By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 12th chapter of flying dragon's biography: sincere friendship; Chai Rong presents Yi, Yan, Guo, FA, Zheng en for face examination"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第十二回 笃朋情柴荣赠衣 严国法郑恩验面

Poetry says:

Gowns were given to the ancients as gifts. In fact, the alliance was dead and alive.

If you want to get together, you should not let Lei Chen.

He and Li are God's masters, and their gains and losses are ultimately based on nature.

I advise you, but you advise me. Don't put fame and wealth into confusion.

He added:

It is difficult to meet your grave in the future if there are few gatherings.

Don't be afraid of the resistance of the world. The national code never lets you.

When Zhao Kuangyin saw that Chai Rong didn't want to go to Shouyang mountain with him, he had to ask Zheng en to accompany Chai Rong, enter the customs to deliver goods, wait for the end of the matter, and then plan to meet again. I saw Zheng en yell out, "if you don't go, if you don't go, please tell elder brother to sell his umbrella. We are happy to follow you. That's good." Kuang Yin said: "third brother, you have no idea. Eldest brother was born kind-hearted and easy to be bullied. Therefore, he asked you to go with him. You can discuss everything. You should listen to him Zheng en said: "the heart of Yue Zi just likes you. How come you are so strong in our line?" Kuang Yin said: "otherwise. We have made a lot of trouble on the road. If there is any difficulty in the future, how can you expect to be worthy of it? If you have three younger brothers to accompany you, you can support you. It's a matter of reason. Don't push back. " Zheng en said: "since you want to be a partner of music, music is not good for your hospitality. But the money we have taken from Dong Da can be divided into half to make money. " Kuang Yin said: "it's not consumerism, either. Elder brother Yu has a few uses. But you can give this money to your eldest brother as capital, and see his good brother and his good friends. " Another call: "elder brother, third brother, Zhao said goodbye." Zheng en took hold of his hand and called out, "second brother, wait for fun to buy a pot of wine to see you off." Kuangyin said: "three brothers, don't worry about it. You are going to travel. If you stay here for a long time, you will not be harmonious." Zheng en said: "my second brother, since I don't want to worry about anything, how can he not even eat some wine? Your sex feels too anxious. How can you be willing to go for fun? " As he spoke, he thought that he couldn't bear to separate. He felt a burst of pain in his heart. His eyes were full of water. He fell into tears and said: "our second brother is benevolent, righteous and loving! Yuezi sells some sesame oil to you in the village. When he met Mr. Miao, he asked us to send you a invitation card. He didn't want to make friends with you in Huangtu slope. He hoped that he would always rely on you. Did you know that Ben Lingguan was going to draw pictures and figures to catch them? Our brothers broke up here, but I don't know when and when we will meet again? Our second brother, who has benevolence and righteousness, you should not have fun. " After that, he began to sob again. It was like Confucius crying for unicorn. It was hot for 24 minutes. Chai Rong also wipes tears nearby.

Kuangyin saw that this was true and true, and his heart was also sad. He cried out without tears in his eyes: "third brother, don't worry. I have several words to tell you. You must remember before you can see my love. Although we are apart, we will meet for a while. But I think that my eldest brother is a man, and I will be charitable all my life, and I will shrink in case of anything. I only give you my elder brother now. You must be patient with everything. You must not make your sex angry or hurt your brother's feelings. If there is any physical discord, you must look carefully to see the ancient friendship. Although I am far away, I am at peace with my heart. " It's also called Chai rongdao: "brother, I have a word to tell you. I hope you can remember it. I have no choice but to join my family today. Elder brother, you are going to enter the customs. You have three younger brothers to accompany you. You can rest assured. But he's a rude man, and he doesn't have to worry about everything. When the goods are delivered and the profits are made, you must come to Shouyang mountain as early as possible, so that the brothers will not be in trouble and worry more. " Chai Rong replied: "the wise brother Jinyu, the foolish brother received it. But I also hope you remember what you said. You are the one who escaped from the disaster. Your appearance is easy to recognize. You should be restrained during this trip. Be careful not to cause disaster. And to his mother's office to avoid a few hours, to wait for things after the peace, their own reunion. Just pay attention. " Kuang Yin said, "if you don't work hard, you should think about it." Say goodbye. Chai Rong and Zheng en had no choice but to send Kuang Yin out to the fork road, each with tears. It is: there are all kinds of sad things in the world. There is no death or separation. There are poems as evidence:

To avoid misfortune, to talk about the remote mountains, the road is divided into different hearts.

