By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The eleventh chapter of Fei Long's biography

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第十一回 董美英编谜求婚 柴君贵惧祸分袂

Poetry says:

The red rope is made by nature. It's hard to get caught.

Don't blame the beauty for her poor life, but also worry about staying in the parade.

The intention to frown and smile is like turning over your worries.

We all sigh that all the people of the world accept the trap and know that the Great Wall is a great wall.

As for Dong Meiying and Kuang Yin, they put their swords on the shelf and said, "live, I have something to ask you. Today, we have been fighting for a long time. I don't know your name or where you live. I never kill unknown soldiers. If I kill them, I will not contaminate my weapons? You don't close your eyes when you die. So ask you, you say it quickly. " Kuang Yin said with a smile, "you need to know my first name. I'm not a person with an unknown surname. I'm from a humble family. My surname is Zhao, my name is Kuangyin and my name is Yuen Long. I live in Shuanglong lane, Bianliang, Tokyo. The father is the commander of the dynasty, and the mother is the emperor. When I was a child, I studied as a teacher. I wanted to fight injustice. Because she killed the female music, she left her home, wandered in the Jianghu, sought out those friends and became loyal. Dong Da, the villain, is a villain. His private tax is unscrupulous and illegal. He has killed him in Dulong villa. He also killed the whole family. This is his evil, self inflicted, what is more to me? You are a girl. You should stay away from life and keep your virginity. That's right. How can you make a living without name? My staff is merciless. I lost my life for a while. What can I regret? This is my good advice. Think about it. " The United States and Britain heard that their hearts sank and thought: "he was originally a Zhao Sheren in Tokyo. After hearing his name for a long time, they have to meet today. As expected, he is a man of all arts and martial arts and has a heroic spirit. If we have to deal with him harmoniously, we will not waste the whole ability of the slave, and we will have the first intention. Even if there is revenge for killing the father, it must be explained. But how can we make it clear? " He thought about it again and said, "if you don't want me to tell you a riddle, let's have a look at it with him. Let's see what's going on in his mind, and then we'll figure it out." At that time, I made up my mind, built a riddle, and said: "Zhao Kuangyin, you are in Tokyo, and you have a name. Since you have escaped from the disaster by risking a crime, you should only hide your name. Why do you rely on the power to kill my family? The truth can hurt. If you are to be avenged, it is like a joke. But in front of your senior parents, I will save this virtue and let you escape. But there is one thing that I won't forgive. I have a riddle here. I'll guess it with you. If you can't guess, I'm afraid your life will be hard to protect. " It is:

If you don't open your mouth, you can add shame to it.

At that time, Kuangyin listened to Dong Meiying asking him to guess a riddle, and thought to himself, "how can this humble maid know my heart and mind? Depending on what mechanism you have, I always say it on the spot. " He said: "Dong Meiying, since you have a great mystery, come on quickly, I can guess you. If there is a foul word, I will not rest with you. " Meiying said: "my riddle is four words, which are easy to understand. You have to listen. " Then he said:

"He sent for help and lost his official document.

The upper beam and the vertical column, see the words for help. "

When Kuang Yin heard this, he thought to himself, "the first two sentences of the word for salvation, which lost the text, are the words of" seeking "; the last two sentences are the words of standing beam and column, which are standing trees, and the words of" seeing "are added beside them, which are the words of" marriage ". These four riddles are two words of "seeking -". This humble maidservant asks to be close to me, so it is. " Cry: "Dong Meiying, your mystery is nothing more than courtship. But how can my great man, fierce husband, get along with your bandit's maidservant? If you want to see the high and fight with you, if you think about it, it's really a worthless fellow. Why should I forgive you? " These words, scold the United States and Britain willow eyebrows to stand upside down, pink face is born fierce, angry way: "good murderer! I was kind enough to advise you. How can you be lenient if you don't know how to hurt people with malicious words? " Clap open to sit on the horse, move two knives, fight hard to chop. Kuangyin grabs sticks and returns them to each other. Step horse heavy handed, knife stick again, two dragon fight tiger, a pair of good material adversary.

