By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"In the 16th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon, Shikui sent the invitation to know the God Kuangyin and meet the evil spirit in the temple"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第十六回 史魁送柬识真主 匡胤宿庙遇邪魑

Poetry says:

Please play the piano on your knees.

The sad string excites the dangerous column, and the separation of thoughts is hard to be heard.

All the guests are bothered, not to mention the residents' heart.

Back well has a long history, but there is no sunning.

No matter how long the road is, I will pay attention to this friend Zan hairpin.

The mountains and rivers are also separated, which is Miao of Commerce and ginseng.

Walking and decaying, worry is very Yin.

The higher the cross road, the higher the trek.

In sincere Xi write, ghost Kui thin line Jing.

As for Zhao Kuangyin, he didn't meet his relatives and wandered on the road. He was walking in and out of the way. Occasionally, he met a group of people selling private salt. When he heard that he had a way, he could go over the crisis, that is to say, he asked his way. The crowd said, "how dare we, who sell private salt, look to the right way to the gateway? Fortunately, this private road is secluded and easy. No one will cross examine it and steal it. It's Guanxi road. Therefore, they often go back and forth without committing any crime. " Kuang Yin listened to it, secretly liked it, and thought, "I'm running all day, but I haven't settled down yet. Why don't I go with him? If we go to guanxi, we will find the eldest brother and the third brother and meet again. " While thinking about it, he suddenly heard the crowd ask again, "I don't know why the hero also asked this way?" Kuang Yin said: "I'm going to work in Guanxi. I'm going to visit my family. I don't want to be in the drought. My family is gone. Due to the long distance, the date is delayed. I'm glad to meet all of you who say that there is a convenient way to go. I think it's a lot closer to go by the way. But I don't know the path. I hope all of you will walk with me. " All humanity: "since we are going to go together, we should lead our way." Kuangyin followed the others and left. But all the way to see people smoke, heavy trees, walked through the rugged path, twists and turns. After walking for a long time, I didn't realize that there was a fork in the road and it was on the ground in Kansai. Into a village, called the dry well shop, is another general landscape than that of Guandong. At that time Kuangyin picked up a wine shop and invited people to drink. After eating it, everyone said goodbye, went away happily, and hurried to take advantage of the business.

Kuangyin, alone, bought some ready-made food, had a good meal, returned the money and just walked out of the shop. Walking to the west, I only heard someone behind me shouting: "young man, please walk slowly. Villain has something to ask." Kuang Yin listened and stopped to look back. He saw that he was a big man with a big face and about 20 years old. He rushed to him. Kuang Yin asked, "what do you say to the strong earth, calling me?" "Please come out of the village and speak slowly." After they had been away for a long time, they came to the top of the village and saw a restaurant. Kuangyin invited the man to enter the shop and go upstairs. He asked jiubaoshou to go upstairs. Two people sit down, the guest and the host pass the cup, but no one else sits and drinks. At that time, after a drink, Kuangyin opened his mouth and asked, "excuse me, where is the immortal's residence? I'll be here today. If you have anything to do, please see the oracle. " The man replied, "the villain is Shi Jingsi's grandson, Shi Jiantang's son, named Shi Kui. Because Lord Liu ascended the throne, his father died early, the villain was exiled in the Jianghu, and the servant lived. The day before yesterday, I met a gentleman named Miao Guangyi. He handed me a invitation card to Xiaoren. Today, Xiaoren is waiting in this dry well shop. If he meets a man with a red face, he will send it to Xinglong Allah. So the villain waits here and doesn't want to answer for it. " After that, I took out the invitation card and sent it to you with both hands. Kuang Yin took it in his hand and opened it to watch. He saw that there were several seven character poems written on it, saying:

It's better to leave early in a dry well. How can a dragon live in a dry well?

Don't gamble with the devil. Huashan only changes a game of chess.

It's a thousand miles to send a beautiful woman away in the air. The fragrance is faint and the fragrance is faint.

When a mute man speaks, he is afraid of provoking the foolish to stand against each other.

There were three Song Dynasties on Taohua mountain, and the horses in the ancient temple were neighing.

In wusuozhou, there are light people, three bricks and two tiles of guns.

But the City God and the land were still in Kansai.

How can we get away from the flood of water?

Guandong and Jun reckon again, looking at the mutiny period of Chenqiao.

