By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 60th rebuff of flying dragon's biography: voice, color, loyalty, admonishment, destruction of favor, response to heaven and man's commitment to orthodoxy"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第六十回 绝声色忠谏灭宠 应天人承归正统

Word yue:

The poem admonishes Jijun, intending to be attentive and respectful. Close evil Chen Shan, scorch Liaoyuan, is not loyal. Great fortune will be opened, and people will return to heaven, and see the beautiful letter of cailou. The saints, the sun and the moon, celebrate the Huayi.

He Shengchao in right

After receiving women's music, Shizong became addicted to wine and lust, and became increasingly slack. All political affairs were decided by Fan Zhi and Wang Pu. They were worried and frightened. They asked all the officials of Qi to go to Zhao Kuangyin's mansion and discussed: "today, the Lord is at the peak of spring and autumn, and he has not built the east palace; he is also the tribute of the Southern Tang Dynasty, indulged in wine and lust, and has not been in the dynasty for many days: This is not the result of the country and the people. The public is the Minister of the state. What's the best way to do that Kuang Yin said: "I'm trying to discuss this matter with you. I don't want you to come down first. It's loyalty. Tomorrow, I will go to the palace with you to play together to see what the Lord means. " All the people are happy.

The next day, Kuang Yin entered the dynasty with a group of officials, went to the inner hall to see Shizong, and said: "Your Majesty is at the height of spring and autumn, the crown prince has not been established, and he lost music all day long, which is of great importance. The officials risked their lives and begged for the early establishment of the emperor's heir, which was in line with the expectations of China and foreign countries, while the remote color encouraged the government to show the rest of the holy virtue. Then the world is fortunate, and the officials are fortunate. " Shizong said: "the sons of the meritorious officials have not been gracious. How can I be safe if I have only my son first?" Kuang Yin said: "I have been flattered by your Majesty's kindness, and I dare to hope that my descendants will be knighted? I beg your majesty to remonstrate from all the officials so as to determine the country. " When Emperor Shizong saw that the group of ministers were willing to cut off, he made a decree. He made the prince Liang king and set up the East Palace in a book. At that time, King Liang was seven years old and born with great intelligence. At that time, Xie en, a group of ministers, was about to make a speech and remonstrate with Zheng. The emperor was tired of it and ordered them to leave. All ministers had to resign and leave.

However, Shizong's daily affairs were immoral, and his government was negligent. He also built the first floor in the inner garden, which is called the flower appreciation building. He ordered his coach to supervise Feng Yi. In less than a month, the flower floor is made very neat and magnificent. How can we get benefits? As evidenced by the word "Xijiang month":

The painting is made of flying clouds and the carved beams are fresh. The eaves are high and peck at the sky. The rich brocade envies his famous style. There are lots of different products and treasures, and you can play all kinds of bullets. From then on, the king enjoyed the beautiful scenery and sweet mash.

When the fortification is finished, Feng Yifu's order is completed. Shizong is very happy and appreciates Feng Yi. Drive to the flower appreciation building, set up a banquet and play with Erji. Then he ordered the civil and military officials to offer different flowers and plants in the inner garden. For this purpose, those loyal officials and good officials were unhappy and resentful; only those who hoped to use them did not hesitate to pay a lot of money to purchase and offer different flowers. There are poems and sighs:

There is no need for strange plants and flowers. It is a worry to be greedy and lose government.

What can I stand for? Chen Qiao had his own reasons for mutiny.

When Zheng en recovered from his illness, he came to Kuang Yin and said, "second brother, I don't care about the government. I have sex with beauties day and night. If the foreign countries know about it, they will fight against each other, and the people will not survive. What should I do? My second brother and I tried our best to remonstrate, and we should not sit back. " Kuang Yin said: "I don't want to remonstrate, but the Lord doesn't listen. What is it like?" Zheng en said: "I heard recently that all the officials of the holy order offered flowers. Why don't my second brother and I take it as a name to offer flowers? It's not known that there is a meaning of sarcasm and remonstrance in it, or that there is little benefit." Kuang Yin said, "this method is the best."

