By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 17th time of flying dragon's biography, Chu Yuan's master asked Chen tuanzu to set up chess to win or lose"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第十七回 褚元师求丹疗病 陈抟祖设棋输赢

Word yue:

Lonely village temple night partial long, angle skill pottery feeling waits for dawn. The body can't be helped by the floating disaster. The Yellow crown and the secret medicine are fragrant. It seems that there are endless views of Yaotai, fairyland, and who is better to play games with. Hesitating to win the first loss, must fall, to teach only smile.

Set the storm in right key

It said that the family saw Kuang Yin and the five people argue and win, and they fought each other. That is to say, they hurriedly stood up and drank the five people. They were not allowed to do anything, so they advised Kuang Yin with good words and said, "the four fruit heads just rely on craftsmen, and the five point stink struggle is to win the son, that's all. This bared teeth stinking committee is a hero who really loses. No matter how hard he is, it's reasonable to pay them the silver money. That's the right way. Why fight angrily? For example, if the hero is short of money, he can only divide half of his money - they will have nothing to say. Can they be forced to do so? " Kuang Yin said: "your head is only looking to fatten himself. Who wants you to be talkative and judge whether you win or lose? Then you help your partner, bully the outsiders, and tell me the soft words, hoping to send them away. In fact, I said to you, if you want my Zhao Kuangyin to give you nothing, you can't do it. You can't do it until my future great grandson has it. " The other family said: "yes, since the hero has a date, he is going to visit lunyin, and there is no change. Let's go on your own, and we will not be able to recover until later. " Said this sentence, only to hear the distant pheasant singing, the dawn of the first light. Kuangyin was still waiting to speak. Suddenly he heard a whistle. All six people in the hall disappeared in a flash. Looking around, I found no trace. I shivered and fell into a coma. I fell into the dust and fell asleep.

And the losers are five evil spirits. It is the magistrate who draws the end. Since the Five ghosts are supposed to live in a mixed life, they came to Tianqi temple and became gods with the censor. They often played a role of blessing and prestige, which made every family in the village afraid and uneasy. Then the people called the village Shengui village and the temple Tianqi temple. Later, the disturbance made people unable to survive day and night, so they had to disperse, leaving only the empty Chuang Tzu. The Five ghosts and the judge waited for Taizu long to arrive, and he set up a bureau to lure them and ask for a seal. Later, Taizu said that the Five ghosts should be separated according to the imperial edict. Later, Emperor Huizong was the great grandson of the emperor Taizu. When he took half of the world and the big gold, he should be born in the reincarnation of the Five ghosts: one was sticky, the other was a boa ox, the other was a gold Dalai, the other was Loushi, the other was a hobbian. The inspector turned Qin Hui. On the one hand foreign invasion, on the other hand internal trust peace, so the great Song Jiangshan, divided into the north and south, all because the Taizu gambled today. This is a postscript. I don't need to mention it.

And Kuang Yin fainted to the ground at that time. He didn't wake up until three poles in the sun. When I opened my eyes, I felt pain all over my body and dizziness in my head. Slowly stand up and look up at the top. There is a judge and five little ghosts beside him. They are all generally ferocious. See also gold and silver paper money spread all over the ground, paper paste dice basin is thrown aside. Kuang Yin looked at it, and was shocked. He thought to himself, "it's very strange. Did you gamble last night? These five evil spirits? Is this magistrate the one who pulls his head? " Look carefully. The more you look, the more you look. Suddenly, I think of the words on Miao Guangyi's card, saying, "don't gamble with money when you are in trouble." today, I see that it will rise up. In response, the Yin and Yang of Miao Guangyi are all right. Think about it and be afraid. We also saw that the seven ingots of original silver were still in the ground. Even if they were picked up, hidden in parcels, loaded with luggage, they left Tianqi temple and walked along the west route of guanxi.

