By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The forty second time in the whole story of flying dragon, Chai Rong enters the throne to continue Kuangyin in the East Palace and binds Jin Luan without guilt"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第四十二回 柴荣进位续东宫 匡胤无罪缚金銮

Poetry says:

On the origin of the ancient rule of mu, morality and propriety with the style of nature.

The punishment measures, the government, the country, the people and the customs are indomitable.

All of them are talented and talented, so they rely on the side of the sages.

If the king has hidden regrets, how can he hide Gao Yan?

After hearing Kuang Yin's words, Tao long wanted to match his sister Sanchun with Zheng en. He was not brave enough to answer. He heard that he was a friend of Chai Wang. In the future, he had the honor of being a prince. Because of the thought of wealth, he went inside and said. Zheng en sat at the table and saw Kuang Yin matchmaking Sanchun with him. He was ashamed and afraid. It's not easy to say clearly. He just looked at Kuang Yin and threw it around. He couldn't help shaking it. It's just a don't want. Kuangyin knew what he wanted to do, and went up to him and said, "my third brother, don't you think Sanchun looks ugly. He read a lot of military books and loved martial arts. He has such a husband's mind and is sincere about women's difficulties. Today, the wise brother married him, and in the future, he helped a lot. The foolish brother does according to reason, and there will be no harm. " Zheng en heard that he didn't dare to say more, so he had to hang his head and shut up. It is:

How dare a woman sing with her husband, fearing that he is rich and powerful?

Not to mention the things in the front hall, but to say that Tao long came into the room and saw Sanchun. He was busy greeting and sitting down. Then he asked, "what's the matter with brother coming in?" Tao long said: "brother Yu has a very tight word, so I come to discuss it. Can I ask your permission?" "Three spring way:" elder brother has very speech, namely should accuse me, the matter returns to should do, younger sister no longer has no reason not to Tao long said: "I want to marry a man and a woman. It's ancient etiquette. Since the death of our parents, there are only three brothers and sisters, one compatriot. Elder brother Yu is not the right person to look for a good mate with you. Therefore, he is always pregnant. I want to fight with you. Brother Yu thinks that this marriage is a matter of life. It's not good for him to be a master, so he comes to discuss with sister Xian. " Sanchun said, "I don't know who's son?" Tao long said, "don't worry about Xian Mei. This is the opposite of the friend of the childe, whose name is Zheng en. She met in the melon garden. Xian Mei must know who she is." Tao Sanchun's life is blessed by a princess. He and Zheng en should be his wife. Naturally, they will join each other secretly and get together. Therefore, after hearing this, he was not angry and said, "Prince Zhao wants to match Zheng en with me. Does elder brother seem to allow me? There must be an idea first. " Tao Longdao: "brother Yu once said that it's not easy to connect with each other. However, there are many euphemisms among the princes of Zhao. They say that Zheng en is also a great man in the world, and guanxi is famous. They also meet Chai in Chanzhou for thousands of years. Later, when Chai King ascended the throne, Zheng enwen won the title of King: therefore, the princes of Zhao just began to replace Xian Mei. The virtuous younger sister should weigh it, and when she has made up her mind, the foolish elder brother will reply. " After hearing this, Sanchun looked at it in his heart. Even with a little sneer, he said: "brother, this is a predestined fate, and little sister is not so strong. But Mr. Zhao not only wanted to fight, but also his elder brother was willing to forgive, and his younger sister, an, dared to be stubborn and erred for life? But there is a saying that elder brother should make an agreement with Childe Zhao. If he depends on it, younger sister will also depend on it. " Tao long asked hurriedly, "what's the saying of Xian Mei? I'll tell you what it is like. " Sanchun said: "elder brother, go and say to Prince Zhao, this marriage will be allowed, but I, Tao Sanchun, will wait at home for only three years: in these three years, if Zheng enluo has a throne, he will marry me; if there is no throne, he will not marry. Today, I told you face to face that you have to answer your words. In the future, I have no other words. "

