By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The sixth chapter of the whole story of flying dragon: the end of chixulong mountain villa, the return of Green Temple and orchid room"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第六回 赤须龙山庄结义 绿鬓娥兰室归阴

Word yue:

The water is long and the duckweed is in harmony; the face is not planned and the feeling is hot. Envy the hero, and bend at any time. How does the wind and the cloud come to light? Right will be micro industry degree toward faint, and do their job.

The sun is shining, and the moon knows; the wine is strong, and the flowers will break. If you want to teach others to rely on their future, you have to be unpredictable. Zhu Yan's life will rest in the future, and the fragrant jade will fly high, so don't forget your achievements.

Golden man holding dew plate in right key

After Zhao Kuangyin married Miss Zhang Guiying in Zhangjiazhuang, he had more than April. One day when I went out for a visit, I occasionally looked up and saw two auspicious clouds, one black and one yellow, in the air in front of me. Under the black cloud, there is a gorgeous black tiger, with its claws and teeth. Under the Yellow cloud, there is a five clawed yellow dragon, rising and stretching. For a moment, I was shocked and wondered, and thought to myself, "this is not where the monsters play. Is there such a weird end?" Another way: "it's just the way the monsters play. I'm afraid that I can't make a fool of myself. I'll hurry to the front and watch him come and go. " Then he took a few steps quickly, not far from the auspicious cloud, and looked closely. Under the black cloud, there was a slightly longer man, carrying two oil baskets, and running away from a puddle. He was in a hurry and resentful. He looked straight ahead and turned two corners. There was no trace. The dark clouds in the sky were gradually disappearing.

Look, this man is the black tiger god of wealth. He is used to selling sesame oil for his business. He wants to go to the golden bridge to market. He only forgot to bring the oil selling banger, so he went back. Until later in Jiuquwan rescue, Zen state city, just see his achievements, know his business. Because it's a postscript, it's not mentioned here.

Moreover, Zhao Kuangyin looked at Huang Yun's side and walked forward. There was only a fork in the road. One of them was wearing a silk and cotton straw hat, a white moon cloth and a tight, handsome and stable figure. Because the umbrella of that car is stuck in the mud and shallow water, I am using all my life's force to push and pull the umbrella car, but the strength is limited. When I push enough, I don't want to move at all, but I still don't move. Seeing that he had used his strength to do his best, he was troubled for a while, and then he burst the heaven gate open, and a yellow dragon with five claws appeared, rotating in the air. Kuang Yin looked at it and thought, "I once heard people say that if a human snake locks its seven orifices, it must be divided into princes; if a real dragon appears, it must be the ninth Buddha. If a real dragon appears at the top of his head, he will be blessed in the future. Why don't I give him a hand, pull the car out of the mud road, make friends with him, and depend on his voice and spirit. I don't expect that he will insult me. " I've made up my mind. Step forward and look at the Yellow cloud over there. It's going to fade away. Immediately said: "friend, don't be impatient, wait for me to help you." After that, he jumped into the mud, grasped the mouth of the car with both hands, lifted and pulled it up, pulled it gently across the mud road, and parked it on the Kangzhuang road. Pour the cart over so that it's sweaty and full of saliva. He let go of his shoulders, put down his trip rope, gasped for breath, made a deep bow with a smile, and said, "may I have your name Kuangyin said: "my younger brother lives in Bianliang. He is the son of commander Zhao. His name is Kuangyin and his character is Yuelong. Where is the fairyland? " The cart's listening, is a bow way: "disrespectful! I've heard a lot about your great name, and I always yearn for it. I'm very lucky to meet you today. Xiaoke was born in Huizhou, and moved to Henghai County, Cangzhou. His surname is Chai Mingrong and biaoyujungui. Ancestors also worked as herdsmen. My father lived in business. Xiao Ke is unemployed because he is alone. He has the right to sell umbrellas for a living and talk for a living. Just now, the car is in a puddle. How can I get to the plain without the help of my son? But it's a pity that the boots have been damaged. I must pay for them. " Kuang Yin said with a smile, "brother Chai said that all the people in the world are brothers. It's human nature to help the people in danger. What's the value of this boot? What's the point? In front of us is sheqin village. If you don't think it's blasphemous, please offer tea there. " When Chai Rong saw Kuang Yin's righteousness, he couldn't refuse, so he said in a voice, "it's reasonable for Xiaoke to build a mansion and worship." Immediately put the car rope on your shoulder and push it up. Kuang Yin unties the Luan belt at his waist, ties it to the front of the car mouth, pulls it together and goes to Zhangjiazhuang.