All the way, I felt cold sweat, fever, dizziness and trance. Step by step, step by step, look forward to the journey, and strive to move forward. I saw a high mountain in front of me, which was very steep, but I saw:

It's a series of hills and mountains. Precipitous is cliff, meandering is rock stream vein. Dense - tree color, a bay is not a bay to meet; murmur suddenly spring sound, several schools want to be broken several schools. Green, yellow, red, white and black, dotted with tender leaves and dead branches; the horn symbolizes the palace merchants, singing with the turbulent and fine drops. When you look at the clouds and mist locking the hillside, you can see the height of the sky; when you feel the wind and thunder rising, you should know the depth of the Jedi. After the rain, there are countless green snails. The sun shakes the calyx, mistaking it as the frequency shift of Wang Dao.

Now Kuangyin struggles to move forward. When he comes to the foot of the mountain, he sees a jungle. The door of the mountain is engraved with the word "Shen Dan Guan". He rushes in. Just arrived at the main hall, I saw a Taoist coming out of it, Kuangyin, and I watched him up and down for a while, saying: "gentleman, your body has been affected by the spirit of ghosts and evils. This disease is not light. Although there is no serious disease, there is a danger of chirping. Please go to the back bedroom for a rest. " Then Kuang Yin was led to the back and said with his fingers, "gentlemen, you can stay here and rest in peace. I'll go to one place and get the pills. I'll come when I'm young. " After that, he turned around and walked out. Kuang Yin leaves his luggage and sleeps on the couch before he gets to the couch. He is carefree and unconscious.

Let's say that the Taoist who is seeking for the pill steps up the mountain step by step at the foot of the mountain after leaving the mountain gate. The mountain fruit is high and stacked like this, which is the most famous in the world. It is under the jurisdiction of Huayin County, Shaanxi Province, and is called Xiyue Huashan Mountain. There is a fairy cave on the mountain. Its name is Xiyi cave. In the cave, there was a fairy who got the way. His surname was Chen mingtuan, and his name was Xiyi ancestor. This ancestor got the method of dragon sting. He got the way in sleeping, so he was the best at sleeping in his life. Be able to know the past and the future. The Taoist of Shendan temple is his apprentice, surnamed Chu Mingyuan, who also has a half immortal body. Therefore, the old ancestor ordered him to burn incense in the temple at the foot of the mountain and wait for Kuangyin. At that time, Chu Yuan entered the cave and came to see the ancestor. The worship was over. The ancestor asked, "what's the matter if you don't burn in the temple and come to see me now?" Chu Yuan reported: "I'm in charge of my teacher. This morning, a red faced man came from the temple. He was in a trance with a slight disaster. I look at this man carefully. He looks very noble. He is helpless with the spirit of ghosts and evils. Now he is faint and deserves to be saved. Therefore, I hope that the teacher will be merciful and compassionate. " The old ancestor listened to this, clapped his hands and laughed: "OK, OK, xianger is here. Now, in your view, I have a floating disease, and I should be saved. Come in with me. " Zhu Yuan followed him to the danfang. He took the gourd, threw the lid away, poured out a golden pill, held it in his hand, handed it to Chu Yuan, and said, "apprentice, when you return this pill, just use the well water for one hour to grind the medicine and pour it into the mouth, you will be healed. After a few days of his general's cultivation, when he is in perfect spirits, don't ask him to let him go, but you can bring him to see me. I'll tell you what I need to say. "

Chu Yuan, under his command, promised to go out of the cave, down the mountain, and come to Guanzhong. That is to say, let tong'er fetch the well water for one hour, and then take a chopstick. The child dare not delay. He immediately brings the two things to him. Come to the bedroom together, see that Kuang Yin Wu is in a coma, like a drunken general. Chu Yuan mixed the pills like the law. Master and apprentice, help Kuang Yin up, use chopsticks to pry open the teeth, fill the pills slowly, and still sleep well. The medicine penetrates three passes and passes through seven orifices. In a moment, you can only hear the sound in your stomach and groan in your mouth. Half a cup of tea again, Kuang Yin gradually woke up and said, "good sleep." Zhang Yan saw a Taoist and a boy standing before the meeting. He was confused and asked: "dare to ask how long it is? Where is this? I don't know why I came here? Please ask for advice. "

