By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 43rd time of Miao Xun's final accounts in the biography of Fei Long

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第四十三回 苗训决算服柴荣 王朴陈词保匡胤

Poetry says:

When the wind blows on the ground, what do you think?

Remonstrating words do not listen to the end, bitter as no machine.

If your heart is full of hatred, how can your orders be harsh?

Once a disaster is averted, the same path will be sighed for thousands of years.

The world situation is repeated, which means fighting.

It's said that the Lord of Zhou should behead Zhao Kuangyin and take his family members to inquire about the crime so as to eliminate his anger. Chai Rong, the king of Jin, played hard and persevered. However, Wang Pu's advice was obtained, and Zhao Kuangyin's guilt was not written. Should he be punished suddenly? When the king of Jin Chai Rong, record his situation, violence in the court, and then correct his punishment, it is just right. After listening to the play, the Lord of Zhou thought deeply, nodded his head and said, "Mr. Wang plays very well." Zhao Kuangyin was ordered to make a confession with Chai Rong, and the verdict was reached. Wang Pu steps back with Chai Rong and Xie en. The golden bell rings three times, and I will return it to the palace. Chai Rong thanks Wang Pu, and the arts and martial arts are scattered.

Chai Ronglai comes to the dharmapala and makes people free. Kuang Yin escaped from the dead. He went into the Royal Palace together, met all the people, and told them all about the affairs in the court. Zhao Pu was shocked. Zheng en just screamed and filled his chest with anger. He complained about Chai rongneng and said, "elder brother, you have made a throne and asked your aunt and father to let go. What's the difficulty? But I'm waiting for you. " Chai rongdao: "the elder brother said bitterly, but now he would not listen to it. Thanks to Mr. Wang's performance, he only allowed it temporarily." "As long as you try to save him, Yue Zi is willing to rest," Zheng said When Chai Rong heard this, he had no choice but to put his good words into Kuangyin's heart and said, "my second brother, don't worry, go back at ease and comfort my parents. It will be fine to wait for the elder brother to come forward sooner or later, and ask for your aunt's help, and ask for your pardon. " Kuangyin is an iron man. He has no sand in his eyes. How can he say a half sentence of begging for mercy? He said: "elder brother, younger brother is an imperial criminal of the imperial court. If the prince doesn't live in the Royal Palace, even elder brother is not at ease. If he goes or escapes, his crime will be attributed to elder brother. As the saying goes: "there is a life in life, and wealth in heaven." I will not complain about my brother if I pay by heaven. " When Zhao Pu came up to him and said, "you don't have to worry about it, young man. It's easy to count. I don't have to worry about it. At present, the Holy One is in a rage. It is more beneficial to his anger if he is bothered with talking. Fortunately, Mr. Wang Baozou sent a question to the royal residence. This is a plan to slow down the war. You can plan and mediate. When the holy heart is a little relieved, and your highness tries to persuade you with a slow voice, does the holy one not let go? " "Mr. Chai Rong said to him," I have a lot of insight. You can take care of it without any hindrance. " After that, he ordered the official on duty to prepare for the banquet and was shocked by Kuangyin. Zheng en and Zhao Pu accompany each other and drink together. It is:

Swallow three or five, and try to solve a thousand worries.

Press the matter of drinking in the palace. Li said that the family of Zhao's family had made it clear. When they came home, they reported to Zhao Hongyin and Madame du that they knew about it. Zhao Hong heard this, and was scared to death. When Mrs. Du heard that her son had committed a serious crime, she died in a moment, like a high-rise building stumbled, like a cold water, and cried out, "kill me in pain!" Look back and fall. Zhao Hongyin hurriedly held on, only to see his wife's teeth closed tightly and her breath blocked her throat. Fainted for a long time, just woke up, tears like spring, let out a sad voice, cry: "Kuangyin my son! It is not easy for you to come back when you have to escape from misfortune and drift around. It is like looking for gold in the sand and living in death. I hope to raise the old and die, but I don't know if I can raise a field in vain, just like a bamboo basket fetching water, but it's empty. " Say it and cry. Master Zhao helped his wife to sit in the chair and advised her with words. I saw the old courtyard kneeling down and saying: "today, King Jin sent a messenger to come and worship the master and his wife. There is no need to disturb him. However, within five or six days, the imperial court has its own amnesty letter, so the young master is free. I want to see the master now. " Zhao Hongyin said: "I'm a great man of the Han Dynasty. I don't get the salary from the new emperor. How can I meet the officials? Kuang Yi'er, you can go out and enter the palace with the officials. When I saw the king of Jin, I only said that I was ill and could not thank myself. Look at brother again. Why? You can come as soon as you can to avoid my suspense. "