The next day, all the officials went into the flowers. Kuangyin and Zheng Enyi went to the inner garden and went straight to Hualou to see Shizong. Shizongzheng was drinking with the two beauties. Seeing Kuangyin coming, he asked, "did the two royal brothers come to flower?" Kuang Yin played: "compared to the purpose of Wen, the minister dare to have a violation." Shizong said, "where do you go?" Kuang Yin, holding the plum blossom, said near the prelude, "this is the first branch in the south of the Yangtze River." Shizong asked, "why is this flower the first?" Kuang Yin said: "this flower is only released in the cold. It is fragrant and white. It is not as beautiful as any other flower, so it is the first. I have a poem to chant its beauty. I would like to recite it for your majesty:

One night, the east wind blows intently, but at the beginning, no worries occupy the first place in spring.

Every year for the South Branch of the letter, do not allow Qunfang company rules. "

After hearing this, Emperor Shizong also ordered Du Wenji to sing a poem in praise of it. When Wenji accepted the order, she chanted:

"The snow on the branches of plum blossoms is beginning to dissolve, and the high wind blows to occupy the East overnight.

Fanghui pond ice not pan, wicker such as line with spring work

Shizong listened to Wenji's poems and praised them. Suddenly Zheng en stepped upstairs and said, "I also have flowers to offer." Shizong ordered to take it from left to right, but it was a dead mulberry. Shizong said with a smile, "it's dry mulberry. What's the use of three royal brothers to offer him?" Zheng said: "I offer this flower, which is different. If there is no such tree in Bianjing, scholars and people will be hungry. I have a popular poem. I dare to sing and cheer with your majesty. " Then he chanted:

"Plum blossom is seen in the sparse part of the bamboo fence. It's an ordinary restaurant.

The battle is a hundred thousand hectares of Bianliang, and the spring breeze is everywhere. "

Shizong reluctantly delighted and gave Zhao and Zheng two drinks. They drank several cups and stood outside the railings. They saw the florists coming in one after another. At dusk, Shizong said that the two humanitarians: "Qing and so on have not returned at this time, what's the matter?" Kuang Yin said: "I see that your majesty is not ruling for many days, and there is a wasteland. So I will risk my death to say that I wish your majesty not to linger in the affairs of the state, and then the country will be safe on the rock." Shizong said: "there is no Shao'an for me to disturb people because of the war. Today, I have a little leisure time to enjoy with Erji and chat with her for a while. Do I have to deal with the famine? And life in the world, such as weak grass habitat dust, how many towering? Now I'm lucky to be in the middle of peace. Qing and other officials also have to know the past and plan to be happy for many years. Is that ok? But daily things and words, how trivial are they? " "Zheng en played:" Your Majesty did not listen to the advice of ministers and so on, afraid of unexpected, late repentance Shizong didn't answer. He came in with his clothes brushed.

When Zheng and Zhao went out of the palace, they privately discussed, "this is the way of immorality on the Lord. If you don't design it, you can't do it." Kuang Yin said, "I'll see with you that it's OK to discuss with privy fan." They came to see Fan Zhi and said they knew the reason. Fan Zhi said: "yesterday, when the sky monitor played, there was a fall of Mars. To order the Ministry to understand. For today's plan, we can take advantage of the disaster and burn the flower appreciation building. The common people can save the holy heart. " "It's a wonderful plan. It can't be divulged," Zheng said

The next day, a secret order was made to the garrison military academy to prepare fire fighting equipment. Near the second watch, Zheng en hid downstairs, listening to the drums and the noise. Zheng en set off a fire near the palace. At night, when the east wind rises, the wind helps the fire, and the fire takes advantage of the power of the wind, which makes the sky red and the garden bright. The palace official reported to the zhishizong: "the fire starts in the palace." Shizong was shocked. He saw the fire himself. He saw that the fire had extended to the pavilion. "Your Majesty, hurry up, the fire is near," Zheng en shouted Shizong panicked and Zheng en ran away. Two Ji cried and walked, shouting for help. Suddenly Kuang Yin turned out and called out, "come on, come on." Two Ji only way sincerely save him, rush to come. Kuang Yin takes Ruolan from the left, mentions Wenji from the right, and throws her into the fire. It is:

The pink face suddenly becomes pink bone, and the red face instantly turns red and gray.