Tao long promised to come out and tell Kuangyin the words of three spring. Kuangyin praised and praised: "what a willing martyr, she is really knowledgeable. She will be blessed in the future." Then he took one of the jade mandarin ducks from his waist and handed it to Tao long: "this is my brother Zheng en's gift. Xian Dong has the right to accept it. In the future, if my brother is proud of himself, he will come to marry his younger sister. " Thank you, Tao long. To restore the delicacies and add to the beauty of the wine, the guests and the host enjoyed the food and drank until the evening. Kuangyin stood up to say goodbye. The Tao long brothers couldn't stay, so they had to send a horse to Zheng en. Four dignitaries hurriedly got out of the hall, left the gate of the villa, and mounted their horses together. Tao Longdao: "take care of your future! If you are honored to go here, I hope you will not forget today's agreement, so that my younger sister will hate Whitehead. " Kuang Yin said: "don't worry about Xiandong. It's a famous event. I've already been a media. Is there any reason why it's negative? Don't give me too much to say goodbye. " Say that, two each treasure and leave. There are poems as evidence:

I have nothing to look for river slurry, but I am greedy for it.

It's lucky that God can make a good speech.

In addition, the four Kuangyin brothers, who rode to the East for more than 20 Li, came to Yingpan and got off their horses to earn money, which was beyond the early summer. Kuang Yi and Zhao Pu came to ask each other, Kuang Yin said the first and second things. Kuang Yi came forward and took Zheng en and said, "Congratulations, brother. I've decided on a marriage. If you go to bed on the night of getting married, you should be careful. Don't appreciate your sister-in-law 's interest in fists. " Zhang Guangyuan said: "may as well, my sister-in-law is very self-contained. If I see my brother's beautiful appearance and his gentleness, I can't lean on him, how can I poison him again?" All of you said, I said, Zheng en's face was full of shame, and he said, "it's the second brother who did so many evil things. How happy is that?" They talked and laughed until midnight. It's a night off.

The next day, mother Chai set out in a car, and Chai Rong led the army in front of her. Zhao Kuangyin went with her brothers and Han Sumei's mother and son. It is the words that are long and the words that are short. After a long time, I saw that it was not far from Tokyo. When the horse hunting newspaper entered the court, some civil and military officials had already come out of the city to meet them. They knelt down beside the road and said, "Niang, Chen and other officials are here to pick them up. I wish Niang a thousand years old." Chai Hou said in the car: "Qing and other people are free to wear." Shane, the civil and military official, has finished. He stands on both sides. Chai Hou's car drove into the city gate, passed the Zhengyang gate, came to the gate of the five Phoenix gate, changed the internal servant to push the chariot, only Chai Rong followed into the palace. The celebrant led the way through the office building to the dressing hall, and only after the firewood was he put on the chariot. I saw the eunuch palmprint come to kowtow, holding eight kinds of clothes, and there was gong'e Cainv. They all came to serve. They dressed the official clothes and the lady Chai. But see:

The five Phoenix pearl crown is inlaid with Baoyun, and the head of honor is in the palace.

Wearing the sun, moon, dragon and Phoenix jacket, the waist is the skirt of mountains and rivers.

The strap is exquisitely carved with jade, and the pearl is bright with embroidered palace shoes.

Beheading imperial sword and Zhaoyang seal, Xianghu end holds the supreme position.