Chu Yuan said: "this is the western mountain Huashan. This is called Shendan view. This morning, the gentleman came to me with illness. I watched his illness carefully. I was very heavy because of the evil spirit. So I went to my master's cave to get the elixir and cure the floating disaster. It's time to be peaceful and happy. I don't know the name of a gentleman. Where is the fairyland? Where did you pass by and meet this ghost? I dare to look forward to one instruction. " Kuangyin listened to Chu Yuan's words of medical treatment and disease, and immediately stepped into his bed to give thanks. "Chu Yuan hurriedly replied:" your body is still weak, why should be restrained Sit down with each other. Kuangyin then elaborated on the name of Xiang Guan, how to avoid disaster and encounter ghosts, and how to fight with gambling money. Chu Yuan said: "it turned out to be Mr. Zhao. I've heard a lot about his fame, and I'm disrespectful. The Shengui villa that you just said is really a dangerous place. At the beginning, there were five evil spirits in Tianqi temple. At the beginning, they came out late. Later, they gradually appeared in the daytime, disturbing the people so much that they were afraid and restless that they had to separate themselves. Therefore, there was no one living in this villa. If you didn't kill the young man to live that night, you would not be able to save your life. Today, I'm so happy that I can't help myself. " Kuang Yin said: "it depends on the support of the immortal, and the gratitude is engraved. But I don't know the immortal's name? What is the name of Lingshi? " Chu Yuandao said: "the name of poor Dao is Chu Mingyuan, so I burn incense in this temple of Shendan. Xiyi, the master of the family, lives on the mountain. He is good at combining skills and skills. He is not very poor. When you are in good health and safety, I would like to surrender to the mountain. I will have a meeting with my master. I don't know how you feel. " Kuangyin said: "if you get the immortal to lead you up the mountain, see your teacher, if you are not stingy by the Taoist heart and indicate the lost way, it's the immortal's gift. I'm very lucky." After two talks, some children gave tea to the guests and the host. Chu Yuan shared the meal with tong'er. The child packed in the meal and set it on the table. Only four vegetarian dishes were used for the food, which was very clean; and only porridge was used for Kuangyin's early recovery. After they used it, they removed it.

Since then, Chu Yuan has left Kuangyin in the temple, and he has been reconciling and maintaining it. Within a few days, Kuangyin is in a healthy spirit. On this day, Chu Yuan was invited out of the mountain gate and walked up the mountain slowly. Looking around, it's really a good mountain view, but we can see that: Elk holding flowers, Ape Offering fruit; woodcutter carrying firewood singing, child refining medicine and fire. Kuang Yin was looking at it. He listened to the sound of playing chess. He looked up and saw two old men sitting in front of the cave. Kuang Yin saw it, full of joy, and cried: "Xianchang, look at the people playing chess over there. It's really claustrophobic fun. It's forever high wind. It's not too late for us to take advantage of the fact that it's still early today and go to see the film and then pay a visit to the distinguished teacher. " Chu Yuandao: "make, poor road should accompany each other." They walked slowly and came to the cave in a moment. The pine and cypress in front of the cave covered the sun. These two old men are leaning on the loose stone and sitting opposite. In the middle, there is a white stone platform. On the platform, there is a white jade chessboard, on which are thirty-two white jade chessboards, one is engraved with red characters, the other is engraved with black characters. They are fighting for each other's success and win. Kuang Yin stood quietly behind the old man who made black chess and watched in secret. I saw the old man who made red chess use a sacrificial cart to take the potential, put the red cart in the black horse's mouth and coax him to eat. The old man of the black chess is waiting for the horse to eat the car. Kuang Yin doesn't feel lost behind his back and says: "no way!" The old man in red chess looked at Kuangyin, looked at it, and bowed his head. The old man of black chess hears the words of Yiyin, and he can't press the horse to leave. He looks at it carefully. He nods and understands. The red car really can't eat him. But if I dodge the horse, I'm afraid that the red cannon will eat the elephant. This is also a losing game, and there is no rescue. After a second attempt, he suddenly saw the flaw of red chess. He would not eat the horse, move the horse, or walk. Without a few moves, he won Red chess.