At this time, the sergeant saw Kuang Yin burn Er Ji to death, and each of them brought water vessels together to save the fire. As early as he saw that the newly built palace building turned into a white ground. The next day, Kuangyin and Wenwu met to celebrate. Shizong asked, "where are the two beauties?" Kuang Yin played: "the fire is so strong that we can't help each other. I think it's already burnt." When the emperor heard about it, he was deeply mourned and returned to the palace. All the ministers retired. There are poems as evidence:

Loyal officials are also sorry. What's the matter with Ji Xianghuo?

If Chen qiaopao can't be worn, who can see the loyalty of a thousand years?

Shizong was shocked by the fire. He thought about the second Ji day by day, and gradually became ill. He could not look at the dynasty. Han tongtuan, the governor of the appropriate Town army, played side affairs. When he heard that the emperor was ill, he went to the palace to ask. Shizong said that he knew the cause of his illness. Han Tong said: "I heard that this was done by Zhao and Zheng. Fortunately, your majesty is good at protecting the dragon body. You don't need to think of Erji. " Shizong said: "I know it, but Zhao and Zheng are my relatives. They can't bear to add guilt." Han Tong thanks for leaving. When I went back to the house, I thought to myself, "if there is any accident on the Lord, this two people are the only ones in the court. If they provoke me with their old grievances, how can I be embarrassed?" But I'm calling for my best friend Li IQ to discuss it. Li Zhidao: "you are still unmarried. Recently, I heard that Prince Fu had a second daughter, who was the Lord's aunt and didn't choose a match. Why don't princes and princes take this opportunity to enter the palace to know the Lord and marry him? In the future, they will be able to protect themselves from any worries if their mother is in power. " "This is a wonderful plan," said Han Tong The next day, I went to the palace to see Shizong and tell him about it. Shizong said, "I should make it with my son." Today, I summoned Prince Fu to the palace to tell you about Han's marriage. Fu Taishi said: "since you have been ordered by your majesty, do you dare to disobey me? It's not enough for the young girls to have fun Shizong is ready to play. Han and Fu quit driving out of the palace and went back to the mansion. Han Tong thought that the marriage of emperor Shizong was bound to be successful, so he decided to engage. No mention.

But Kuangyi, Kuangyin's younger brother, led several people to hunt outside the Dongguo gate because he saw that winter and snow were beginning to clear up. I saw a magpie standing on the plum branch by the wall, right Kuang Yi, even called several times. Kuang Yi bends up his slingshot and designates to hit the magpie's left wing. The magpie called again, spread its wings, and hoped that Prince Fu's garden would fly away. Kuang Yi recognized Prince Fu's garden, so he asked people to stop riding outside the garden and cross the wall to find magpies. Just a few steps, I saw there were seven or eight servant girls, surrounded by a young lady, coming from behind the rockery. Kuang Yi can't advance or retreat. Zhang men is in a panic to escape. He peeks at the young lady. She is not old enough to be hairpin. She is graceful and beautiful. This young lady is no one else. She is the second daughter of Prince Fu. That young lady also came to watch and play. At that time, Miss Fu led the servant girls to the Middle Kingdom. At a glance, she saw Kuang Yi. Then the servant girl called to him and said, "where is your surname? When the day is over the wall, there is a breach of propriety, and it is difficult to accommodate three feet. " Kuang Yi replied, "Xiao Ke is the second son of Zhao Sikong. He was the younger brother of Zhao Jiandian in the dynasty. He was named Kuang Yi. Because it's snowy in winter and sunny in the early days, I'll ride and hunt. I'll play a game. I'll fly to miss magpie's home. I'll go in by mistake for a while and hope to beg for Haihan. " Miss Fu saw Kuang Yi's big and special character, and she was already happy in her heart. When she listened to his words, she was quiet and peaceful, but her eyes were not clear. She thought to herself, "if you get this man to marry, your life will be enough." "How old is your year?" he asked Kuang Yidao: "the year of Xiaoke is nineteen." "Have you ever been married?" said the young lady Kuang Yi shakes his hand to show that he is unmarried. The young lady said, "you can go quickly. I'm afraid that the grand master may feel it and not be steady." Kuang Yi bowed to his promise. The lady asked the maid to open the back door and let him out. Miss is reluctant to part with it. There are poems as evidence:

