By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 49th chapter of Feilong's biography: Ding Guili and Gao Huaide - plan to trap Zhao Kuangyin"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第四十九回 丁贵力战高怀德 单-计困赵匡胤

Poetry says:

The imperial edict of yellow paper, the letter of qingni school captain.

Swear to Zhang Hulu, and choose "Xiqu".

The fog is dark, the water is cold and the willows are sparse.

I want to sweep away the dust.

You Lu Jiao Ran's march in the army

It is said that Zhou Shizong was so successful that he was eager to sweep the northern Han Dynasty. Yueyuanfu and FuYanQing are the vanguard. They have made great progress with Zhao Kuangyin, Liu Ci and Wang Pu. They drive from Luzhou to Jinyang, with strict orders. They have no offence in any place. The common people eat ketchup to meet the king's master. I don't want to mention that.

In addition, Liu chongbei, the leader of the northern Han Dynasty, returned to Jinyang, adopted the defeated soldiers, prepared and governed the soldiers, built and consolidated the city and guarded against the invasion of Zhou soldiers. That Liao will yeluchi and Yang Xiang, lead the soldiers from Xinzhou to Jinyang. Liu Chong sent Wang Dezhong to escort him back to the country, and asked for help from the Khitan Lord. After receiving the command, he went out of Jinyang with yeluchi and Yang Xiangqi to liaobang. When he saw the leader of Qidan, he said: "the defeat of Gaoping, the leader of the northern Han Dynasty, without reinforcements, lost his life. I beseech the king to send another reinforcements to avenge him. " When Qidan Lord heard the music, he sighed repeatedly: "if Zhao Yanshou was there, would he be so defeated?" Then Yang Xiang was called to answer the question: "you are the pioneer, and you can sit back and see the success or failure." Yang Xiang can't answer. Lord Khitan orders us to go to prison. Shilling Wang Dezhong: "I will report to the Han Lord when I return home. I will come to help myself." Wang Dezhong said goodbye and went back.

But he said that Shizong soldiers came to Hedong, encamped in the south of the city, sent generals to attack Jinyang, surrounded by banners, swords and halberds, and camped for more than 40 Li. The sound of golden drums shook the field. Liu Chong listened to Zhou Bing's attack on the city. He also assigned the generals to stick to it, waiting for Qidan soldiers to arrive, and then fighting. However, Wang Dezhong came back from the great Liao Dynasty and was caught by Zhou Bing, who was lying on the way to see Shizong. Shizong released his shackles and gave him wine and food to suppress his fear. He asked, "since you begged for help from Khitan, when will he arrive?" Wang de said in the middle, "I was ordered by the Lord of Han Dynasty to send Yang Xiang and other officials back to China. I only did this. I didn't know anything else." Shizong smiled and allowed it to retreat to another camp. One of the generals said to Wang Dezhong, "if the Lord treats the public well, the public should think about what to report, today if they don't tell the truth, if the Khitan soldiers arrive, the public security will be all right?" Dezhong sighed: "I have been eating Liu's salary for a long time, and there is an old mother in the city. If I tell you the truth, Zhou people will send soldiers to guard against the danger and reject the Liao soldiers, so that the country and furniture will die. How can I bear it? It's better to kill the whole country and the whole family and get more. " It's the night, but I hanged myself. The next day, report to Shizong. Shizong sighed, and ordered the sergeant to choose a thick burial place, which was named "Tomb of Zhongyi king in the northern Han Dynasty".

It was reported that the leader of Khitan had personally sent his troops to Xinzhou, which was very powerful. Shizong called the generals and said: "Liu Chongwu thought that he was relying on it, and he was only waiting for Qidan to save the soldiers, which was a plan of attack. Who dares to lead the army to break the Khitan first? Liu Chong is not worried. " Only to listen to the account of a general and said: "little general is not only, would like to lead." Shizong thought it was Shi Yanchao. Shizong is very happy. He orders Yanchao to lead his troops and join forces with Fu Yanqing, the forward, to fight against the enemy.