In the middle of the journey, there were only two horses running from the East, and there were two heroes sitting at once. See to come to front, see them to take up Zheng colt, roll saddle to get off the horse together. Kuangyin looked carefully. It turned out that he was not someone else, but a good friend of Jinlan and a bad smelling friend. They were Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei. Kuangyin met with them and told them to meet Chai Rong. Guangyuan said: "little brother, since that day when he was drunk and engaged in collusion, the hail has been disbanded. The next day, I heard that 118 female musicians were killed in the hospital. Little brother secretly asks elder brother to talk, but it's worth not meeting. He asks him carefully, but refuses to talk. So he secretly inquires, only to know that it's what elder brother did. I didn't dare to leak it, so I had to look for it everywhere. There was no trace. The day before yesterday, I met Mr. Miao in the opening phase hall in Beijing. I asked him to calculate his life for his brother. "He said:" the wind and cloud attempt life ambition, how to open the magic barrier eyebrow joy The little brother asked him about his brother. He said, "if you want to see your good friends, go up West Road and find them." I'm afraid that my brother will go out in a hurry and spend less money. I'm afraid that my younger brothers will take advantage of this to hide right and wrong. I'm afraid that they will be caught by others. So take some silver, follow the road, visit brother's news, who knows but here cart suffer. " Kuang Yin said: "two wise brothers, and to the front of the village, slow to talk." At that time, each of the four people led his horse and car to the head of Zhang's house. They all entered the gate of the villa and sat in the hall. Kuangyin pays his servants to push the umbrella car into the factory to put it, and then leads the horses to feed in the trough.

In a moment, Kuang Yin told Zhang and Luo the reason for their parting and their meeting with Chai Rong. Then it was also called Chai rongdao: "brother Chai, I met you on a strange road today, and I fell in love with you. It's really a matter of fate, the happiest thing in life. I want four people to be brothers and sisters. I want to follow the story of Xuande gongtaoyuan in the Han Dynasty. Can I help you? " Chai rongdao: "the three brothers are all rich and noble families. My little brother is humble and despises my husband. How can I lift them? I'm tired. " Kuang Yin said: "what's brother Chai's saying? Did you not hear that in the past, the emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty and the overlord of the Western Chu Dynasty were all cloth clothes, and they had eight worships as their friends. Later, the king of the map decided to establish the overlord and pacify the world. This is the track of the Western Qin Dynasty and the ancient rules. Today, since you and I are friends, how can we talk about the nobleness and lowliness compared with the poor? Paradoxes intersect. My little brother has made up his mind. Brother Chai must not refuse. " As he spoke, he asked people to prepare three animals and blessings, and the incense candle and divine instrument were offered in the hall. If Chai Rong wanted to refuse again, he was afraid that he would be affected by his beauty. He had to narrate the names of Xiang Guan together. The eight characters of Nian Geng were Chai Rongju's chief, Kuangyin's second, guangyuanxing's third and Yanwei's fourth. Kneeling before the incense table, each of them wished: "four disciples, though of different surnames, are really superior to their compatriots. I hope that since then, we will be united in helping the weak and the strong, and we will not have different aspirations. In the future, officials and horses will ride together. If there is no heart, the gods will learn from each other. " After swearing, bow up and worship eight times each according to his years. I have finished sending God, and then I will have a heart to heart talk. It is:

How could he have a strong sense of righteousness if he didn't have a strong sense of kindness.