Magpies fall into Fuyuan with branches, and the forecast of the season depends on him.

A word unexpectedly knows extraordinary product, stand to see to become the predestination of marriage.

Kuangyi came out of the garden and rode back to the mansion. He saw Kuangyin and prepared his story. Kuang Yin said: "this Providence also enables you to enter the garden and see its appearance." So he sent fan Shumi to the mansion and sat down with his guests. After tea, Kuangyin mistakenly put Kuangyi into the prince Fu's garden. He met the emperor's aunt and said it again, so he wanted to be bothered with fighting. Fan Zhi said: "it's easy. Madam Fu, she is married to Han Jing, the next officer. Tomorrow, I will propose for my younger brother. Everything will be harmonious." Kuangyin said with great joy, "if you can achieve something, you must repay it." Fan Qun said goodbye and went home.

The next day, he ordered his wife, Hao Shi, to go to Fu's mansion to talk about the courtship with the prince and his wife. The Grand Master said: "this marriage is very suitable. However, the LORD had a purpose to order the son of Xu Hantong to marry. Today, if I promise the son of Zhao, I'm afraid that I will violate the purpose of the holy master. I'm in a dilemma. What can I do?" Hao fhen: "I heard that Mr. Zhao is very valuable. He is full of virtue and integrity. He is more talented than Mr. Han. The ancients said, "choose your son-in-law to be virtuous." If this man is allowed, it is no wonder that he is holy. " The Grand Master said: "it's the same, but the Han family comes to discuss the family first, so it's hard to talk. I will follow the ancient method and build a high colored building in the city. I will wait for the little girl to throw the colored ball. I will see who is married. I think it's certain. Then I can make the two families have no resentment. " "What the Grand Master said is very proper," said Hoff humanely Then he left and went back to the mansion, suing Fan Zhi, who told Zhao mansion.

After a few days, Prince Fu sent people to build a colorful building in the street to meet the Han and Zhao families. Kuangyin knew that he was preparing Kuangyi. Kuang Yi promised to take four or five followers to Tianjie. See Han Tong's son Tianlu, get dozens of generals, waiting first. There are also the children of the government, gathered downstairs to watch. At that time, I waited for a while, only listening to the drum music from upstairs. First, I had a family member to recite a poem to the outside of the building:

"It's a new time for the colorful building to be high, and the world is rich in spring.

With good news from Langqiao, we should teach fairies to be attentive. "

The steward had finished his poem and stood aside. In a moment, I saw a lot of colorful women holding Huang's aunt, sitting in the middle of the colorful building, raising their eyes and looking down, I saw that all the people looking down looked up. There is only one person standing on the left of the color building, with lofty figures, unsophisticated appearance and well-dressed appearance. But see:

Wearing a black scarf of official style, wearing a collar - silk and blue cloth, covering with a Sichuan brocade Cape, wearing a gold line and green belt at the waist, and stepping on the black boots, swaying.

It turns out that this man is the one in my heart. Today I see that he is very handsome. He saw Tianlu standing on the right side of the color building. He was born humble, his face was like black lacquer, and his back was like a bow. It's neat to see him dressed. But see:

Wearing an official green silk hat, a yellow brown silk robe, a green velvet gold ribbon, and a pair of black soap suede leather boots.

