the oil basket. But Dong Da led his family members to lure Kuangyin into the eighteen Bay of Jiuqu. There are two heroes in it. Their brother is Wei Qing, and their brother is Wei Ming. His two brothers are brave and strong in martial arts. They have five or six hundred subordinates. They are sitting on the mountain, robbing families and setting fire to kill people. They really do everything. Officers and soldiers can't kill them. Therefore, Dong Da and he became brothers, helping each other and depending on each other. Dong Da rushed into the mountain pass that day. He had already met the patrolling pawn and told him to report the news. Two Wei listen to the newspaper, that is, busy to start, each riding a horse, all take musical instruments, together to welcome down the mountain, but good to meet. Even if we let Dong Da go, stop the mountain and wait for the fight. Kuangyin was in a hurry. He heard a bang of gongs. Two powerful men rushed out of the valley and led countless followers. They waved their flags and shouted. They rushed forward to surround Kuangyin and attacked the fierce battle. Then Dong Dafu took another weapon and came to help. This fight is really a fight between the dragon and the tiger. It's very important. But see:

Smoke around the mountains, killing the mountains. The sound of war drums is loud, and the thunder is heard by mistake; the light of guns and knives is shining, and the frost and electricity are flying on the forehead. The emperor of Tianting is like a dragon, furious and mighty, and teaches bullfighting to collapse half of the wall. The king of Caoshan mountain is like a tiger, fierce and powerful, which is bound to block the river and the Han Dynasty. Luan with vertical and horizontal, knot on the rainbow cloth dance; spear points, planted into thorns. It is the fierce battle that is hard to stop. It is only for heroes to rescue.

Although Kuangyin was brave and proficient in sticks, he was tired of walking at first, but now he met with powerful men and horses. When he fought enough, he tried his best to maintain it, and finally he could not win. For a while, he was impatient and fierce. As soon as his anger rose, he broke the mud pill palace away. Now he saw the red bearded fire dragon, rising in the air and waving his teeth and claws. It is:

When a dragon swims in shallow water, a shrimp laughs. When a tiger falls, a dog cheats him.

Kuangyin was surrounded and killed by all the people at the moment, and unconsciously shocked the guardian gods. He was very flustered in the air. He looked around and found the rescuer. I saw the black tiger star official over there. He was fishing for the oil basket in the river. He shouted out, "Zheng Ziming, when are you going to wait for help?" Zheng en is in the water. He hears someone call him. He raises his head and sees no one around. He doesn't believe it. He scolds: "who dares to touch the beard of the tiger and play with music when the donkey ball enters?" One side of the mouth scolds, one side follows the sex son, the water pursues. The God was only in a hurry, so he had to call out again, "black baby, hurry up and rescue me, don't delay." Zheng Enfu heard someone call his nickname again. He was about to attack. Suddenly, he heard the cry of killing. Looking up, he saw the smoke rising sharply in the South and the fog covering the sky. A red dragon appeared in the air, stretching with the clouds. Zheng en saw him in the water and thought to himself, "Yue Zi often heard that the real dragon must be the real one. If you want to come to this person, you must be a saint. The creation of music is stable. It's a small oil basket, but a big rescue. I'll see you when you come forward. " Then he withdrew the oil basket, went to the beach, went ashore, naked, and went straight south. Along the way, he thought again and again, "Mr. Kouling, who met me, asked me to help me in the Double Ninth Festival. Today is September 9, but this real dragon appears. It's so coincidental that he said many words, isn't it? But it's not good for us to make friends with Allah and win a prince's iron coupon in the future? But I don't have any weapons in leeko's hands. How can I go forward and fight? " At the time of the dilemma, he looked up and saw that there were ten jujube trees planted on the roadside. They were uneven in size and dense in thickets. He said happily: "yes, this sour jujube tree is heavy. Why don't you take one of them as a weapon? It's as if it's a fist. It's inconvenient. " He hurriedly walked to the front of the tree and made a face to face with each other. Only one big tree was picked up. He walked a few steps closer, leaned over, grabbed the tree body with both hands, pushed his legs together, looked back and earned hard. He could only hear the roaring sound, and pulled up the tree. Then he knocked away the roots of the mud and tore off the branches and leaves, weighing about a hundred kilograms. Cross shoulder, only hope that the dust from the run. Look into the Jiuqu 18th Bay. There are many people and horses fighting and shouting. Zheng en yelled, "let's get out of the donkey ball and let the fun help you!" Just one sound, like:

A thunderbolt came from the tip of the tongue, and spring thunder came out from the crack of the teeth.