Kuang Yi took his father's order and came to the front hall, where he met the officials. He went to the Royal Palace together and met Chai Rong. He thanked him and said, "my father feels the virtue of my elder brother, protects my elder brother and sends my younger brother to thank you." Chai rongdao: "when you go back, you will worship your uncle and aunt. But don't worry. Your elder brother is always on your elder brother, and you can guarantee nothing." Kuangyi thanked Kuangyin. Because of his father's urgent life, he dared not stay. After a few words with Kuangyin, he left chairong and went home.

At that time, although Chai Rong was drinking with Kuangyin, it was hard to swallow if there was something in his heart, but just holding the cup. Look at the sky will be late, Chai Rongli stood up and shouted: "good brother, you can't accompany me, just say goodbye." Kuang Yin knew the meaning and said, "please help me, brother." Chai Rong went inside. Kuang Yin was talking and laughing. He didn't mind at all. He was just drinking with Zheng en and Zhao Pu, guessing martial arts and running orders.

Don't say three people drink. In addition, when Chai Rong returned to the room, he was only worried about how to enter the imperial court tomorrow. He felt uneasy and restless. He slept in bed, tossed and turned, and couldn't sleep again. He sighed and babbled in his mouth. Listen to that Qiao Lou is already three drums, orthogonal midnight. Just want to close one's eyes, suddenly in the heart a jump, but startled to wake up again. Staring at the lamp, he frowned and looked worried. He sighed: "I want to be righteous, so I recommend my friends to the court to show my love of making obeisance on the loess slope. Who knows the future of fortune and misfortune? The father and he have become enemies in their dreams. The enemy in front of them wants to add sin and die. I remonstrate again and again, but I don't follow. Thanks to the performance of Wang Pu, it was sent to me. How can Kuangyin's life be saved if there is no plot? How can I see the brothers of Zhang, Luo, Zheng and Zhao when my father kills Kuangyin tomorrow if he has no way to deal with it? " There is no way to save. When the Golden Rooster sings three songs, the sun rises to the East. In this night, Chai Rong was so worried that he was haggard and haggard that he did not dare to go to the court to reply. He only sent officials to report his illness.

When Zhou saw the chapter of the report, he was shocked and hurried back to the palace, saying that he knew it after Chai. When the will came out, he ordered the officials of Taihai hospital to go to see a doctor, and also called the officials in his heart to ask for greetings. Chai Rong secretly entrusted the officials to ask for forgiveness from Zhao Kuangyin in front of the Zhou Lord. When Lord Zhou saw that Chai Rong was ill, it was more valuable for mother Chai to persuade her again and again, and half of her heart was lost. In the palace, Zhao Kuangyin was sent to the prison for a while, and on the day when the king of Jin recovered from his illness, he was interrogated and punished. Chai Rong received the will, mixed sorrow and happiness, so he could not help sending Kuangyin to the prison; he concealed the imperial court and secretly took Kuangyin back and hid him in the palace. Chai Rong is in charge of the east palace. She is also in charge of the east palace. She is in charge of the internal and external power. She has been ordered by the east palace to grasp it. Therefore, all the courtiers and courtiers are eager to meet each other. Who dares to say that Zhao Kuangyin is not in the prison, but in the palace? This is precisely:

It's the same in the hot and cold world, which one is not?