At present, Miss Fu looks at the two people carefully, and has judged the merits and demerits. Stand up, take the ball in the maid's hand, worship the heaven is over, hold the ball, see that Kuangyi will come down. Is Kuang Yi then, on the horse, jubilant, and from the people to the South Street.

Tianlu stands downstairs and ignores. Those who look at him laugh. The following people are all boring. They embrace Tianlu and go on horseback. Go back to the mansion, report to Han Tong. Han Tong said angrily, "the life of the Holy One is inferior to that of privy fan?" That is to say, with hundreds of brave men and soldiers, they lie in ambush on the main road of South Street, waiting for gun relatives. If you don't want to know everything, someone has already reported Kuangyin. Kuang Yin then consults with Zheng en. "Don't worry," Zheng said. I wait for the public opinion and the musicians to carry back from the path, and wait for my younger brother to act as a young lady and play with him. " Kuang Yin said with a smile, "it's reasonable." Then he ordered the emperor's aunt to be carried from the sedan to the horse, and secretly married Kuang Yi from the secluded path to the mansion. No watch.

It's just that Zheng en dressed up as a new man, led by the musicians in front of him, made a lot of noise with gold drums and brilliant lights, and a group of people came from the South Street. I saw the Han family's ambush sergeant. I saw that Zhao's wedding had arrived. I immediately fired a gun and went forward together to break up the music entourage. I grabbed a big sedan chair and carried it into the Han's house. Han Tong is very happy to open the curtain himself. I saw a Zheng Enlai pacing out of the sedan chair, shouting loudly: "brother Han, little brother is here, quickly prepare wine to drink with you." Han Tong's feeling was reasonable, so he had no choice but to smile and say, "if you are willing to have a good time, I will be entertained." Zheng en, seeing Han Tong's smile and politeness and modesty, said: "brother Han, you have your own marriage in the future. Why dispute to hurt the harmony?" Say goodbye. Han Tong was only angry and bristled with anger. The next day into the dynasty, playing know Shizong. Shizong said: "Kuangyin's younger brother is also my love younger brother. I don't need to think about it deeply. If there is a suitable one in the court, I will marry you. " In addition, Han Tong was appointed as the deputy commander of the bodyguard and pro army. Han Tong thanks for coming out.

Who knows that Shizong can't be cured since he was ill. He has been delayed for a long time. He can't eat and drink. The general situation is in danger. He called Fan Zhi and other officials to the palace. He asked them to do something later: "if you are young and weak, you should help him wholeheartedly. Once upon a time, there was a royal scholar, who was the old man of my vassal residence. If I can't afford it, I should take it as my face. " When he was ordered by the prime minister, he privately discussed: "the king is drunk in his hometown. Is he a drunkard? Don't let it out. " It's the night. Shizong lies in the bedroom and dies. I hear it from far and near, and I mourn for it. Later generations have poetry to beauty:

All the five dynasties have come to twelve kings, and the world is more divine.

Who can be the enemy after graduation? What's the name of equal land by legislation?

Woodcut farmers worship their own business, and bronze Buddha statues will live forever.

If the emperor had given a false number of years, he would have made peace in the Central Plains.

After the emperor Shizong died, all the ministers made emperor Liang zongxun to ascend the throne in front of the coffin. Wenwu mountain is over. Empress fufu is the Empress Dowager. She hangs a curtain and listens to the government. Send the Minister of the army, Dou Yi, to the Southern Tang Dynasty to complain. Dou Yi, as ordered, came to the Southern Tang Dynasty. It was freezing and snowing. I arrived in the Southern Tang Dynasty and met the leader of Tang Dynasty. The Tang Lord wanted to receive the imperial edict under the corridor. Dou Yi said, "if the envoys come here, can they lose their old letters? If it's rain or snow, it's OK to read it later. " When the Tang Lord heard the words and worshipped the imperial edict, he was very sad. Treat Dou Yi and leave.