Kuangyin saw the poem, half bright and half dark, for a moment did not understand its meaning, so he had to put it in his pocket, saying, "brother Shi is the son of the generals. I haven't met you, so how simple and slow." Shikui said: "don't be modest, young man. Although the villain listened to Mr. Miao's instructions, he was afraid of being suspicious for a while and did not dare to disclose it. Young master, you will be prosperous in the future, and villain will come to help you. Please don't refuse. " Kuang Yin said with a smile, "brother Shi, don't believe these wild words. It is right for us to meet our confidants and to talk and drink. " So they reorganized their pots and cups, drank happily and shared their life skills with each other. When the wine was deep, I went downstairs. Kuangyin will pay off the money, and leave the shop separately. They are reluctant to part with each other, and have deep feelings. Shikui had no choice but to say goodbye and go elsewhere. Later, when Kuangyin was in trouble in wusuozhou, he came to rescue him and had to meet him. This is a postscript. Press not to mention.

When Kuangyin said goodbye to Shikui, he thought to himself, "the first two sentences in the words of Cambodia are about the dry well shop and dry well. After all, the place name is not good, so I can't live long. Now let's go ahead and find a lodging place to rest, and then make sense. " Now I left the dry well and went all the way. It's late autumn. The golden wind blows. It's cool. It's just that the clouds send the wild geese off, and the moon is clear and sparse. Kuang Yin walked alone and sighed, "I killed the girl for a while, abandoned my family, and took refuge. Fortunately, I met my eldest brother and third brother. I met each other on a stranger's way. I made friends in front of the loess slope. I was separated from the wooden bell pass, so that I didn't meet them. I never met them again. I was very poor at the end of the day. Where is the unknown whereabouts and where is it going? " All the way between the thoughts, do not feel that the day has sunk West, not before the village, not after the shop.

When I looked up, I saw that there were many houses under the northern hillside. There was a temple in the middle, which was in general dilapidated. Immediately, I took a few steps and ran to the front. I saw a stone tablet beside the road, which was engraved with the words "shenguizhuang". Kuang Yin thought to himself, "this is a village. How can it be so ruined and desolate? I don't know if there was a war or a famine? So the people fled and the houses withered. " Go to the temple gate again, and look at the plaque that says "God and ghost Tianqi Temple". Kuangyin laughed and said, "there is no God in that temple? There's no ghost in that temple? This village is called Shengui village. Why is this temple also called Shengui temple? It's a rare name. " Step into the temple gate and look at the second floor of the bells and drums on both sides. The walls and walls are crumbling and crumbling. He went into the second gate again. When he looked carefully, he saw that the clay figurines were all from people with incomplete body: one foot was missing from Qianli's eyes, and half of his body was missing from Shunfeng's ears. The two galleries were supported by halls, which collapsed. Your highness, dangu, the grass is everywhere. In the middle of the temple, there was a holy man, whose golden light was peeling off, whose dust was all over his body, whose fragrance and mist were empty and full of cobwebs. That right and left Weiling lie horizontally, East and West ghost judge recline. It's so desolate, so moving. Kuang Yin nodded and thought, "it's like this scene. It's not that there's a certain number of ups and downs for human beings. It's also a difficult time for divine protection. Sure enough, yin and yang are the same, and success and failure are the same. It's amazing! " Between sadness, already stars in the sky, dusk. Kuangyin went to the sacrificial table, made a next bow, and said, "holy, I, Zhao Kuangyin, went to guanxi, only because I missed the night, I went to the temple to disturb the night. After that, we should rebuild temples and build golden bodies. " After that, I went to the front of the stairs and pulled some messy grass to wipe the dust off the table. Put down the luggage, jump on the body, pillow the package, sleep with the clothes, not sleep, snore like thunder. It is:

I feel happy and steady, and my dream soul looks forward to my hometown.