At that time, Zhang and Luo heard that Kuangyin was in trouble. They came to see Kuangyin together. Five brothers sat in their study and discussed how to save Kuangyin. In the middle of the discussion, the official newspaper of the gate said: "Kai qiansui, there is a man outside. He is called Miao Guangyi. He wants to see qiansui." Zhao Pu said: "Your Highness, Miao Guangyi is a man of good Yin and Yang. He knows the past and the future as well as the shadow. He is a high scholar today. His highness should be polite to receive him in and ask for the way to save the son of Zhao. I'm sorry that he has a plan. " Zheng en said: "this donkey ball is really smart. It's so accurate. I'm very happy with him. Elder brother, it will be good to welcome him in. " When Chai Rong heard about it, he stood up happily, took Zheng en, Zhang Guangyuan, Luo Yanwei, Zhao Pu and other people to walk through seven Yinan halls, went out of the middle gate, came to the gate of the mansion, and saw Miao Guangyi's demeanor. Chai Rongxian was happy and bowed to meet him. Zheng en pulled Miao Guangyi's hand forward and said, "Mr. Miaozu, you've met in pingdingzhou. He often misses that your Yin and yang are right. Today, you are destined to come. Happy to kill you. " After that, all six people, including Kuang Yin, entered the hall and reached the book room together. They had finished the ceremony with Miao Guangyi. Chai Rongxun sat down, and Miao Guangyi said, "I'm a village man from the mountains. I'm here to pay you a visit. I'm going to serve you and listen to you. How dare you arrogate your seat before driving for thousands of years?" Chai Rong said with a smile: "Sir, I've heard that your Yin and yang are correct. I'm the best man in the world. I hate to meet you often. Today, when the immortal master comes, the heaven will meet. Gu Shi has something to ask for. I'd like to hear about the division. If you refuse to sit down, you will not be able to open your mouth. Please sit down, so that you can ask for advice. "

Miao Guangyi didn't dare to quit. He thanked him and sat down in his seat. He said, "is it not for the sake of Prince Zhao that the imperial court refuses to grant amnesty? Do you want to ask the good and bad of the poor?" When Chai Rong heard it, he was surprised and thought how clever he was! Today it is true. Move the chair away, hold Guangyi's hand, and say, "Mr. Miaozu, you know what's going on in the lonely family. You must have the right Yin and Yang. I'll bother you and Gu to search carefully. I'll make up my mind that I'll be there. If my second brother has nothing to do, I'll thank you very much. " Guangyi bowed and replied, "please be relieved, young master Zhao. He is weak every month. He is not good for the stars. There will be few disasters in the future, and nothing will happen if he goes back." Chai rongdao: "I just don't know when the disaster star can retreat? I'll make it clear to you, sir, so that you don't have to worry too much. " Guangyi said: "a thousand years old, thinking about the truth of yin and Yang, there are endless and unpredictable, and the subtlety and subtlety are beyond words. Roughly speaking, life is between heaven and earth, but it can't hit eight characters. Yin Yang and five elements, the mechanism of creation, who can turn it around? The number of flexion and extension should be followed. Is it happy for Peter to act grudgingly, to knead his grumpiness, and to benefit his evil ears? That is to say, it's the fate of Prince Zhao that he didn't hit well with him. Even though he was a thousand years old, he would not be able to help him. Although there is no risk of accidents, we can't be safe suddenly, waiting for the disaster to return, we have opportunities. When I ask you today when the disaster will subside, if I don't tell you, I won't rest assured. If I tell you, I'm afraid that I'll let it out. If I offend the gods and ghosts, I'll be condemned, and I'll be at a disadvantage for you. However, I dare not say nothing, nor say everything. I have to show a little to see how many things there are. But only one thousand years old can be heard by one person, and the second person can not be made to know that the common people are in harmony with each other without revealing their intention. " Then he stood up, attached to Chai Rongzhi's ear, and said in a low voice, "in this way, you can get rid of the disaster of Childe Zhao, and you can also stay away from the town forever." Chai Rong heard that he was skeptical and was still in suspense. Guangyi said, "you don't have to be suspicious for a thousand years. But wait, and within six days, discipline will be clear."

According to his words, Chai Rong sent people to inquire about the news in the court. On the one hand, Miao Guangyi was kept in the royal palace for banquets and banquets. After four days in a row, there was no movement. On the fifth day, the inquisitive messenger came to report: "Kai qiansui, there are officials from all towns in the court today. They are congratulated on the above table, but there is no basis for Tongguan gaoxingzhou." "Chai Rong listened to the report, secretly said:" Miao Guangyi fruit is Yin and Yang have accurate, infer no difference Cry: "Sir, although the number should be, I'm afraid that the lone family will enter the dynasty. This matter can't be done. How to deal with it?" Guangyi said: "the number of principles has been set, and you can do it at ease. You can protect your own capital without any harm. Go, go, go. "