Several days later, there was a town and a regular check-in: Liu Jun from Hedong joined the Khitan army and entered the army with great momentum. I know the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager was shocked and gathered for discussion. Fan Zizou said: "Liu Jun joined with Qidan, which was very powerful, but Zhao Kuangyin, who was appointed by the Ministry, could control it." Empress Dowager yizou, that is, Xuanzhao Kuangyin entered the dynasty, ordered to be marshal and lead the enemy Qidan. Kuang Yin said: "the Lord is newly established, and in the Korean culture and martial arts, we should work together to guard the capital.". It's the best policy for you to be transferred to other generals of the prefecture and other places to fight together. " The Empress Dowager was very happy, that is to say, she sent Zhang Guangyuan and other soldiers to fight. Since Miao Guangyi decided to rescue Kuangyin in the king's palace, he has always been hidden in the mountains. Now, seeing that Shizong was abandoned and came to Beijing, he saw another day under the sun. The dark light mingled with each other, referring to Kuangyin's official way: "this destiny will come, and the time will come." After that, he left. At this time, Zhang Guangyuan, Luo Yanwei, Shi Shouxin, Yang Yanhan, Li Hansheng, Zhao Tingyu, Zhou Ba, Shi Kui, Gao Huaide, etc. were all under his command.

At that time, soldiers were sent out on a day of choice, waving flags and shouting, beating drums and singing gold, firing guns and acting on the third army. Look at the Chenqiao post. The soldiers gather outside the post gate. Suddenly Gao Huaide said to all the people, "now the Lord is newly established, but also young. We have to work hard. Who knows? It's better to set up a checkpoint for the emperor and then march north. What do you think? " "Duwei Li chuyun said:" this matter should not be spread in advance, can discuss with Kuang Yi Kuang Yi said, "my brother always takes loyalty as his heart. I'm afraid he won't follow me. What can I do?" In fact, when Zhao Pu came here, they told him what they wanted to do. Zhao Pu said: "I am coming to discuss this matter with you. Now, he is in charge of the question of the minor countries, checking and ordering the name of the prime minister. When he enters Bianliang, the world will be determined. Take the whole night and do it early the next time. " All the people were happy. They reorganized the army. The four drums gathered at the Chenqiao Posthouse, waiting for Kuangyin to get up, they made great achievements. At this time, Kuangyin was lying in the tent. I didn't know what the generals were talking about.

As the sky began to clear, all the subordinates went straight to their accounts and shouted, "all the generals have words, and they are willing to set up an impeccable point for the son of heaven." Kuangyin was shocked and dressed up. Before questioning, the crowd came to him. Shi Shouxin draped his yellow robe on Kuangyin's body and held it in his chair. All the people shouted down the mountain and bowed down. Their voices were heard from inside and outside. Kuang Yin said, "you and other people want to be rich, which makes me get the name of injustice. What's the matter, and do it in a hurry? " Shi Shoudao said, "Lord, little country, doubt, if there is any hindrance to Minggong, will you believe it?"? It's too late to accomplish anything. " Kuangyin did not answer. Kuang Yijin said: "although it's a plan, it's also a destiny. Brother, don't hesitate. And those who help the world, let the people be grateful as their parents. The capital, the foundation of the world, would like to order the generals to enter the city and not invade the people, but it is a plan for the world. And Mr. Miao Guangyi said to people the day before yesterday, one day after another, there is no doubt that the elder brother will ascend the throne. " Kuangyin listened to the words of Miao Xun, and he felt like a dream at first. He thought of the words he had met the day before yesterday. He was really prescient and regretted repeatedly for his disrespect. Then he ordered, "the Empress Dowager and the Lord are from the north of me, so I will not offend them; all the officials are on my shoulders, and I will not bully them; all the treasuries in the court will not be plundered. There is a great reward for using one's life, but there is a penalty for not using one's life. " Every Sergeant should say, "I'm ordered." Kuangyin's order has been set, so the whole team comes back. When the sergeant arrived at Bianliang, he entered the city from Renhe gate, and there was no crime in autumn. The people are happy. There are poems as evidence:

A king and a widow of seven years old are deceiving each other in their yellow robes.