Two will get the purpose, lead the troops to kill and run to Xinzhou. The Khitan Lord has to report first, and the leader will fight with Fu Yanqing. Line up on both sides. Fu Yanqing went out and called Qidan the main way: "in the war of Gaoping the day before yesterday, Liu Chong was killed and fled. How can you not save him? Today, the soldiers are here, but you are looking for death? " The Khitan Lord also heard the fury first, scolded: "the thief who doesn't know how to advance or retreat, don't say much, today I will come to take your head personally!" After saying that, he clapped his horse and waved his sword to Yanqing. Yan Qing is about to go to war. Shi Yanchao is furious behind him. He shouts: "don't be brave. I'll come!" The horse wags the gun, and the battle begins. The two men were killed on the spot and fighting in the same place. The war was over 50 years. They also feigned defeat first, turned around and ran back to the array. Shi Yanchao wants to see his head skill and beat his horse to chase him. Fu Yanqing urges the soldiers to hide behind. Shi Yanchao goes deep into the heavy ground, but he is also first arched and arched. When he shoots a arrow, he can't dodge. He is in the middle of the door and turns over. I will return to the horse first, and then I will take another stab. I feel sorry for the heroes who are used to fighting. Today, I am dead. Later generations have poems to cherish:

In the fierce battle, liaobing's blood blade is red, and his strength is cut deep to make Dugu Zhong.

Looking back, the passers-by asked frequently, still seeing the general's former glory.

Qidan also killed Shi Yanchao first, urged the army to hope to kill later, and Fu Yanqing fought hard. The two fought for more than 100 times. The victory was not divided. It was already dusk, and the two sides received their own troops.

The next day, he reported to the world: "Shi Yanchao was shot dead by an arrow." Shizong sighed: "it's not enough to worry about losing for a while, but it's a pity that I'm a brave general and can be hurt." That is to say, he ordered the generals to fight against Khitan and revenge Shi Yanchao. Zhao Kuangyin entered the prelude and said: "Hedong is waiting for the enemy who died. It can be broken overnight. Although Qidan has a lot of soldiers, he is just waiting to see. He never dare to enter the war for a while. For today's plan, your majesty can order the soldiers and horses to stop Qidan and not fight with it. On the one hand, they attack Jinyang first, and then go away without fighting with Qidan. " Shizong agreed, and the governor ordered all the generals to do their best to attack the city.

Liu Chong saw that Qidan could not save the soldiers. Zhou Bing was in a hurry to attack the city. He was very frightened and had no choice. "Don't be afraid, Lord. Although I am incompetent, I would like to lead my troops to the battle. I will kill the general that week, so that I can share my life's ambition and my Lord's worries. " Liu chongdao: "Zhou Bing is so fierce. Can you go out of the city and despise the enemy?" Ding GUI said: "we will be in the planning, not in the courage. If you can't get rid of Zhou's soldiers, we will discuss again. " Liu chongyun. That Ding guinai is a descendant of the mountain. He is called a general with three hands. He makes a big sword. He has the courage of thousands of people. Liu Chongyi is the Minister of his heart.

The next day, Ding GUI led ten thousand soldiers, opened the city with guns, beat the drums and call for gold, waved flags and shouted, and joined the battle. Shizong saw that there were soldiers coming out of Jinyang. Even if they came out personally, there were Zhao Kuangyin on the left, Gao Huaide on the right, and three horses standing under the gate flag. Against Ding GUI, Li cunjie, the left, and Chen Tianshou, the right. That Gao Huaide sees, clap a horse to come out first, scold: "thief slave!"! How dare you resist the enemy if you don't land early? " Ding GUI is furious, not to mention talking. He claps his horse and raises his knife to take Huaide. Wyatt held out his gun and handed it back. It's a big fight between the two. How can it be seen?

Two will fight and gamble before the battle, and two fights are irresistible. This is like a lion shaking its head down the mountain, that is like a lion dragon swinging its tail to find a fierce tiger. This one really wants to fix the world, and that one really wants to make up the land. There have always been many fierce battles, unlike generals.