The conscription is full of tears and dreams.

Press Kuangyin to go to Shouyang mountain without mentioning. When we talk about Chai Rong and Zheng Enfu, we don't realize it's going to be late. After drinking and eating, Chai Rong said, "my third brother, it's too late today to pass the customs. I stayed here for one night. Let's go tomorrow." Zheng en said: "sure enough, elder brother said it well. There is no choice but to sleep with him all night. It's not too late to leave tomorrow. " After that, even if you turn over and lie on the Kang, you will sleep. Chai rongdao: "you can sleep slowly, but you can pack up the luggage in the car, and then settle down." Zheng en heard that gulu'er got up and said, "sure enough, elder brother said well. He was tired of fun, so he almost forgot about it." Even if he got up, he hurried to the side of the car and put the quilt cover and the silver in his pants on the Kang together. Then he put himself down again and lay down to sleep. "Third brother, why are you so sleepy? I have something else to say. Get up and listen. " Zheng en was willing to go to sleep. He only said, "I'm very talkative. I'll wake up here and say it quickly. Don't delay. I will not walk tomorrow if I miss the time of sleeping." Chai rongdao: "there's nothing else for you, elder brother. It's only because you haven't covered your body since you met. You're barefoot and barefoot, and you're on your way. Fortunately, the weather is mild, and it's mostly the lonely village path, so I'll cover it with this robe and make do with the expediency. It's not a joke to pass the customs tomorrow. If I see you describing naked body like this when I close it for inspection, I wonder? I just saw a cloth shop on the other side of the shop. If you go to buy his two or three Zhang cloth tonight, you'll be bothered by the shopkeeper's wife's making a Chinese dress to pass the customs. It's even more important that it's going to be cold today. " Zheng en said: "I'm used to music, but I'm afraid that donkey's ball will get into it? Don't you know? The day before yesterday, Dong Meiying's magic was broken only because of his naked body and legs. Let's go through the customs tomorrow, but we are still so smart. What can we do about him? If he does not speak, let us go; if he stirs us up, let him eat our date trees. Elder brother, you don't have to be amorous. The music committee is tired. It's important to sleep. You don't have any spare time to buy any cloth. "

Chai Rong wants to talk again. Zheng en is already asleep. Chai rongdao: "this guy is really rude. He wants to sleep and doesn't even care about his clothes. It's ridiculous. Well, let me take care of it with him, prepare all these things, and then go to sleep. " Then he took some silver coins, locked the door and walked out of the shop. Coco's heavenly Father happened to meet the opportunity of human affairs, but there was a passing sedan chair man who was short of money. He carried the clothes, shoes and socks he had prepared and was selling them there. Chai Rong waited for him to come up to him and measure the man up and down. He was also a grown man. Then he stopped him, looked at the clothes and so on, picked up a pair of cloth pants, a pair of cloth socks and a pair of cloth shoes, and said that he had paid four silver coins, while paying the silver, he received the articles. He went to the cloth shop again and cut a pair of two Zhang long white cloth around his feet. Turn around and go back to the shop, open the door, ask the waiter to light the light, make a bed and fold the quilt, put the things away, close the top door, blow out the light, and then sleep. It is:

Rao Jun presents a friend to dun. How can you sleep in peace.