In the fierce battle, Kuang Yin suddenly thought, "just now, the third brother is running for the future first. All these people and horses are catching up with each other. How can they defeat the enemy? I only want to fight with this humble servant. If my eldest brother and third brother make a mistake, I will not lose my reputation to this humble servant? How can I meet people in the future? I'll catch up and make sense. " Make up your mind, shake your hand, step on your feet, and go straight south. The United States and Britain came. Kuangyin didn't walk much. He saw Chai Rong and Zheng en sitting on the ground opposite each other. There was no one there. Kuang Yin shouted loudly: "elder brother, just now these people and horses, don't know where they are going?" "Zheng en interface way:" two elder brothers, this person horse is beans originally, grass changes, just be broken by music The United States and Britain rushed to see that there was no one left, and Zheng enpo was the one who heard it. He was very angry and scolded: "black thief!"! How can I break my magic? Well, they want to find their own way to death, and I don't care about it. Now they don't do it for two times. They just want to share one interest with him and teach him to walk together. " Immediately knead the formula with your hands, recite words in your mouth, and shout: "disease!" I saw the earth turn for a while, walking on the rocks and sand, thundering, and it was dark all around. When Chai Rong saw him, he was panicked and cried bitterly. Kuang Yin felt afraid at this time, and secretly gave up. Only Zheng en had the courage to cry out: "elder brother and second brother, don't panic. You must be sure that this female doll's magic will break the law when you have fun watching him." Then he closed his little eyes and opened his big eyes. He could see clearly and kindly. He saw that the American and English Lima stopped the sword and chanted a mantra there. Zheng en called out: "two elder brothers, as expected, this female doll's magic. You stand here, body to start, waiting for the music to break his method. "

After that, he strode forward, walked one end, took the Luan away, opened his robe, exposed his body, ran to the past, and cried, "girl, don't make people secretly. You should have the ability to interact with music and compete with others." Mei Ying listened and looked carefully. But Zheng en spread out his body. His legs were hairy and his whole body was like black paint. The disgusting object of black ang hung in the hair cluster was magnificent. Jiang Ying only called out, "shame to kill me!" His face was red, he looked down, turned his horse around and left. For a while, the fog dispersed and the clouds gathered, and the sky was clear and bright. Zheng en laughs, mentions the jujube tree, runs back and says: "second brother, what's the way to break the demon with music?" Kuangyin said, "good, good, not bad." Chai rongdao: "since the thief and servant have gone, let's go." Zheng en said: "there are also umbrella cars in the cemetery, where there is a lot of silver. How can they enrich others? Elder brother, you have the right to sit here. Let's turn around and take it and go. " Chai rongdao: "two wise brothers, goods and silver are small things. We can guarantee a safe life, even if the heaven is blessed, so we advise them to take advantage of this." Zheng en said: "elder brother, you are too scared. Let him do any magic. Music has its own way to break him. Just follow music and make sure you are OK." Kuang Yin said: "sure enough. Brother, let's turn around and pick up the goods. We may as well have the materials. " Say, go north together.

Even though Dong Meiying was ashamed to turn around, the more she thought about it, the more annoyed she was. She was reluctant to give up, and then she beat her horse around again, but she ran into Zheng en face to face. The United States and Britain were furious and scolded: "what a bold murderer! How dare you come back? " Put up the knife with both hands, and hope Zheng en to chop. Zheng en put the jujube tree on the shelf, raised the robe with his hands, straightened his stomach, and shouted, "my girl, you're here to enjoy yourself." When the United States and Britain saw the old thing again, their faces were red, and they were ashamed of nothing, so they backed away. After that, they went on a journey of less than half a mile, and the United States and Britain came running again. For three times in a row, he was humiliated by Zheng en. American and British thought: "revenge is small, marriage is big. Only this son of Zhao, such a hero, is unparalleled. If he gave up now, wouldn't he miss it to his face? " Then he turned around and met them. "Don't be rude," cried the American and British. I am not here to fight, but to speak with you. " Zheng en said: "if you have any words, please speak quickly. If it's good, stop it. Otherwise, fun will invite that wonderful thing out to watch and play with you. " "Black thief, don't just talk nonsense, I'll tell you." Then he called out, "Zhao Kuangyin, you have just broken the mystery, and have not decided yet. But I said a word, how willing to rest? So turn around and ask you if you understand, what's your idea? " Zheng en asked: "second brother, what is a riddle? Say and have fun. " Kuang Yin then said the riddles of the United States and the United Kingdom and the two words "beg -" that he had guessed out.