If the military power is in a hurry to return to the imperial command, do you see the Liao soldiers committing the emperor's capital?

Kuang Yin entered the city and ordered the soldiers to return to the camp and retire to the public office.

In the early days, the Empress Dowager heard about the mutiny of Chenqiao. She was shocked and retreated into the palace. Fan Zhi said to Wang Bo, "if we raise the performance and send the general to fight against chaos, we will be guilty." Han Tong, the deputy commander of the bodyguard's Pro army, came out from the forbidden area and discussed with fan: "when the other army first joined, the people's hearts were not determined, so I should lead the pro army to the enemy. Two gongs quickly asked the Empress Dowager to make an order and announce to the world that there must be loyal and diligent princes. Then the traitors can be captured with one drum. " According to Fan Zhi, he went to the palace to see the Empress Dowager for advice. Han Tong returned to the government and summoned the garrison and the generals to prepare for the enemy. Suddenly Wang Yansheng, the leader of the forbidden army, said angrily, "the fate is yours. Why did you kill yourself?" That is to say, the forbidden troops of the Ministry are invited to catch Han Tong. Han Tong failed to meet him, but he was promoted to the first rank by Yan Jianxiao. The soldiers killed his wife, concubine and second son, but Tianlu, the eldest son, escaped and ran to Liao state. There are poems as evidence:

Be loyal to the king and see Han Tong. How many consanguineous officials are there?

In order to resist the attempted rebellion, the enemy blood before the stage is still red.

Kuangyin heard the city boiling in the public office, and hastily ordered a ban. Some will catch Fan Zhi, Wang Pu and so on. Fan Zhi stood up and said, "I'm the official of the family. I'm obedient. Now I want to take advantage of the confusion and bully the widows and widows, and have a heart for rebellion. How can I see the first emperor in the underground in the next day? Is it worth thinking about? " Kuang Yin covered his tears and replied, "I'm forced by the six masters because of the kindness of the emperor. Once I'm here, I'm ashamed of heaven and earth. What can I do?" Before saying anything, Luo Yanwei drew his sword in his hand and said in a sharp voice, "there is no leader in the three armies. The people will discuss the establishment of an official position for the son of heaven, and those who have different opinions will be beheaded!" Wang Pu's face is as earthy as the earth, and he worships under the steps. Fan and quality have to be respected. Kuangyin helped him up and treated him with courtesy. Later generations have poetry to ridicule the model and quality

Who is the man who did not eat the first Yang when the state throne was moved to Dingxin in Song Dynasty?

It's a pity that Han Tong killed himself.

Fan Zhi and other officials came to the court after Kuangyin's election. They called together all the officials in civil and military affairs and separated the two groups. The officials of the imperial academy held out the imperial edict of abdication and ordered the minister Dou Yi to read it out. The imperial edict said:

Natural steam people, the division of the tree grazing. The second emperor pushed the public and took the position of Zen, while the third King took the position of revolution. To the last kid, if you are not made by your family, your heart has gone, and destiny will come back. Zier returned to Germany and inspected Zhao Kuangyin in front of the palace. He was endowed with holy resources and had the strategy of divine martial arts. He helped my ancestors to fight against the emperor. He caught the emperor's affairs. His merits were saved and accepted. He fought against the West and the East, and accumulated words. Heaven and earth, ghosts and gods, enjoy virtue; eulogize prison lawsuit, return to Zhiren. In response to the heaven and the people, Fayao, Chan and Shun were relieved to be their guests. Oh, my God, I'm afraid of destiny!