Now Chai Rong said, "second brother, this is your father's house. Why don't you come out? Let's have a gift. It's an ancient way." Kuang Yin then asked his servant to go out of the hall. Everyone came forward and saw that the ceremony was over. After hearing that the three men were friends of their son-in-law, they did not dare to neglect them. They promptly arranged a banquet. It was a feast of great abundance, and there was no need to elaborate. All of them have the same feelings and the same righteousness. You pay me and drink happily until it's late.

Its day is the Mid Autumn Festival, only to see Guangfa on the East Mountain, wandering around the market of Niudou, as early as a round of bright moon, push the same day. Yuanwai treated another table full of wine and invited four people to enjoy the moonlight. It is true: the clouds are gathered, the silver man is silent; the mountains and rivers are shining brightly, and the stars are shining brightly. The former sages were all alike. The moon of the Mid Autumn Festival was extremely bright. The poem said:

The bright soul rises in the sky, and the sound of immortals among the clouds is silent.

A full round of equal autumn, often accompanied by clouds and thousands of miles.

The cunning rabbit falls from the outside of the string, and the toad will not live in front of him.

Lingcha plans to work hand in hand, waiting for the Milky way to the end.

That night, everyone enjoyed it once, and all the fun was done, so they just left the table. The councillor ordered an Tong to make a bed in the study, and asked Chai Rong and the other three to sleep, and then went in.

Kuangyin also went back to his room, but GUI Ying prepared food and wine in advance, waiting for Kuangyin to come in and enjoy the moon together. Kuang Yin immediately sat down and had a drink with GUI Ying. At this time, it was three o'clock away, but I saw the clear light and cool air. When the couple had enough to drink, GUI Ying asked, "I heard that the officials have made three friends today, among whom there is a cart peddler. My concubine thinks that officials are golden branches and jade leaves. How can I get along with inferior people and accept them without humiliating their prestige or hurting their value? " Kuang Yin smiled and said, "good wife, you know one, you don't know the other. When I was in Bianliang, Tokyo, I met someone who said that I would be a son of heaven in the future. Today, I happened to go to the countryside and saw the Yellow Dragon and auspicious cloud on the top of the cart peddler's umbrella. I think there will be blessings of the emperor in the future. I don't know who is the first and who is the second, which is the better. So I made friends with him eight times and benefited each other. " When GUI Ying heard this, she was very happy and said: "I have concubines in my childhood. I don't want to meet the match of officials and people, but it's the will of heaven that leads me to success. When he boarded the Ninth Five-Year Plan, he must have asked for the title of concubine. I hope you will not abandon my concubine. I have the words to live up to today. " After that, he knelt down and asked for a license as evidence. Kuang Yin laughed and said, "why should a good wife be thoughtful? It's still in the air. How can we recognize it? " That is to say, he quickly helped him with his hands and said, "I should be responsible for the consequences in the future. I should make a virtuous wife the position of the imperial concubine and take charge of the Western Palace." GUI Yingzhen thanks, get up to reorganize the cup and plate, and have fun drinking. Suddenly listen to Qiao Lou and five drums, two people have deep wine, namely ordered servant girl to clean up table, just go to bed. It is:

Seal from the mouth side out, Yin may have been in front of us.