Zheng en pouted out his lips and said, "second brother, it's not your fault. Courting is his beauty. Why don't you? No wonder he fights you twice and three times. Now Yue Zi persuades you to kill two birds with one stone when it's time to become this beautiful thing Kuang Yin said: "three brothers, don't say much. I'm determined that this matter will not be broken. " When Dong Meiying heard this, she said angrily: "good Zhao Kuangyin, since you are merciless, I will have no justice. But your life should be like this. Today, I need you to see my magic weapon coming. " As he spoke, he took a treasure out of the leopard's skin bag, which was about four or five feet long and bent like a hook. It's made of pure copper. It's successful in all kinds of tests. It's called five color divine hook. It's impossible to catch soldiers and lift generals. At that time, Dong Meiying was angry and offered up the God in the air and shouted: "there!" Only the rays of the sun were shining and the fog was misty. The divine hook fell down and hooked Kuangyin's body. The United States and the United Kingdom read the truth again, and drew the hook to their arms. With a loud voice, they brought Kuangyin Lian's staff with them and took them to the rear horse. They clapped the horse and left. When Zheng en saw it, he cried, "no! The second brother is in his way. " He hurriedly mentioned the date tree, then came and shouted, "you girl, you should not only ask for a kiss, but also say well, how can you use your strength and rob people and leave?"? "Let my second brother turn around," he said quickly. "This marriage is with me, and I will take care of it.". Music is the media. I will marry my eldest brother for your good deeds. Music will never let you spend half of your media money. If you don't return your second brother, you will never rest happily. " Let's go ahead.

And Kuangyin was hooked by Dong Meiying's five color God and carried to the back of the horse, just like being nailed. He couldn't struggle any longer. He was worried, angry and hateful. Suddenly I thought of a treasure and said, "my God Sha stick was originally sent to my father-in-law by the immortal. It is the most precious treasure to eliminate evil and defeat Kui. Why don't I break his magic in the future? " At this time, although the body is tied and happy to move with both hands, it is good to use, so it shakes the shensha stick against the wind, shakes a few times, and still becomes a driving belt. At that time Kuangyin took the two ends of Luan belt, looked at the front one gently, not crooked or slanted, and caught the neck of the United States and Britain, even if he pulled it back and put his throat back. The United States and Britain were unprepared and caught by surprise. They stared at each other, blushing and snoring. At this time, the United States and Britain couldn't move. Kuang Yin's body felt more active than before, so he tied the belt and dragged the United States and Britain off the horse with his hands. He fell unconscious. Zheng en strode to the front and said, "second brother, do you want to ask you to marry this girl who is on her back and shaking her feet?" Kuang Yin said, "don't talk nonsense. Hurry up." Zheng en dare not neglect, raised jujube tree, said: "go!" Use your strength to kill the US and the UK. A poem sighs:

If you learn it, you will be able to practice the magic skills of the army, so that you can glorify the gate.

Do you know that when you enter the rough road by mistake, the blood splashes in the ditch and cries in vain.

Since Dong Meiying died, those family members who were defeated and maimed each kept their lives and rushed home to report his girl. The girl cried and cried, tears falling like beads. If you want to make a statement, do not let his misfortune be taken by himself, and the people will not allow it. Besides, it's a big crime for the local staff to occupy the land and take road tax for private. Only because the government was not clear, no more visits were made; moreover, those herdsmen and officials were all Tu's forgetting the country and living in the same place: therefore, they developed the embryo of a stick and the trick of evil. How dare we behave and tell others today when we are killed? The heart of vengeance and disgrace will disappear in the void, so we have to divide the servants and bury the remains of the good and the poor, the old and the young. And he sent another man to inquire in front of him. When the three of them had gone, they would gather and bury the remains of Meiying. It is:

There are few evils in the end of being greedy for profit, and things can always be tolerated.

No gossip. Kuangyin saw that Dong Meiying was killed, and took Luan back and tied him to his waist. At this time, the magic hook is useless. Zheng en is beside the body, and he kicks a few feet. Kuang Yin said: "third brother, it's just a cheap bag. What's the use of kicking him? Let's go and push brother's umbrella car, so that we can make our way. " When Zheng en heard this, he picked up the jujube tree and walked away. Two go to the cemetery together, push the umbrella car, and look straight ahead. That Chai Rong is sitting there waiting, see him two people push the car back, even if get up to meet, ask the reason. Kuang Yin said about the killing of America and Britain. Chai Rong sighed. At that time, each of the three men sat down for a while, because the sun was already sinking in the west, Chai Rong urged him to get up and go. So the three brothers took turns pushing and pulling. In the middle of the road, there is no need to stay at night and walk, hungry and thirsty for food and drink.