The old man of red chess lost. He put forward a cloth bag, reached for two ingots of gold, and handed it to the old man who won the game. From the new set of chess, again. The old red chess player didn't start. He first said, "the talker, what's the words in the middle of the board?" Kuang Yin heard that when he looked at the plate, he saw two sentences written on both sides of the river boundary:

It's a real gentleman to watch chess without saying a word.

Kuangyin at first, he only paid attention to the chess, so he didn't see these two words. Now that the old man lost, he was a little sullen. He only explained these two sentences to him, so as not to have more words. It's just that there have always been pros and cons, the authorities said, and onlookers can see clearly. Here are the watchmen. Who is willing to see the defeat or not and stand by? Even if you don't say it plainly, you can't help but cough in your clothes and beat the mechanism secretly. No gossip.

Only Kuang Yin saw the words on the board at that time, and thought to himself, "they won with a few dimes of silver, but they didn't have time to amuse themselves. These two ingots of gold are very important. Because I pointed out that winning chess instead of losing it, how can he blame me? Since he blamed me, he could not help but wait for me to see some more flaws and point him out. If he wins, he will surely lose. " Between the thoughts, the two old men started again. This dish should be black first, red then. At present, the two are arranged separately. You, I and I are going to go down to seven or eight places. I only see the old man who makes red chess, who is going to attack the blacksmith with his gun. Kuang Yin could not help but say more. He said, "it's useless to fight in the air, and he cares about his own family." The old man of the red chess just took a close look at his own chess situation, flashed a losing game of two horses lying in the slot, and immediately put down his gun and got close to the horse's eye.

The old man of black chess looked back at Kuang Yin and said, "you don't know the scenery, red faced gentleman. Don't you have an ear letter? Please don't be talkative. You should be talkative. If you dare to play three games with me, you will be a good man. " Kuangyin is born with pride. How can he receive such words? Unconsciously, he sneered and said: "old man, you are so tall and proud, how can you look down on me? Why don't I have three sets with you? " The old man of the red chess said, "since you want to play chess, you have to make a decision first. Do you want to bet on gold or some silver?" Kuang Yin said, "I'm a passer-by. Is there real gold? Just bet on silver. " The old man said: "since we only gamble on silver, we can set a rule that we must make fifty liang of silver for each dish. I have no debt to the scoundrel. I just played chess with you. " Kuang Yin heard that he only recognized the old man's pressure on him with silver, and he replied, "it's 521 sets." After all, the old man let Kuangyin be a guest and sent red chess. Kuang Yin sat down in the red chess seat. They set up the chess game, red first, then black, and then set out two times. This makes the old red chess player turn his hands and watch. See only:

Kuang Yin starts with sergeant first, and the old man over there will drive.

Red chessman is on his way again, and the old man is on his way to protect his pawn.

Kuangyin makes a horse turn its feet, and black chess pursues it in the future.

You come to my flying elephant. The red family eats horses and swallows cars.

Acting on the 18 changes in plum blossom, infinite mystery little people know.

It's hard to hide cleverness when you're in the match. You can use your own ingenuity.

The old man gave up his car to win, Kuangyin fell into a scam.

Only because of a loss of hand, black chess won the red.

The first set was won by the old man. Kuang Yin was not satisfied and said, "this set, I'll bet you one hundred Liang." The old man said, "it's one hundred Liang. Am I afraid you won't make it?" From the new to put the chess, it is the winner to go first. I saw the old man change again, but I saw him:

Don't walk, don't fire. Stand by the river first.

Kuang Yin knew what he wanted. He wanted to take the lead in driving.

The black double makes the chain horse, the red chess raises the gun to meet.