After the firewood, he changed his palace clothes and went into the palace on the chariot. He raised his eyes to see the wealth of the palace. The result was extraordinary. Come to the head of the bedroom palace, get off the chariot, the palace e is surrounded to the inside, see the Zhou Lord sitting on the Dragon bed. Lady Chai was about to do the ceremony of court meeting. The Lord of Zhou hurriedly helped her and said, "my wife, I am as happy and bitter as you, and I have the same kindness, so I don't need to do this ceremony." Thanks for your kindness, Chai Hou sat on the Royal couch. Chai Rong came to see you and said "good night." Lord Zhou sat on the side. The husband and the wife share their feelings after parting. Chai Hou said: "I'm in paizhou. I've heard many times. I know that your Majesty's majesty is extremely proud of his selfishness. I didn't want to catch a small disease. Fortunately, my nephew worked hard day and night to serve the soup and medicine, so that I could have peace. " The Lord of Zhou listened and extended his condolences. Chai rongxie doesn't deserve it. The Lord of Zhou said, "wife, I think you and I are very old and have no offspring. If you look at me carefully, I will make my nephew look good. I will be able to send you a great post in the future. I want to think of myself as a son. What do you think of my wife? " Chai Hou said: "Your Majesty's holy opinion, in secret with my concubine, is sincere in the happiness of the country and the people." Then I will tell Chai Rong about this. "Chai Rong said:" I have no virtue and incompetence. Can an take this important position Chai Hou said, "you don't have to refuse. The holy will has been decided. Come and thank you." Chai Rong didn't dare to disobey his will, even if he thanked him and recognized his parents. The Lord of Zhou was very happy. He sent a message to set up a banquet in the palace. The husband and the wife had a drink together. After several rounds of wine, Chai Rong left the table and said, "I have something to do with my father." "What's the matter with my son?" said Zhou Chai rongdao: "my son has an old friend, Zhao Kuangyin, who has a good command of Arts and martial arts. He is an instrument of national pillar stone with flexible strategy. If the father and the king are chosen for reuse, the emperor's foundation will be solid and the four sides will be peaceful. " Zhou said: "I'm sorry for the king's performance. He is determined to be wise. As soon as I come to the court tomorrow, I will announce Zhao Kuangyin to his official post. " Chai Rong and Xie en, taking part in the banquet and drinking happily, have three close relatives. They talk about the past and talk about the present. They didn't sleep until three o'clock. It is:

The whole palace is full of joy, and the whole world is full of joy.

However, Kuangyin and other people got up early, Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei went home respectively, Kuangyin also went to the home to look around, but Zheng en and Zhao Pu lived in the palace of chairong. When Kuangyin came to his home and met his parents, he cried and worshiped: "unfilial Kuangyin caused a major disaster, escaped from the disaster and fled to other places, so that he abandoned his knees and ruled for a long time. Today, I hope my parents will forgive my son's unfilial sin. " Zhao Hongduan fled because of Kuangyin's trouble, and the Han Lord was in a hurry to catch him. Therefore, he reported that he was dismissed and went home. His family's life was almost inevitable. Fortunately, in the new dynasty, all the previous crimes are not asked, so it is easy to stay at home. Today, seeing Kuangyin coming back, I thought of my former feelings and was angry with him. I scolded him, "how rebellious! I only said that you died outside, how could you come back with the life of this beast? " At present, Madame Du advised: "don't be angry, master. I'm sorry that I've changed my mind since now." Kuangyin said: "my son, where have you always been? Make the mother look at the door all day long, worry about her heart, and stay away from food and tea. I'm lucky to go home today. You can tell me in detail what you are doing outside. " Kuang Yin knelt down and said, "since I killed Yule, I've fled to guanxi, and I want to live as my mother and uncle. I met Chai Rong, the nephew of the new king, and I became brothers with her. So I drove with her to Beijing to see her parents. " Duff said, "my son, have you ever found your mother and uncle since you came to Kansai?" Kuang Yin said, "mother, unexpectedly, my eldest mother and uncle died in office. I met my grandmother and my second mother and uncle in a thousand stores..." So I said it in detail. Mrs. Du was very happy. Zhao Hongyin cried: "my son, now that the new king is in office, I'm not willing to be an official, so I'll stay at home. If you are forgiven, you can't let your heart make trouble again. Live at home with your brother, study and learn arts, which will save me from panic. " Kuang Yin said, "I will obey the strict order." Nothing happened that day. No mention.