Zhao Kuangyin paid for it, but now he is amused because of the wine. He is only joking in his heart. He is nothing but a fool in his mouth. Who knows that the Kung Fu CaO on duty had already been shocked. The Kung Fu Cao heard this in the air and said to himself: "although this piece of GUI Ying has the distinction of concubines, it has no blessing of concubines, but the name of Kong is not real. If he did make the Western Palace, where would Du Lirong be settled in the future? It's a matter of course. " Immediately go to the heaven, to the Lingxiao temple, and play the God of the Jade Emperor. When the jade emperor heard this, he immediately said, "Zhang Guiying wants to be in the Western Palace, and invites him to be appointed to show his position. This is the code of Yueyang Gang, which is the chapter of punishment for Yin. This is an example of life reduction. Do not disobey. " As soon as the jade edict came out, Gongcao did not dare to stay. When he left the tianque, he came to Senluo hall according to the cloud head and read it out. In a panic, Yan Jun, the judge in charge of the ten halls, took the life and death registration and checked it from the beginning. He saw that it said: "Zhang Guiying should be twenty-eight years old, and died of a sudden illness on a certain day of a month." Yan junzunzhi, minus 12 years, immediately changed the note: "this month in the second day of the Mid Autumn Festival, died of violent illness." That is to say, after criticizing the card, he sent the ghost emissary to follow the ghost of Zhang's family, cooperate with ghost a, go to dispel Wuchang, hook the soul of Guiying, and come to pay the order. The emissary took the lead, arrived in Zhangjia immediately, and was ready to go into effect tomorrow. This is exactly what the old saying says: "half a sentence is not a word, but a blessing of life." It can be seen that one drink and one peck can only be predeterminated; the poor can only live long and die, and can never be forced to recover. There are poems as evidence:

There is life, there must be, there is no false life;

It's hard to care, it's all hitting.

The next morning, it was August 16th. Kuang Yin got up and had finished washing. He went to the study and met Chai Rong and other three people. After tea, Chai Rong is leaving. Kuang Yin said: "why do you see me? Now that my brothers have made friends in life and death, it's time to linger for a few days, with little love and respect. Should we suddenly move our banners and leave? Even if business matters, it will be delayed for a few days

Things are wrong. Please feel at ease, brother. I have many talks. " After that, he ordered an Tong to put on wine and talk with Qin. An Tong is busy packing up the food and wine and putting them in his study. Chai Rong and other four. In turn and sit, toast crisscross, each other.

At the time of the sound Qin, I saw two servant girls running out in a panic and shouting: "uncle, it's not good, it's a disaster! Just now, the girl was going to cook breakfast. I don't know why. She just stepped out of the door and suddenly fell to the ground. She was in a daze. Her eyes were white, her lips were blue and her hands and feet were cold. Please come in and have a look. " Kuangyin listened to this, but he was scared to look like the earth. He was scared to leave. He cried out in a panic: "brother, brother, excuse me for the moment." That is to say, I hurried to the front of the bedroom behind me. I saw a group of servant girls helping GUI Ying, sitting in the dust, shouting in unison, and then the member cried. Kuang Yin went to the front and looked at her. She closed her mouth and eyes tightly. Her hands and feet were like ice, and she had become a guest of the spring. Kuangyin was so anxious that he beat his chest with his feet. There was no way for him to go around. We had to get closer and shout for many times, but we didn't want to. When I was in Kunming mountain to save you, I met by chance and got married. I really hope to grow old together in a hundred years. My white hair is the same as my eyebrow. But I don't know that there is much gathering. My love is in April. Even if I leave early, how can I not feel heartache Say and cry. "My son, I hope you will die for the aged, and I will not waste my life in giving birth to you. Who knows that you died before you died, leaving me unaccompanied? How could you not kill me? " Weng's son-in-law was crying bitterly. There was an old courtyard nearby. He went up to him and said, "don't be sad, either, councillor or or uncle. The ancients said, "death cannot bring back life." This is Miss's big number. It's the destiny of heaven. Even if you cry to death, it's useless. Please take care of the funeral. " Weng and his son-in-law had to stop crying, collect their tears, share the girl's sweet soup bath, change into a new colorful dress, and put all the pearly green gold and silver they loved in ordinary times into the back hall. Kuangyin came to the front hall, and Chai Rong and other three heard the words. They also cried and comforted each other with words. The lady was grieved outside. She spent a lot of money to prepare for the funeral. I invited the Buddhist monk Yu Shi to build the repentance method, Taoism and Yang, and set up the xuanke to sacrifice and refine, surpass the spirits of the dead, and go to the blissful life. Chai Rong and other three people, the public with a share of the money, to buy a sacrifice, pro to the front of the funeral. It's been more than 20 days since councillor Zhang chose a day to send the young lady to the tomb and bury her. The funeral is over.