The next morning, the two brothers got up together and finished washing. "Third brother," said Chai rongdao, "last night, my elder brother and you prepared the Chinese clothes, shoes and socks, and foot binding here. You can wear them. When you use rice, we can leave the customs early." Zheng en took over, put on the middle coat, wrapped his feet, put on his shoes and socks, and stood up. Looking down, he was very happy and said, "brother Yue Zi, how can you be so tired of your efforts to make things so neat for us? It's rare. How much money did it cost? Let's pay you back double. " Chai rongdao: "good brother, don't speak this foreign language, brother's love, where is the silver? You can pack up, use breakfast and go out quickly. " Zheng en immediately tidied up his luggage, put the silver in his pants on the quilt cover and took it to the car. Chai rongdao: "my third brother, there are many people on the way to pass the customs. You put your luggage and wealth on it. If you lose it for a while, it's not safe. In my opinion, it's better to remove the umbrella, hide the silver quilt in the middle, and press the umbrella on it. Then the road will be stable and safe. " Zheng en listened and smacked his mouth. "Elder brother, you are too careful. What are you afraid of? I'm dragging in the front, and you're pushing away in the back. Take care of it back and forth, even if these donkey balls dare to stroke the beard? Let's go. Don't be suspicious. " Chai Rong said with a smile, "since you don't follow my words, let's see what you do." Say, ask the shopkeeper to clean up the meal. The two brothers used it and settled the account. They pushed the car out of the door and slowly pushed it out of the door. Zheng en shouldered the jujube tree, put the trip belt on his shoulder, and then Chai Rong pushed it forward.

When I came to the east gate of the wooden bell pass, I saw a lot of merchants passing by. There were carts, bearers, drafters, walkers, bearers and walkers. Those who were famous for their profits were all unable to be pushed. Zheng en is dragging the car. He can't walk on it anymore. All of a sudden, he became furious and shouted, "up! What do you donkey balls do here? Get out of the way and let the fun go. " All of these people were blustered by this shout. Everyone looked up and shouted in unison: "no! How dare this black faced emperor Zao descend? We'll let him go quickly. If it's late, there will be disaster. " At the sound of coax, all of them dodged and gave way to a main road. When Zheng en saw it, he was full of joy and said, "elder brother, hurry up and do your best. Don't delay, and try your best." Chai Rong hurriedly tried his best to push away and ran to the gate.

I saw that the military school that patrolled the pass had a big drink and said: "those who sell umbrellas can be led up by the road so as to be good at their looks." Chai rongsui rested his car and found two guides in his stool bag. He walked to the front of the Guan hall and sent them up with both hands. Next to them are the attendants, who are waiting for them to take over and put them on the desk. After reading the quotation, the Guan looked at Chai Rong's appearance, figure, age and practice, and saw each other one by one. Some of them were not bad, then he went there. Then he called Zheng en to go up, looked at the guide, looked at Zheng en, looked at the number of troubles, wandered for a while, and suddenly took a picture of the case table and shouted: "military academy, take it with me! It turns out that you've done great things, and today you're going to catch yourself. It's just that there's no place to look for, and it won't take any time. " Walking through more than ten military schools on both sides, Zheng en was caught on the spot. Chai Rong saw such a scene below. He had no need to understand it. He couldn't distinguish it. He was just frightened. in shock. Zheng en was crowned with the crown, so he took it. He did not hurry up and laughed loudly: "a good bird official who has a donkey ball in, he will go through the customs to do business. You can take us so. If you want to row down wine and rice, you should talk well with music. Music is the most joyful, and there is no ungrateful. " I saw the Guan on the top, looked at Zheng en again, and said with a loud voice: "military academies, wipe this guy's face with me. This is a bright red face, so I wipe the bituminous coal. If I want to earn it, I'm lucky to bump it into my hand. You quickly start with me, wipe the black on this guy's face, prepare to sink into the car and solve the problem of Beijing. " The military academy promised to pull and lift. There are two of them. Even if they spit, they will rub their hands on Zheng en's face. After a long time, they had no news at all.