Kuangyin sleeps on the table. Although he has a hard journey and sleepy body, he is now in the late autumn weather. The cold wind is chilly, penetrating his skin. He wakes up suddenly before he sleeps. Turn over qualitative one time, ear suddenly hear Hua Lala, call six of the voice, so hot. Kuang Yin thought, "how can someone gamble in this cold temple? Listen to the sound, but it's not far away. In this cold weather, I can't sleep. Why don't you go ahead and have a look and have a chat? " I made up my mind. I jumped off the table, carried my luggage, and left the hall. I went all the way along the ring. I saw the light in the northwest corner. Take a closer look at it. I used to play money in the first side room. Kuang Yin's heart was itchy for a moment, and he coughed. He heard someone inside saying, "brothers, let's clean up the equipment here. Listen to someone coming outside." One said, "sure enough, let's take it. Some of the people here are not good." Another said, "don't take it, don't take it. We are just waiting for him to come in and ask for a place, so that we can stand out. What's the matter with him?" Kuang Yin walked into the hall door two or three steps, no matter what. There were five people sitting on the ground. They took turns to cast colors and gamble to win or lose. There was a takeout of a round collar in a gauze hat. Kuangyin said in surprise: "how do officials set up gambling here to take money from bandits? However, if we don't follow the law, we will abolish the official precepts and cheat ourselves. I don't care about him now. What's the matter with me when I like the film on the spot? " Instant said: "you elder brother, so interested, younger brother also come to talk about how?" The five replied, "make, make." Even if you squeeze a space, let Kuang Yin sit down. I put the package beside me and cried, "you guys, since we win or lose, do not know whether to bet money or money?" "We have all the money," replied the officer who drew the head. "Let's just rest assured and bet. If we win or lose, we will develop ourselves." Kuang Yin is full of joy. After telling Yao, he will catch the dice and roll them. The next few, bought seven or eight big note. Kuangyin threw it into the basin, but it was a fish in the water. After all, thirty-seven should have lost twenty-one yuan. I was reluctant to part with others, and I threw a black seventeen and lost three more bets. At this time, the wind is fast and hands are not mixed. Kuang Yin was worried about losing. He was getting impatient. The leader said, "let's live. We've been throwing for a long time. We'll settle the loss and win, and then we'll throw again." Kuangyin then counted the numbers and lost a total of 3326 yuan. Then he untied the package and weighed out the silver. For each split, he weighed five Liang and developed six ingots in total. He owed three Liang and six yuan. That puts the head to say: "since the hero develops, why not always return to the Qing Dynasty?"? Why don't you send out another ingot and return it later? " Kuangyin according to the words, take out another ingot and give it to the leader.

I told you again on the spot and threw it again. It's time for me to roll the dice first. Kuang Yin grabbed the dice and said, "it's my bet. Buy a pot." Even if you buy two big ingots. At that time Kuangyin raised his hand and threw it in the hope of winning. Unexpectedly, the dice rolled in the basin once, looking at four ones first, then two ones. The upper family was about to snatch up the dice and roll them. Kuang Yin was in a hurry to lose. He was determined to rely on it and stopped his hand. The upper family said, "you are throwing a fruit. I should throw it. Why stop me?" Kuang Yin said, "I threw this big piece. Why did you throw it again?" That humanity: "five one color, six one color, just calculate very fast. You are throwing four ones, two ones. They are named fruit head, name and color. Why can't I throw them if they are not fast? " Kuang Yin said with a sneer, "although you can gamble, you haven't passed the battle field. You don't even recognize that famous person. How much money do you gamble?" The man said: "here you are again. What's the name of this dice? I don't know. "

Kuang Yin said, "you didn't know it. My dice, named guokuai and qiaose, will not be known until I tell you the name and color of the dice one by one. If you throw four sixes, one four, one two, it's called brocade skirt. There are five and one. They are called claw taking dragon and pengtou ghost. If there are two three, it's called Shuanglong going to the sea. If you throw four fives, one Yao and one four, it's called the joint oil bottle cap. There are two and three, named split lotus. If you throw four or four or two, it's called burning the eyes. There are one and three. It's called yanyaohuoneidan. If you throw four three, one two, one Yao, it's called broken foot wild goose. If you throw four ones, two ones, it's called child ten. All these famous brands are quick to win or lose. What I'm throwing is kid 10. I've won. Why do you throw again? " The man listened, but did not depend on each other, quarreling with each other. The other family said: "second, you don't have to fight, this hero says, every sentence is reasonable, you lose this basin. You bet, you roll again, and you'll see the difference. " Kuangyin listened to the great joy, then he put on ten ingots of betting code, grabbed the dice and rolled. Then I will buy three ingots. Kuangyin threw it down to see, but it was three sixes, two twenties, one Yao. My family said, "I really lost now, but I have nothing to say." Reach for the code. Kuang Yin blocked his hand and said, "I won this time. What's the reason why you didn't match the silver with my bet, but instead took it?" My family was in a hurry and said, "you throw four stinks. How can you say you win?" Kuang Yin laughed and said: "I said that if you didn't go through the arena, you didn't know the name and color, so I decided to play with you. I'll tell you more about the dice, and then believe me. Every system of four six seven is a fork, and only this five is called a snatch. I'm throwing a big four. How can I not win? " After hearing this, the other family said, "five, you don't have to say that you depend on him, but you don't have to say that. If you tell him to put money in, you will throw it again." Kuang Yin hears the words and secretly rejoices. Even if he has hit twelve pieces of silver, he raises his hand and throws it again.