After hearing this, Chai Rong assigned the horse to be on duty, so he left Kuang Yin and other people, and hurriedly got on the horse, went out of the palace, crossed the street, came to the five Phoenix Tower, entered the east gate, and dismounted. After walking through the nine halls, I passed through the palace building and went to the inner palace to wait for orders. At the same time, the Lord of Zhou looked at the congratulatory signs of the princes of the towns in the palace and turned them around. There were no congratulatory signs of the golden dipper, Tongguan and gaoxingzhou. He was angry and frightened. He didn't show his anger. After all, he had the heart of no subject and bullied and despised the king. He was not obedient to the fear. He must have the intention of rebellion. He thought that he had both intelligence and courage. He was famous all over the world and the battle of Shuzhou. He was almost scared. If he raised his army, who could resist the enemy ? So worry. In the process of thinking, a palace official knelt down and said, "long live the master and the mother of the kingdom. The king of Jin is waiting for orders outside the palace gate." "Tell him to come in," said Madame Chai The Palace officials sent the will. Chai Rong went into the palace to worship and say hello. He was given a seat in his own body. "My son, are you well?" said Madame Chai Chai rongdao: "I have not recovered." "You're not cured yet," said Madame Chai. "What's the matter with you coming to the palace?" Chai rongdao: "on the one hand, I went to the palace to say hello, and on the other hand, I had a big event. I wanted to know my father." Lord Zhou said, "what's the big deal with Wang Er? I know. " Chai rongdao: "my son and I are in compliance with their wishes to recuperate. It's appropriate to report to him that Tongguan Gao Xingzhou recruited troops to buy horses, accumulated grass and stored up grain, and soon went to Bianliang to claim revenge with the Lord of Han Dynasty. For this reason, my son and I came to play with illness, and I hope that the father and the king will make a decision early. " The Lord of Zhou was shocked and said: "strange way, this thief doesn't come to the table, but he has rebellious heart. How to distinguish?" Chai Rong played again: "Gao Xingzhou and his ministers had a long-standing feud. Because his father and son were brave and invincible, they could not revenge with their ancestors. Now the old thieves are training their generals to go to Bianjing. They are so powerful that they are hard to be enemies. According to the opinions of the officials and the children, the father and the king should be ordered to invigorate the division, and to inquire about the sin there. What he said first can be decided without fighting. The so-called "preemptive, easy and powerful way of hearing." Zhou said: "the king's performance is very good, but among all the generals, who can lead the army to be this great task? You try to choose

Chai rongdao: "I heard that those who deceive the enemy are defeated, and those who are afraid of the enemy are killed. Today, all the generals in the dynasty are not enemies of Gaoxing Zhou. They are in the service of Shuzhou. They are afraid that they will be afraid of fear and be angry and defeated. " "Who can make it?" said Zhou "Chai rongdao:" Chen Er recommended a person, can be called this post, can definitely share the worries with the father and the king, and is expected to succeed "Who are you protecting?" said Zhou Chai rongdao: "the people I protect are the heroes of today and the heroes of the whole world. I'm afraid that the father and the king won't forgive them." After hearing this, the Lord of Zhou smiled and said, "wang'er, do you want to protect the red faced thief? It's impossible. " Chai Rongfu said: "father, Zhao Kuangyin is proficient in swords and spears. He is skilled in bowing and horse. He has the talent of a general and can be used by the country. If Kuangyin is incompetent and dies by shouting hand, it will be like killing him. If Kuangyin is able to catch the old thief, he will not only hurt the country greatly, but also avoid future troubles. Secondly, he can revenge his ancestors and make Kuangyin even more guilty. This one stroke and two gains, both public and private policy also, I hope the father will agree. " After listening to the music, the Lord of Zhou thought deeply and said, "let's leave. Tomorrow morning, we will make a final decision." Chai Rong always refuses to give up, but he is eager to ask each other and has to play Chen. When can not Chai Niangniang again in the side, said: "the country is heavy, hidden anger should be light.". His majesty should also pardon Zhao Kuangyin and order him to lead the troops to Tongguan and wipe out the rebels. " In these two words, madam Chai, who had already subtracted eight or nine from Zhou's main desire to kill Kuangyin, said, "tomorrow is the day."

Chai Rong went back to the palace, went back to the palace, met with the people, and said this again. Everyone was surprised and happy, and said: "although brother Meng's power to return to heaven, the emperor's heart shifted, I don't know what tomorrow will be like." Chai rongdao: "may as well, the emperor has the intention to allow it, but I don't want to change it. If not, how dare you steal your life if you are willing to die with a little life?" Miao Guangyi said: "don't worry, your highness. Please rest assured that the number is fixed. Tomorrow, you can guarantee nothing." People are skeptical and dare not say more. Look at Kuangyin. He can laugh freely without any worries. At that time, Chai Rong shared the wine and arranged it in the study. Now seven people sit down, chat about the present and the ancient times, and drink together. Just because I didn't judge good or bad, I thought it was just a relief. It is:

A matter without a word is decided, several cups are made and the moment is full of joy.