First of all, Wang Pu, the military division, resigned from his post, returned to his hometown in good clothes, served his kindred and devoted himself to the maintenance. If you don't expect to live too long, you will die of illness. Wang Pu is so sad that he can't be destroyed. All his clothes and coffins are full of rites. The funeral is over, and the system is at home. When the Lord of Zhou heard of his letter, he sent officials to worship the imperial food, and made the amount of praise and gift, which was very flattering; he also issued an imperial edict, which called him to the capital to govern the government. Wang puben didn't obey the imperial edict. Because he occasionally watched the stars and images, he knew that Allah was in trouble. He took this opportunity to go to Beijing to rescue him. So he came to Beijing with his officials and met the emperor. The Lord of Zhou was greatly pleased to see him. He helped each other with his hands and sat on the golden pier. Wang puxie sits down. Zhou said: "I don't see you since I lost my right hand and left hand. If I miss you, I can see you today. I wish that would be enough." That is to say, it was sealed as an emissary of the central government. "The emperor is the master of wisdom, and he has the right way to govern. The world is like peace, but he still cares for his officials. The ministers get special treatment with mediocre materials. Although their brain and liver fall to the ground, it is not enough to report the case of trickle down, and they are honored and favored. Now that I have finished my old mother, I have no more worries. I should do my best to be loyal to your majesty. " The Lord of the Zhou Dynasty was very happy. He sent a message to set up a banquet and take care of Wang Pu. On the same day, the king and his officials drank together and parted with joy. It is:

I like kings and ministers like fish and water, and I really like Zijiao.

The next day, the king of Zhou sat in the early Dynasty, and the meeting between the officials of civil and military affairs was finished. He sent an order to announce the king of Jin to go to the palace. When chairong came to drive, song Hu fell down. Zhou said: "wang'er, Zhao Kuangyin and I xuanlai, who were appointed yesterday, should try their ambitions, use them according to their abilities, and then accept their posts." Chai Rong led the order, that is, the Xuanguan went to Zhao's house and called Zhao Kuangyin to the court. Kuangyin saw the call, followed the officials to the golden stage, the mountain called the court, and fell on the dust. The Lord of Zhou paid attention to it. Looking down, he recognized that it was the archer in the city of Chanzhou. He turned the eyes of the dragon and bit the silver teeth. He appointed Kuang Yin to scold: "good thief with red face!"! What's my enemy? How dare you hurt my left eye with an arrow? Only this life is hard to revenge, who knows you to cast the net. I've sent an order to drive the former officials. I've tied up the red face thief with me. I need to check his family and wait for the order to kill him. " When the palace official was ordered to stay, he did not dare to go down. Bluff to Kuangyin's soul, just don't know where the disaster is coming from, and have no way to deal with it for a while, just like:

The Golden Leopard came out and the ROC sculpture came down from the sky.

When the Palace officials arrived at Dancong, they bound Zhao Kuangyin and launched the imperial gate.

When Chai Rong saw that Lord Zhou was angry and bound Kuangyin to be beheaded, he was very busy for some reason. Before the Dragon case, he knelt down on his knees and said orally, "father, why did he see Kuangyin, and the dragon was upset, so he tied him up and wanted to take his family? I don't know what crime he has committed, which offends the holy heart. " Zhou said: "Wang Er has no idea. I had nothing to do in the palace the day before yesterday. I occasionally fell asleep for a while, and I dreamt about the Zen state. Suddenly, the red faced thief shot me in the city and hurt my left eye. It's still painful and bleeding all the time. If we meet today, we must behead them and correct them. " Chai rongdao: "father, this is a dream. Can you be serious? Kuang Zhao Kuangyin is the material of culture and martial arts. He has the ambition of loyalty and righteousness, which is beneficial to the country. Therefore, his officials and children venture to recommend him. Today, if the father and the man in his dream seem to be the same, once they are not punished, Zhao Kuangyin will not be guilty and die, fearing that his heart may not be willing. I hope my father and Wang will forgive me. " "I saw the thief standing on the city, and he shot me clearly and hurt me. I've had a grudge for a long time. Would you like to let it go today?" Chai rongdao: "although the father should be angry, he would like to take Zhao Kuangyin to the death place, and he would not refuse to die.". However, I'm afraid that I'll be in the way of being a virtuous man, so that the heroes in the world will not come here to seek fame. At that time, when they invested in other countries and supported the enemy, the world was shaken. How could they control them? I hope that the father will focus on the state, explain the empty resentment of dreams and sleep, and use it with tolerance. He will see all the people in the world to serve the country and help the father. " Lord Zhou said: "wang'er, you said that what you saw in your dream is a matter of emptiness. Did you see that my eyes are injured now, and it is also a matter of emptiness? If you have something else to listen to, you must not listen to it. I will never speak again. When the driving officer goes quickly to find out his family, he will make a final decision. "