After Dou Yi read the imperial edict, Kuangyin was ordered to the north. The prime minister helped ascend the Chongyuan palace, and the son of heaven, Guan Mian, was congratulated by all the officials. He was the emperor Taizu. He was the king of Zheng and his descendants inherited his duties. Empress Dowager Fu moved to the West Palace. Pardon the world. The name of the state is Song Dynasty. It was changed to the first year of yuanjianlong, and Zhou Yun died. Guyuguchong has the record of the past dynasties

Shizong established himself as the son of Chai and the successor of Taizu. He wrote Tongli, zhengle book, dingdale, set up subjects, and was gentle and educated; he defeated Han Army, read Zhujun army, Pingjiang north, and attacked Qidan, but his martial arts were strong. Wang Huan was rewarded for not coming down, benevolent support for resisting the festival, Zhang Mei for sacrificing, and Feng Dao for peddling. The voice of power is really enough to inspire people and inspire the whole life. He that is near is afraid, and he that is far is bosom. The wood carved on the mulberry tree is the basis of business; the degree of banning monks and nuns is the basis of restraining the end; the record of Pro prisoners is the basis of forgiving punishment; the hunger of Huainan is the basis of loaning money to relieve the poor; the two tax limits are set up to facilitate the people. Pay attention to Li Yuan, pay attention to the way of governance, good laws and beautiful ideas. It is not easy to enumerate them. I believe that he is the leader of the twelve monarchs of the Five Dynasties. Considering the speed of its subjugation, how can it be? Does the emperor have his own truth? The heaven will give birth to saints as a living democracy. When the sun and the moon come out, the fire cannot be stopped?

Pursue your father Hongyin as emperor Zhaowu of xuanzu and your mother Du as empress dowager. At that time, Emperor Taizu worshipped his highness, all the officials congratulated him, and Empress Dowager Du was not happy. Left and right said: "I heard that mother is valued by children. Today's son is the son of heaven, but he is not happy. Why? " The Empress Dowager said, "I've heard that it's hard for you. If the son of heaven is on the top of zhaoshu and manages to get his way, then he will be respected. If he has no control, he will not get it. That's why I worry about my ears. " Taizu said, "I'm going to be taught." So he family was appointed queen, Han family as partial palace and Du family as Western Palace.

In the past few days, the emperor Taizu issued an imperial edict, and Fan Zhi and Wang Pu were appointed as the leaders of the Zhongshu clan. Kuangyi, his younger brother, was the Duke of Duyu in front of the palace, and Zhao Pu, the Privy minister. On supporting meritorious service, Zhao Yanhui and Cui Qingshou were the commander and leader of the right wing of Longjie, Shi Shouxin and Zhang Guangyuan were the commander and deputy commander of the guard, Zheng en and Gao Huaide were the liehou and leader of the governor, and the rest Dong Long, Dong Hu, Li Tong and Zhou Ba were all the participants. Under the imperial edict, all ministers thanked each other.

At that time, Chen Tuan, a recluse of Huashan Mountain, rode a donkey across Bianjing. Hearing that Taizu ascended the throne, he clapped his hands and said with a laugh, "the world has been determined since then." Recite a poem:

In Jiama camp, Ziqi is high, and the pig is wearing a yellow robe.

Since then, there is nothing in the world. I sleep in the mountains.

Sing, and come back to the mountain. No mention.

However, he said that the emperor wanted to treat the courtiers with courtesy, and read deeply about the death of Han Tong. He gave it to zhongshuling to honor his loyalty. Although Wang Yansheng was lucky enough to forgive the crime of killing the general, he changed his official position and never used it. Later generations have the cloud of poetry sigh:

You can't escape the crime of killing without permission. Why did you use it in the yellow robe?

After the death of the meritorious officials, the offspring lost their praise.

Since then, the world has been settled, the leader of Renming, enjoying peace forever. "Flying dragon" is just the end. But things have changed even more, which is hard to predict. If you want to know who will succeed in the world, you can see the source committee when you read the golden gun of the Northern Song Dynasty. Later generations have poems to chant:

In the Five Dynasties, the enemy did not stop fighting, and disorderly subjects and thieves mixed in the Central Plains.

People are bitter, but Hu Lu drives away the world.

The number of checkpoints belongs to Allah. Chen Qiao's mutiny was peaceful.

When the imperial edict of Huang Pao arrived in a moment, did the three hundred grand plans happen.

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