It's just that words are long, but nothing is short. Walking, early to a place, there is a pass, called wooden bell pass. This pass is an important way to and from the East and the West. Even when it is calm, it is strictly forbidden. At present, the three lines are not far away from the pass. Chai Rong said, "two wise men, the wooden bell is closed in front of us. This is the rule that has always been set: all the past merchants have not passed the pass, so we need to start a guide before we can let them pass the pass. Two good brothers, and to the first this shop room to settle down, to the old brother to close up three guide, tomorrow before the good past After that, give the umbrella car to Zheng en and fill in the guide. No mention.

And Kuang Yin and Zheng en pushed the umbrella car to the merchants' shop, picked up a clean room and installed the car. Ask the store to clean up the food and drink. They have used them for their own use and are waiting for Chai Rong. Half a time later, I saw Chai Rong coming from outside and entering the shop. I felt that his brow was not on display and his face was worried. Kuang Yin came forward and asked, "elder brother, has that road caused any trouble?" "Chai rongdao:" although up, just get two Kuangyin said, "why can we only afford two of our brothers?" Before Chai Rong could say anything, he leaned out first and saw no one. Then he said softly, "second brother, you are sad now." Kuang Yin said: "elder brother, why is younger brother sad about this pass?" Chai rongdao: "second brother, don't you know? Only because you killed Yule in Tokyo, the Imperial Court published a list of articles, and visited everywhere to catch the murderer. But gradually the wind came out, and your father was afraid of being involved. He made his first copy. Therefore, the master of the Han Dynasty drew pictures and figures of his younger brother's age and name, which were widely used in the world. Just before I arrived at the pass, I saw the design myself. It was the same as my good brother. And look at the words of the notice, it is very dangerous, the fool's heart is very frightened. If you want to set up a plan to earn money and go through the customs, you are afraid that the patrol will be tight and easy to disperse. If you find out, it is not beautiful. Therefore, only two people have been invited back, so don't discuss it. "

Kuang Yin listened to the words, only bluffing and sighing. Zheng en said: "second brother, how do you worry about him? According to the idea of Yue Zi, we should pass the customs tomorrow and be safe, that's all. If those donkey balls stop us, we just need to play Yue Zi's jujube tree and his second brother's club, for fear that he won't visit again. " Chai rongdao: "the third brother speaks softly. How to make such a move? What's more, there are a lot of officers in the army. Do you have fun with them? It's hard to make a decision. We have to discuss it. " Kuang Yin was silent and hesitated for a long time. He said: "yes, I have a first cousin who lives behind Shouyang mountain. There are many trees and few people. It's a secluded place. It's better for the three of us to go there and live for a year and a half. When things are calm, we can go through the customs, go to our mother and uncle and live in peace. What do you think, brother? "

When Chai Rong heard about it, he looked down and thought, "I was a broker. I was accompanied by his rich son. I couldn't match him, and I was afraid of causing disaster. If something happened, wouldn't I be involved in the business? If you don't suffer, just stay away from him for a few days, and then make sense. " "Second brother," he said, "if your opinion is perfect, you should be a companion. But because of the customers' business I often do in the wooden bell pass, those shops and shops need to wait for my umbrella to sell. If I lose my letter this time, it will be hard to sell when I come back. Elder brother Yu's idea is not to visit his relatives in Shouyang first, but to settle down temporarily. When elder brother Yu enters the customs and distributes these goods, he then comes to look for them. At that time, the brothers still linger and look for another Livelihood: first, they have nothing to do with their hearts, and second, they do not get in the way. Do you think so? " Kuang Yin said: "since brother's business is important and also a business, how dare you force him to go with you? But the elder brother goes ahead alone. It's hard to go between the routes. You can go into customs and deliver goods together with the three younger brothers. If, after that, I hope to meet you soon, I can see the brotherhood. " Kuang Yin did not finish his words, but Zheng en jumped up and said, "let's not go to music, let's not go to music." Because of this difference, there are different religions: the tiger accompanies in the same way, and the dragon is out of the land, so it is spared the disaster of falling into the rank. It is:

The square diagram gathers for a long time, but it's not expected that the separation will turn to the time.

After all, Zheng is willing to go or not. I'll see you next time.

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