The old man changed his chess and became a two man in the peach garden.

He won the second set of red chess.

Kuang Yin lost two games in a row, and he was in a hurry. He thought in his stomach: "to play chess in Bianliang, I am the leader. How can I get to Guanxi and lose more? Lose money and wealth, but small things, weak reputation, don't people talk and laugh? This set, must match with him, turned over this son just good After thinking about it, he said in the beginning, "old man, I will gamble with you on this set, and merge the 150 Liang silver color of these two sets. If you win again, I will give you the silver according to the number; if I win, I will withdraw the first two sets. What do you think? " The old man smiled and said, "I'm not afraid of anything you can do. It depends on you, but there is one more thing to say: if you win this set, it's OK. If you lose again, even the first two sets are three hundred Liang silver. I'm afraid you can't take them out. At that time, it's not only a waste of gas, but also a shame. " Kuangyin listened to this kind of words, and wanted to attack, but also turned over the root of his heart, so he had to swallow his anger and say, "you old man, don't look down on me, we have to bet on the win or lose, just rest assured, why talk more?" The old man added: "otherwise, we talk empty and have no evidence. The board of supervisors must be set up for this game. Only then can we have no regrets." So he was annoyed that the old man who made red chess was in the prison. At this time, Chu Yuan was also on the sidelines, afraid to speak. The old man put the chess pieces in order to start. Then he said, "well, I should have won first. Now let you go first, let's say nothing." Kuangyin listened, full of joy, and thought, "I'm going to start now, can't I lose again?" So I'll be careful. I'll play chess. I saw him:

The floating elephant guards his own Palace first, but the enemy still rushes towards him.

Red chessmen take care of each other with guns, and set a loose game with emptiness in the dark.

Kuangyin's operation raised many resources and consolidated them in the dish.

Red chess is the best way to win, who knows this old trick.

Heavy only pawns to walk, approaching the general to attack.

With a four horse cast Tang Shi, a successful win East.

In this set, Kuang Yin was full of hope of success. Who knew that he was won by the old man again. He was so angry that he was stunned by the smoke and fire. He thought, "I went up the mountain today, but I didn't bring money with me. What will the three hundred silver be paid to him?" Left and right thinking, no care, only said: "the old man, just this set, this is I win, you go wrong one, but I lost. But if it's empty, we'll pay for it. We'll keep it. " The old man changed his face and said, "what did you say? Just now you and I are right, but they understand that the wrong way? But if you want to depend, I will not depend on you. " Kuangyin said, "you wronged me and lost, but you refused to do it again. You had to withdraw the previous two sets together." The old man said: "when you say this, you are ridiculous. You are not like that man. You are bright. You always treat others as children. To tell you the truth, I just prevented you from repeating, so I set up this Supervision Bureau as a witness. If you lose, what is the interest of the board in setting him up? " Kuang Yin listened and was waiting for an answer. He saw a sneer and a cry from the supervisor: "a gentleman with a red face, the old saying is good. It says that" a good man is a pain when he eats and beats, and a good bet when he loses. ". We are playing chess here, and we are not setting up a scheme to cheat people's money and wealth. This is the wish of the gentleman himself, and there is no better. Since we lost, we should pay for the lottery silver, which is the right thing to do. We should also spend a lot of these strong arguments, hoping for a good deal. Our old man, the candle in the wind, can't beat you again, just to give the money to the poor, to the hungry, and to do a good deed. But it's a pity that the gentleman, with his lofty body and glorious appearance, has taken the wrong name and passed on the taboo of no action. He's ashamed and is laughed at by others. " This bureau of supervision of this article does not itch does not hurt the speech, said Kuangyin nameless high, smoke. There are different teaching methods: only a few lines of ink can be left in the three games of residual chess, but several smoke and dust can be eliminated in the one-time righteous act. It is:

The tongue is more strict than the three foot sword. Being single is like riding a million people.

I don't know how Kuangyin can get paid, and listen to the next chapter.

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