The next day, the Lord of Zhou set up an early Dynasty and was worshipped by all the officials in civil and military fields. Zhou asked: "today, Tongguan does not send officials to go on the tour of the Zhou Dynasty. It is a matter of indifference. It means that the Japanese soldiers will go to Bianjing. Do you and other ministers have any good strategies to help the widows? " In the end, Chai Rong, the king of Jin, went up to the temple and called out to protect Zhao Kuangyin as the general. If he led the troops to fight against Tongguan, he would be able to make achievements. Lord Zhou said: "I have many strong generals. Why do you want to protect him? And this thief is my enemy. If I misuse it as a general, if I change, I will not make my own threats? It's not a proper performance, it's hard to carry out. " I saw Wang Pu, the Privy Council, go to the hall, enter the ceremony to become a minister, and cry: "Your Majesty, the king of Jin has played very well. His majesty temporarily pardoned Zhao Kuangyin for his crime and ordered him to perform meritorious deeds. He was allowed to lead only 3000 soldiers and capture Gao Xingzhou at Tongguan on the day. If he won, he would return to the dynasty. If he lost the opportunity, he would be punished for both crimes, which would not be counted by his majesty. " Zhou said: "if Zhao Kuangyin goes here, he will change in the middle of the way. If he goes back to Zhou, he will be free to build up his wings and benefit his enemies. What's the matter?" Wang Pu said: "Chen Pu is willing to protect Kuangyin and make contributions. He will never go back to the high and walk the Zhou Dynasty. If there is any change, he is willing to plead guilty." Lord Zhou said, "I'm sure it's OK for you to play with me. I'm willing to discuss it." So on the Dragon case, I wrote a will to pay. The king of Jin, Chai Rong, and Wang Pu all thanked each other. The Lord of Zhou drove back to the palace. The culture and martial arts were separated. Wang Pu is a man of ability. He is good at knowing Yin and Yang. He is determined to go to Kuangyin. He will take in people and horses on the road. There is no need to pay more, so he will only play 3000 yuan. If he plays more, the Lord of Zhou will be suspicious and can't be saved. Even though he is in Tongguan, Weizhen, his father and son are brave and invincible. He has 100000 soldiers and many generals. If he doesn't have a long life, he can't survive in the world. Kuangyin's going here. If he meets the right time, he can succeed. No gossip.

At that time, Chai Rong received the will and went back to the mansion to meet the people. First, he congratulated Kuang Yin, and then read the will. There were two sentences on it: "three thousand soldiers, go to Tongguan to catch Gao Xingzhou, and go back to Beijing to make a decision." He only blustered Chai Rong's face and behavior, and then he stopped Miao Guangyi and said, "Sir, although my second brother forgives me, he will only pay three thousand people to go to fight. According to the orphans' view, the only way to go is to lose, not win. Gao Xingzhou arrayed his troops and lured them to ambush. Everything was fine. His son, Gao Huaide, was the Third Army bravely. There was no enemy. Gu's family was in Huazhou. He fought several battles with him. Shi Yanchao was beaten by him. Wang Jun was shot and killed. Such interests are well known. Although today's second brother is a hero, he is only called a single shot. How can he get it? The lonely family is uneasy. I don't know if you have a good plan? " Miao Guangyi said: "the number of reasons has been determined. Why worry about a thousand years old? Kuang Jiandao has said before that time has come. From then on, Mr. Zhao will prosper. He should work with the Wang family to build merit. This is the time to turn the bad into the good, where the bad turns into the good, where the heart is blessed, the disaster is eliminated and the bad turns back. It's the victory of the flag and the success of the horse. A thousand years old, but be quiet and wait for it. It's not wrong for Fang to believe in the poor way. " Chai rongdao: "although it's easy for you to say it, you can't rest in your lonely heart. What can you do?" Guangyi said: "there is an analogy in the poor way. If you are a thousand years old, you can make up your mind." Chai Ronggong asked for advice. Miao Guangyi said it calmly and divided it into two parts: all the soldiers in the past years are the soldiers under the tent; the good officials of the previous generation were the fierce ghosts in the dark. It is:

Rao Junzong has the ambition to soar to the sky, so it's hard to find out the mystery.

After all, Miao Guangyi's theory is metaphorical. Let's see the next chapter.

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