Zheng en opened his eyes to both men and women, and scolded: "when the donkey ball came in, there was no dirt on Yue Zi's face. Why did you wipe the spittle on me? Do you want to clean it up so that you can go to the party? " The military academy said, "you didn't know. Our master, now issued by today's imperial edict, killed 18 women's musicians for the name of Zhao Kuangyin, who was famous for his red face, and left his home to escape. Therefore, there are notices in every guanjin city. Some of them can be captured and sent to Beijing. They will be rewarded with thousands of dollars and thousands of Marquises. Today, I'm afraid you have a red face. I've rubbed the black coal like this, so I asked us to have a look. If you can't wipe the black, it's true. I just let you go. " Zheng en heard, just understand, under the heart thought: "it was two elder brothers did not come together, if listen to the music, the same as shut, will be affected." Then he shouted, "what are you going to do to wipe me when the donkey ball comes in? Dare to have no eyes? The face of Yue Zi was born by heaven Buddha. I'm afraid of you The Academy didn't answer, just rub. If you wipe it again and again for a long time, it's not as it is. It's not cheap at all. If you know it's born, you have to stop. When he came to the case, he said: "this man is not a red face. The fruit color is generated. I can see that it's not like wearing fake clothes. I beg the master to give it." After hearing this, the officer clapped the table again and said, "I'm afraid that you may not see the skillful method of examination, and you may be cheated by him. How do they come into being? They are so obscene and ugly? You need to be kind to see it. " The military academy said: "the little ones tried their best and tried their best to wipe this for a while, but there was no dark shadow on some of their fingers. Did they say it was not generated?" The official stood up and walked out of the case to the eaves. He circled and looked around again and again. He rubbed his finger on his face and saw no shadow. It was generated. He had to drink: "let him go down to pass."

The military academy promised to release Zheng en on time. Only to hear - of knocked three cloud board, the military academy shouted again: "switch." The guard opened the door wide. These business travelers in the back also went up to verify the guide. They were ordinary people. They had no barrier to the test. In an instant, they came one after another. They scrambled for the first place, coaxed them out of the customs, and wrapped Chai Rong's car in the middle. It swung in the East and swung in the West. Unfortunately, Chai Rong took off his shoes again. He was pushing them away and pulling them. Zheng en was just pulling them away. He didn't look at each other. At this moment, some of the small people who were cutting grain saw something empty. They were very quick. They took a pair of silver pants from the umbrella car. When Chai Rong got his shoes up and didn't look into them, he pushed the car and looked forward. It is:

When a dragon swims in shallow water, a shrimp laughs. When a tiger falls, a dog cheats him.

At that time, the two brothers pushed the car to walk, less than ten miles away from the pass. Zheng En turned around and said, "brother, where are you going to sell this umbrella now?" Chai rongdao: "there are more than ten miles away from here. The place name Qinzhou is mostly my customer in that city. Then it will be easy to sell." Zheng en said: "in this way, let's really go for a journey and get there to deliver the goods. Happy to meet my second brother early." "That's it," Chai said Zheng Enshui carried the trip rope back, grabbed the jujube tree in his hand, spread out his stride, and ran like flying. What's the reason? It turned out that he would arrive in Qinzhou, unload the goods and shop for sipping. It is:

I only want to enjoy myself, but I don't care about others.

Zheng enwang runs in front of him. He has strong strength and strong legs. He runs fast naturally. Although Chai Rong practised coarsely, he eventually apologized for his softness and strength. Run as usual and follow the rules; today, I'm pushing back, and I'm also running. Where can I match it? When you look at the sky with your head raised, it's like flying clouds and lightning; when you look at the ground with your eyes inclined, it's like falling into the village and moving into the forest. I just feel depressed and drooping, and I have to cry out: "three younger brothers, go slowly, elder brother, I can't catch up with you." Zheng en was willing to listen, lowered his head and ran. Instead, he took Chai Rong out of touch with his feet and hands. He cried out: "take your time, my good brother. The old brother's hands have been pulled out and his feet have been damaged. You can't do it. Why are you so brave? " Zheng en just doesn't obey. You break his throat, but the tighter he pulls, the faster he runs. But see the wheels rolling, dust and mist, just like the light of stars and shuttles, a flash of a thousand miles. Chai Rong was in a hurry and breathed heavily, so he had to scold: "black thief! You shouldn't play like this. I'm older than you. Isn't it because my brother is not in the eye? If you break my body and throw it into the position of official, I'm afraid you won't break your hamstring! " Zheng en was in front of me. I didn't listen to him. He was flying like a kite. It took half an hour to get to Qinzhou City.