Zheng En this roar, frightens the public greatly not only. But Dong Da's family looked back and said, "this is Zheng en, who is used to selling sesame oil and paying no tax. We often invite him to eat wine and meat. If there are any tough guys coming or not, we must come to work with us today to repay our daily benefits." Then they shouted together, "brother Zheng, you are a good man. You can come here to help us. If you can hold this tax evasive red faced thief, it's your first skill. Not only do we invite you to have wine and meat as our hearts, but we also report to my uncle that we will give you a share of the tax money sold to Jinqiao every year, which will never be lost. " Zheng en listened to the words "red face", and he was more happy. He applauded: "good Mr. Miao, he has a good mouth. He really has a good Yin and Yang. It's not bad. He has a red face here. I'm afraid he is really a saint. Don't miss the fun. " "Then cry:" the donkey ball enters, happy son wants to come to the king to rescue, Bo this jade belt, how can you be willing to rare those stinky things, help you After saying that, he raised the jujube tree and strode into it. Regardless of good or bad, he looked at the bandits as if they were plowing the fields and hoeing the fields, and the platoon leaders were building randomly. Although there are many bandits, but the jujube tree is very dangerous. If it is attacked, it will die. If it is encountered, it will die. Kuang Yin was surrounded inside, and saw someone outside to take care of him. For a while, he was brave and powerful, so that he moved the God to kill him. They attacked both inside and outside, and killed these bandits in three stops. When Wei Qing attacked and killed, he could not use Zheng en's magic power. He was unprepared for a while, and accepted a jujube tree, only to crack his brain, whimpering. Seeing that his brother was dead, Wei Ming was in a state of panic. He was waiting to leave the wasteland. He didn't have a narrow path for his enemies. He was caught up by Zheng en and tried his best to flatter a jujube tree. He broke his tendons and broke his bones. Poor two Wei is ferocious, ten thousand kinds of strong Liang. Today, both of them have been killed by Zheng en. It is:

The city gate is on fire, which will bring disaster to the fish.

Good and evil must be rewarded, sooner or later.

Seeing that the Wei brothers were dead, Dong Da could not expect to win. He shouted and escaped. It's just that Dong Da doesn't deserve to die here, so he escapes. Seeing the death of the Lord, the remaining bandits, big and small, should take care of their own lives. They fled in droves and ran out.

Zheng en, who had won the victory, looked at Kuang Yin and saw that he was a red faced man, full of joy. He shouldered the jujube tree and cried out, "Yue Zi suddenly came to help you." Kuang Yin hears the words and looks at him. Although he is rude, he is a real hero, but he is born:

They are ferocious and strange in appearance, galloping like tigers and leopards, and black as mud all over them. Thick eyebrows can be divided into long and short eyebrows. Jujube tree right is a weapon. It's the power of lunhuan movement. God Yingjie, Zuo Mingjun. All the flags are successful, and all the horses are successful.

Kuang Yin saw his hero and thought to himself, "this black man and I don't know each other, so he is willing to be naked and help each other. It's unique in the world and rare in the world. But I don't know where the hero is, such righteousness? " Then he cried: "warrior, my little brother has to be saved. Ping has a high water situation. May I have your name, where is the fairyland? " Zheng en shook his hand and said, "don't talk, don't talk! It's hard to be happy for a long time. I'm hungry in my stomach. I'll go out and eat something. It's not too late. " Kuangyin also remembered Chai Rong in his heart. He was eager to meet at once, and said, "it is reasonable for a strong man to say that since he is hungry in his stomach, he should treat himself when he comes to Huangtu slope." Say, with Zheng en, together with the step.

When he went out of the valley, he saw someone on the outside road. Kuang Yin asked, "where is your clothes, strong man, and why you are so naked? It's very indecent. I'm going to take it and wear it. It's a good way. " Zheng en said with an effort: "joy is so anxious to rescue me. So I left all my clothes in the water. It's only the oilcloth pocket that collects money to cover the story. What can I do for him?" Kuang Yin said: "I knew it would be like this. I should have stripped off the clothes of the dead thief just now. It's better to wear them." Zheng en said, "don't say it. Let's go." Kuang Yin said: "there are many people on the road of Guantang. It's not elegant to watch. I'll wait for my younger brother to cover up the green robe, power and strong men." Then he took off the Green Satin Robe and handed it to Zheng en. Zheng en didn't refuse either. He took it over and put it on his body, but it was OK. Kuang Yin tied Luan to his waist again. Zheng en said, "how much do you take when you are tired?" Kuang Yin said, "you may as well, I have brought you here." After that, shake the shensha stick against the wind, read the truth from the mouth, and instantly change it into a golden Luan belt, which is tied around the waist. He danced with joy and said, "the music has been growing for many years. I haven't seen the stick change. It's amazing. It's wonderful!" Kuang Yin said with a smile, "you're a man of letters and martial arts. I love you very much." Zheng en straightened his little eyes and said: "you should not make fun of it. The music is born honest, and you can't pretend to be a face, and tell that good-looking story. It's deceiving. Let's just walk. We're really hungry. It's important to go to Huangtu slope for dinner. " Kuangyin listens, smiles and nods. They talk and go.

When I came to Huangtu slope, I looked up and saw only this wheel umbrella car, but not that ally. Kuang Yin was shocked and looked around. Because of this, there are different religions: in the thorns, heroes often add to the atmosphere; in the smoke and dust world, heroes are more dignified. It is:

Don't say that there is no orchid in other mountains. It's important to know that there is a peach garden in Pingshui.

After all, where is Chai Rong hiding? I'll see next time.

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