It's not necessary to elaborate on the dice, but the storytellers have to list their names and colors and make some suggestions. Although they are not presumptuous and involve in absurdity, they are not groundless from ancient times, but they just follow the same rules and hearsay. It's said that the six dice passing on the stream can distinguish the winning and losing. It's called Dakuai. It's five colors and six colors. All but three are not counted. Those who are above ten will win, and those who are below ten will lose. There is also a pair of Yao Er San, named Shun Shui Yu, which is also considered a loss. In ancient times, all five points of seizing a son, four fruits are skillful and quick. Only because Zhao Taizu didn't travel to guanxi, he was in a rush to win the bet when he was in a gamble, so when it came to the present day, everyone was quick. Gossip is not mentioned.

Just said Kuang Yin has put on the note code again, grasps the dice to roll again. I'll put a few more notes on the bottom one. Kuangyin threw three fours, three sixes, named yuanyangbei, four sixes plus, and won seven bets. And he struck this house, and there were twenty-one ingots in all. I want to make a bet again. Kuangyin pushed the dice bowl and said, "it must be dead blood if you can play or not. You have to gamble. You can gamble after you've finished. " One family won three and won 53 Ding. The loser who has silver is returned to silver, and those who don't have silver are allowed to pay for it. Each ingot should be made into five dollars. For a while, Kuang Yin was filled with money. He was very happy in his heart. It was in accordance with the old saying that he said:

Win three eyes, lose a mess.

Kuangyin wins sex, where will he live? I told Yao'er again and threw again. The five families made a bet together, shouting: "hero, if there is nature, this throw won our five families; if there is no nature, lose, our five families win yours. As I said, you and I can't regret it. Would you like to or not? " Kuang Yin said, "since you have this mind, just bet, and I will throw it all together." Then he grabbed the dice and threw them into the basin with a crash. I saw that I looked at three fours first, but the three rolled again, and rolled out one two and two ones. This is called "showing teeth red stink". Kuangyin threw the basin, worried, and thought, "he won the game with five families. Where do I have a lot of money to develop? It doesn't matter if you lose money or wealth. It just weakens the reputation of wandering in the Jianghu. What will you do in the future? Now I'd better bite my teeth and rely on it. I'll make sense after I've looked at the current items. " Make up your mind, clap your hands on purpose, laugh and say: "it's really rare that this bowl of dice can be easily rolled. It's a joy to win." The five families heard that they were all upset and put the dice bowl around them and asked, "you are showing your teeth. How can you say that you are winning? It's only five o'clock. You've got it. These four stink, also call him to snatch the son not to be able? " Kuang Yin said, "you have never passed the array. You don't know any other names. You don't even know how to step on it and rob it. You have to play money here." Then push away the dice pot, and go to grab the money? Coax of a, Qi Qi jumped up, propped up wipe, then there is the meaning of clamor. This is precisely:

When a fortune catches a ghost, when it falls, a ghost makes a man.

Kuang Yin saw that his eyebrows were raised, his eyes were wide and round, and he began to scold: "young prisoners! You can go to Bianliang city to inquire about Zhao Kuangyin. He is not a compassionate customer or a weak child. Where are you? If you lose, you will lose. If you win, you will ask for money. Who dares not let me get three points in the casino? The royal music of the eighteen gates of GouLan yard is only for my sword. The local staff selling the private tax of Jinqiao is also donated by my family. What's the worth of your Guanxi group? " Say it, and hit it with a swing. The five families all cried out: "we have never gambled here. We have never met such a scamp as you. If we win, we will lose, and we will depend on you. We also want to rob our silver. How can you spare you, you rascal? " He also started to fight.

They were making noise with each other, but the leader of the Song family stood up and shouted, "you are so impatient and don't know what to do. How can you do it? You don't have to fight twice. I have an idea to make up with you. " Only because of this kind of action, there are different religions: at present, the disaster of evil atmosphere invasion will not enter the territory behind us. It is:

Rao Jun is an extraordinary man, so he inevitably asks for false guidance.

After all, the leader has a great idea. Let's see later.

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