Zheng enfang just stood on his feet and said with a smile: "it's refreshing. It's a ten mile road. It's worth bird business. It's just that you've been made, not very hard. " At this time, Chai Rong was sweating all over, standing still, leaning against the car, opening his mouth, just panting. After gasping for a long time, he finally settled down and scolded again: "you black thief almost killed me. Where is the way? It's really hateful to say that I don't always follow you? " Zheng en listened to this, made a temper, put down the trip rope, and said: "you have no reason. Instead of saying that you are slow, you complain about what hand the music has pulled you, and you want to scold the black thief and the white thief. After having dinner in the morning, we are hungry again. It's not good for us to have a meal in the city, but we are hungry on the way. " Chai rongdao: "since you are hungry, you should tell me that there is no wine restaurant on the way, but you are starving and running around? What a fool! Go to the city quickly, settle down and have a good meal. " Zheng en is still angry in his heart. He pulls the car and steps into the east gate. Walking up to the front of twenty or thirty rooms, he saw a shop in the north of that road. Chai Rong said: "this is an old shop in Zhangjia. It has always been my apartment. The landlord is very loyal. We'll take a rest here and feel more comfortable. " Zheng en said with a smile, "Yue Zi doesn't care whether he is loyal or unfaithful. As long as there is wine and rice, it's suitable."

At that time, the two brothers dragged the car into the shop, and the second shopkeeper came to meet them. When they saw Zheng en, they ate a bluff in their heart and shouted, "there are ghosts!"! Ghosts! " Back away. Chai Rong pulled up and said, "little brother, why are you so afraid? Where is the ghost? " After listening to this, the second child settled his mind and cried, "chaike, I don't know what kind of trouble you have caused on your way? Bring this nigger to my shop for trouble. Now that you are standing behind you, you don't see yourself, do you still say there is no ghost? " Chai rongdao: "you didn't know that this is my brother. How do you think the ghost is wrong?" Small two way: "I don't believe in the end, there are such black people in the world? The picture of Zhong Kui hung in our house is also good to see. " After that, Zheng en understood. He laughed. He came over and cried, "waiter, you are a man. You want to be a ghost. Let's meet you and see if you are a man or a ghost." The second child listened to this kind of speech, really enlarged the courage, stabilized the sex, went on a step, fixed the eye to look carefully. At this time, when the sun was shining, I saw Zheng en's shadow lying on the ground, and my heart suddenly realized, "I have mistaken, I have mistaken. If it's a ghost, how can there be a shadow? There is no doubt that it is human. " The saying goes: "hackers, villains have no eyes, they are reckless for a while, and they recognize the wrong guests as ghosts. Don't be surprised to get so offended. " Zheng en said: "since you know it, you are not to blame for the music. It's just that we're starving. Let's get some food and drink. We can use it. " After that, the two brothers pushed the cart into a spacious and clean room and put it in place. But it's worth the second child to bring in the wine and rice. They take care of each other and use it.

Zheng en went to the front of the car, checked the luggage carefully, and looked up. There was only the quilt cover, but the silver in the pants was missing. I thought about it for a while, and then I left the quilt cover on the ground, turned it around, turned it over, looked for it for a while, and saw that there was no trace. I didn't realize that I was angry and furious. Only because of this time, there is a division of teaching: planting the root of breaking the face, and dishonoring the friendship of the same heart. It is:

How can we be clear and lax if we don't suffer from bed stripping in the dark?

I don't know how much Zheng Enyi's trouble is. I'll see it clearly next time.

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