Two generals are the best match for the best. They have fought more than 100 battles and won no match. Liu Chong was watching the battle on the tower with him. When he saw Shizong, he made him shoot an arrow. Take the arrow from Hui's bow, swish a arrow, and the middle Shizong sits on the horse. The horse jumps up disorderly and overturns the Shizong. Chen Tianshou saw that a horse flew out and stabbed him with a gun. Kuang Yin shouted, "don't hurt my Lord!" Chuo from nine ears eight ring knife, hope Chen Tianshou split. Tianshou quickly takes a gun and shakes the tiger's mouth early. He dare not fight and escapes back to the array. Dong Long, Dong Hu and so on flew out of the southern array to save Shizong. There are Zhang Yongde, Zheng en and so on. When they heard about the North-South war, they each sent their best soldiers to help them. Ding GUI saw that the South soldiers swarmed in. He had no rival in sentiment and could not win, so he had to return to the army and enter the city. Huaide chased the river, saw the suspension bridge pulled up, and then returned to the army. Emperor Shizong said Kuangyin said: "today, if it was not for the two royal brothers who were quick sighted, they would be counted by the northern army several times, which would not do much." Kuang Yin said, "in the future, your majesty should take care of yourself. It is not advisable to despise the enemy and go through dangerous places." Shizong restrained and thanked, so he ordered the army to set up a banquet to celebrate the merit. Press not to mention.

Besides, Ding GUI met Liu Chong when he was in the city. He said that Zhou's army was powerful and the soldiers were brave. It was really difficult to fight against the enemy. Liu chongdao: "today, I'm alone in the city to watch the battle, which is enough to win the battle of Gaoping, but I can't save the soldiers. What can I do?" Ding guidao: "I heard that Qidan tunzha Xinzhou was blocked by Zhou Bing, but it was also a wait-and-see plan, which was not enough to rely on.". Today, linggong, Dongdan of the river, is guarding in Jiangzhou. This man has both intelligence and courage, and is good at using troops. The Lord should be transferred back and can retreat from the enemy. " Liu Chong from its words, that is, to send officials secretly to Jiangzhou to call single silicon. That Dan - this day, I was discussing in the mansion. I saw Lord Liu sent an official to call me. Today, I and four sons led 30000 elite soldiers to save Hedong. When they arrived at Fenghuang mountain, they set up a camp, more than 30 li away from Jinyang. On that day, Shan - discussed with the four sons and said: "I heard that Lord Liu was defeated by Gao Ping. The soldiers were frustrated because Zhao Kuangyin was invincible, Gao Huaide was the Third Army bravely, and there were many powerful generals under him. You must be careful not to lose your spirit when fighting with it. " Shoujun, the eldest son, replied, "father, don't grow up with other people's ambition and destroy his own prestige. Tomorrow's battle for children, we must capture Kuangyin alive to show our heroes. " It's a day without words.

The next day, he reported to the South Camp. Kuang Yin said, "I would like to lead the generals." Shizong is very happy. Kuang Yin led the soldiers to the foot of Fenghuang mountain with all the generals, and set out on both sides. Shan - took four sons, took the lead, scolded: "Zhou Bing didn't know how to advance or retreat, dare to lead the soldiers to understand me, and want to die quickly?" Kuangyin clapped his horse and waved his knife, and said angrily, "Hedong is dead on the wane, but you still don't know how to live and resist the heavenly soldiers. I will capture you and show my name in the battle. " When one Shoujun is furious, he rushes out of the battle, grabs his gun and stabs directly. Kuangyin raised his sword only one, put his gun to an owl, and Shoujun was shaking at once. His arms were numb, and he said, "what a good man!" Quickly draw back the gun and stab again. Kuangyin raised his sword to meet him. If the battle doesn't match, Shoujun can't resist. Go back. The second son, Shoujie, saw his brother's defeat and shouted, "I'll catch this guy!" A horse, a knife, to fight with Kuangyin. Kuangyin rises to the top and defends the outstanding. Three son keep promise see elder brother war Kuang Yin not to go down, pitch a horse to shake a gun, go up front assist a battle, two attack. When Gao Huaide saw him, he clapped his horse and shot his gun. When he entered the battle, he divided the trustworthy soldiers and horses into two parts. He was waiting to be welcomed. Gao Huaide shot him and put him under the horse. Four son guard can kill to save. If you see that you can't win, go back and run. When the northern army saw Kuangyin and Huaide as brave as tigers, who dared to move forward? They don't fight. Kuangyin saw that the northern army was in disorder, the horses were single sabres, and they rushed into the army. No one was able to fight against the enemy. All the soldiers abandoned their armour and threw their troops away. There are poems praising cloud:

Three thousand teams of swords, spears, swords and halberds, ten thousand strong.