Another day later, when Chai Rong saw that the matter was over, he had to leave. Kuang Yin said, "you should go on a long journey, brother. When you are on vacation, I will go with you when you leave yuezhang." Zhang Guangyuan said, "second brother, I want Yue to have a lot of money, not just enjoy it here, but also travel there?" Kuang Yin said: "although Liangyuan is good, it is not the land of long love. Besides, your second sister-in-law has died, and your elder brother is useless here. Now we are going to Guanxi with our eldest brother as a companion, and we have set up a business with our mother and uncle. The common people show their life-long role at that time. It's better to live in peace with others and hope to be warm, so that you can laugh at the current world and later generations. It's not what you and I intended to do. " When he said that, he asked an Ying to ask the councillor to leave the hall and said, "my father-in-law, my son-in-law, has been loved by monya and married with silk. Bad luck and bad luck lead to changes in young people's lives. There is no such thing as a sad heart. Because of the disturbance of thinking all day long, one sees this scenery, increasing pathos; the other lingers for life, which is not a long policy. My son-in-law wants to go to guanxi. Don't look for any business. I'm going to leave for this, and I hope to see you later. " The councillor was mourning for the autumn, and suddenly heard Kuangyin was going to say goodbye, not panicking, and falling into tears, he said: "my daughter, although she is blessed, is not allowed to serve for life, and died in the middle way, which is the opposite. But I'm nearly sixty years old. I'm alone. I don't know where I'm going. Who will look after me? I hope that my son-in-law, thinking of my aged people, would rather have the right to take charge of his home here with the friendship of his closest relatives. Don't go anywhere else. " Said, choking sad, sad. Seeing this, Kuang Yin could not help but burst into tears. He had to press down on his melancholy face and force a smile on his face. He comforted him and said, "father in law, although you are old, you are still healthy. The servants and maids in the family are all powerful people, and they can also be entrusted to take care of them without any worry. My son-in-law is going to Guanxi now. If he wants to make a living, he will be able to make a contribution, even if he can cut off this relative quickly. From now on, don't be sad. Find happiness and keep the Spring Festival. This is just an order. Please take care of yourself. "

When the councillor saw that he had made up his mind to go, he could not keep the materials. He immediately distributed them to an Tong and arranged for a farewell banquet. When I went back to my room, I chose the most exquisite and neat furnishings, wrapped them up and ordered a lot of gold and silver. I asked the boy to take them out and said to Kuangyin, "since the son-in-law is determined to go long, he can't keep the old man. It's just that you are suffering from wind and frost on the road. At this time, your luggage is cold. I have prepared this small luggage for you to take. This is one hundred liang of gold and one thousand liang of silver. They need thin things to talk about for road use. You can take it all together. " Then he choked again. Kuang Yin said: "my father-in-law doesn't have to worry about measuring his son-in-law's distance to guanxi, but how can he spend a lot of money? It's not my son-in-law who is out of sight. I need to take care of the money. Since the father-in-law gave him a great gift, his son-in-law accepted the luggage and the ingot of gold. Please take the rest in. " Then he took a ingot of gold of five or two weights and put it in the bag. The councillor knew that his son was honest and upright, so he had to take some money and make another three envelopes. They were sent to Chai Rong, Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei as the toll, and the rest were collected. It's hard for the three to refuse, so they have to accept. Zhang Yuanwai took out a treasure in his arms and sent it to Kuangyin. Because of this thing, there is a division of teaching: when the shape moves, any sword, halberd, knife or gun will be inferior; when the front passes, you can hide by your charm. It is:

The spirit instrument often accompanies the pale face to be old, the foreign matter finally returns to the life Ying.

I don't know what treasure I'm giving. I'll see it clearly next time.

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