We should teach the emperor to show his heroes.

Seeing Kuangyin fighting hard, Gao Huaide even urged the army to rush. The northern army was defeated. The corpse was like a mountain and the blood was like a spring. Kuangyin chased for ten li, and just received the army. He got countless things, such as food, grass, horses and equipment. At that time, the reward for the soldiers had been completed, and they sent for the victory of the emperor.

That single - retreat has 15 Li, just set up camp, plan some sergeants, fold most of them, now there are many wounded. That is to say, after consulting with the four sons, he said, "I have never been defeated since I came to raise my troops. I didn't want to lose this spirit today. It's true that Zhao Kuangyin's bravery is well-known; it's difficult to fight against the enemy with the help of Gao Huaide. What can I do? " "Don't worry, master," Liu Wu, the general, said. Some have a plan. It's easy to catch Kuangyin. " Dan Dao: "what do you have to do to capture Kuangyin?" Liu Wudao: "five li away, there is a snake winding valley. It's very dangerous. There are many Jedi in it. There is only one path to get out. Let's prepare the stones first, and ambush two people and horses at the mouth of the valley. When the general is on the line, he pretends to be defeated and goes away. He makes Zhao Kuangyin into the valley. The general takes out the path, blocks the stones, and traps him with heavy soldiers outside. Then Kuangyin can be captured. " Shan - after listening to Da Xi, he ordered Shoujun and Shoujie to lead three thousand soldiers and ambush them in two times. He fought with Shouxin and shouneng to reorganize the army and came to Fenghuang mountain.

Kuang Yin hears this and leads the army to meet him. Gao Huaide immediately said to Kuangyin, "yesterday's single defeat, and today's return, there must be a trick in it. The general must consider it, and do not fall into treachery." Kuang Yin said: "yesterday's war, has seen its plan, forgive this brave husband, what do you mind? I will catch him today, and then I will. " So the two armies faced each other. At the opening of the flag gate of the northern army, Shan Tong and his two sons set out. Kuang Yin said, "the general who lost the army has not yet come down early. Dare he come to seek death?" Dan - way: "do not need to say more, today I come to capture you, to eliminate yesterday's hate." Kuangyin is furious. He raises his sword and raises his horse. Northern array single guard expert raises the painting halberd of Fangtian to welcome. Two horses meet, two weapons are held at the same time. If the guard can return to the horse, he will go. Shan - and keep promise with weapons, horse against. Kuangyin fought with two generals, but he failed in the East and North. Kuang Yin shouted, "catch this old thief, and kill hundreds of generals." Clap the horse to chase, and wyder waves his troops to hide. Kuangyin had gone deep into the important area at this time, and saw that the northern soldiers were scattered in all directions. He chased them with ease, and saw Shan - who was keeping his promise, and the two immediately abandoned their helmets and left in panic. Kuangyin whipped up the horse and led the people to come after him like a spark. Look at the chase into the valley. Suddenly, there is no single father and son in front of you. Kuang Yin is suspicious. That is to say, let the sergeant visit the path. The sergeant replied, "there is no way but a path. The stones have been broken!" Kuangyin was shocked. He knew what he wanted. He ordered the army to retreat quickly. Suddenly, the soldiers at the mouth of the valley gathered and surrounded them. Kuangyin led his troops to several times of assault, but he could not conclude that there were few soldiers in Huaide and no first aid. Kuangyin's five thousand soldiers were surrounded by northern soldiers in the snake valley. Single - and to the heavy military absolutely, really impenetrable, birds can not fly.

Huaide had no choice but to lead his troops back to the camp, meet the emperor, and play to know Kuangyin's quilt sheet - to lure the enemy into the snake Valley, but he couldn't get it. Shizong was shocked and said, "if the whole army of eryudi is trapped, my business will be over." That is to say, Zhang Yongde and Zheng enling of the eastern palace were ordered to rescue Kuangyin. Shizong feared that the soldiers would not pay attention and supervised the army himself. Liu Chong in the city of Jinyang, listening to Zhidan and using the plan, has trapped Kuangyin. He is very happy. That is to say, he sent Ding GUI, Li cunjie and Chen Tianshou to lead 20000 soldiers, who were stationed outside the city, to take care of each other with Dan, which is his horns. At that time, Shizong led the troops to Fenghuang Mountain and set up a battle array. On the northern array, Shan Hengdao stepped out and shouted, "Zhou Bing is not going to leave soon. Your general Zhao Kuangyin has been trapped in the valley of death by my strategy. What do you want to do when you come to beg for death again? " When Emperor Shizong heard the words, he said angrily, "arrogant thief! Get rid of the encirclement and spare your life; otherwise, kill you and others for meat and mud, so as to eliminate my hatred! " Before he had finished speaking, Zhang Yongde was the one who would come out of the battle. Yongde claps the horse and picks up the gun, and takes the single. Single swing to welcome. The two armies are shouting and the drums are thundering. There are about lilies in the second general's war. The victory is not divided. Zheng en watched the battle under the banner of the gate. He couldn't bear it. He raised his sword and jumped up to the horse to fight. In the northern array, Shan Shoujie raised his sword to catch the fight. Four horses in a knot, you fight. At the end of the war, the two men and horses turned flat and returned to the camp.

Shizong couldn't get it by Kuangyin, and his heart was very sad. The next day, Gao Huaide and Zheng en were ordered to lead the troops to attack the valley. Huaide and Zheng en lead their troops to kill in front of the mountain, just half way to the mountain. How can all the troops get up when the cannon stones and crossbows are hit down like raindrops? I had to leave tungukou. When they were about to set up camp, they heard a clapper at the mouth of the valley. The arrows were like locusts, and the sound was loud. The soldiers were uncertain. Huaide and Zheng en had nothing to do to lead them back to the camp. Shizong saw that he could not attack and was even more depressed. He sent Ma Quanyi, Yue Yuanfu and Liu Ci to fight with Shan - every day, winning and losing each other, and there was no way to save Kuangyin. As a result, Shizong was restless and had no food or sleep. He only sent generals to fight in turn. Unexpectedly, Liu Wu, the northern army, offered his advice to Shan Dao: "today, Zhao Kuangyin is trapped in the valley, Zhou's plan is to rescue him, and the advantage is to fight quickly. The general should only fortify the walls to keep them. In no time for a month, the people and horses in the valley will die of hunger after they have lost their food. Why should they compete with petkong Shan - great joy, that is, to order the sergeant to stand firm. In this way, all the people sent by Shizong will live in empty space.

Shizong was on pins and needles when he heard the news. There is no way to be saved in the next half month. Zheng Enzuo said: "Your Majesty, don't worry. I'd like to fight to get in and save my second brother tonight." Shizong said: "this non people will not be willing to do their best. It's really difficult to attack, so they can't be rescued. What good is it for you to go in vain? " Zhang Yongde said: "Your Majesty can publish the inscription, recruit the local people here, and save those who can know the path of the earth and steal into the valley. Otherwise, if you sit on the sun and the moon, the soldiers and horses in the valley will fast. It's not only impossible to save them, but also difficult for them to live. " From his point of view, Shizong published a list of articles and recruited people who were familiar with the path of the earth.

On that night, Shizong was very sad and worried. He got up and took several attendants to inspect the camps. At the beginning of autumn, the cool wind blows the body, the moon is white and the stars are thin, the sky is bright at night, the clouds are bright, the air is clear and the water is fresh, and the view of the separation of the world of mortals is also. During his inspection tour, he suddenly heard a song made by someone after the camp. He listened attentively. He felt generous, excited and excited. He suddenly suppressed the sound of clear and moist. He felt that he wanted to be a senior. There is no doubt about this song. There is a division of teaching: the Jedi will start a new land, and the crisis will set the stage. It is:

Although we are away from the valley, we cannot escape the waves and drown the disaster.

After all, who is the singer, and listen to the next chapter.

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