When Chai Rong saw that the Lord of Zhou didn't listen, he was very worried. He kowtowed and said, "father, Zhao Kuangyin must not be beheaded. Zen state is more than two thousand miles away from Beijing. With this dream, my father killed innocent people. Would anyone believe that? Today, if you cut Kuangyin, you will be afraid of chilling the hearts of the world's heroes. If other countries engage in fighting, it is very important. King Kuang's father ascended the throne. The whole world was not even. The princes in the outer town also waited and saw no ministers. They were rebellious. Li in the Southern Tang Dynasty, who did not serve zhengshuo, and Qidan in the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part of the northern part. It seems that this war is a series of disasters. It covets Shenjing. Under the father's driving, there is no good general. It's right to search for Luo Xianjie for the purpose of defending the invaders. Today, Zhao Kuangyin has a good command of military strategy, the courage to seize the flag, the strategy to make a decisive decision, and the second is to seek for it in the world. Can the father be killed for his vanity! When Kuang chen'er heard that Duke Huan of Qi had forgotten to shoot the hook, he explained Guan Zhong's shame in Tangfu and used it as a phase to rejuvenate the state of Qi. After Yongchi humiliated the Han Emperor, he still gave him the title of marquis, so that the wise people were widely promoted in the Dynasty. It really has its own sin, but it can still explain the resentment and think of the country. Why does the father never forget his love for Kuangyin? I hope my father, Wang kaitiandi, will do his best to serve the country and work hard for the royal family, even if there is a real sin in Kuangyin, but we attach great importance to the country, and we should forgive it, which is just like Guan Zhong's work. " Chai Rong is so bitter, but the Lord of Zhou doesn't listen. Instead, he looks slightly angry, and his heart is very angry. He says, "I have the feeling of father and son with you. The red faced thief hurt me with a hidden arrow. You should avenge your father before you see the way to be a son. What do you want, because he is very opposed to asking for forgiveness, bothering his tongue and speaking more, and focusing on the outside?" Chai Rongfu said: "do you have an outgoing heart? However, Zhao Kuangyin is a hero today, unparalleled in the world. He wants his father to stay, help the country and protect the country. Therefore, he did not avoid suspicion, pleaded with his father to forgive him, and accused him of serving. I hope the father and the king will forgive me. " Zhou said: "Wang Er doesn't have to play hard. There are many good generals and strong soldiers in our Dynasty. How can we fear the chaos of the four aggressors? That is to say, if there is no thief with a red face, can't I caress the world for the king? "

When Chai Rong saw that the Lord of Zhou would not forgive him, he was so worried that he had no way to deal with it. At the moment of difficulty, a minister appeared in the class, fell down on the steps, and said, "Your Majesty, I have a foolish speech. I hope you can listen to me." When the Lord of Zhou looked up, it turned out to be Wang Pu. He said, "Sir, what's the matter?" Wang Puzou said: "it's because of the dream of his majesty that I played Zhao Kuangyin's crime. I didn't make it clear. Under his Majesty's fury, he beheaded Zhao Kuangyin, fearing that Bianliang people would be shocked and doubted. If he did not know what crime Zhao Kuangyin committed, he would kill; that is, Zhao Kuangyin himself, he would die for what crime he did not know. How can I be punished suddenly when I am foolish and do not know what I have done? It's better to ask Zhao Kuangyin and his highness to understand, record his confession, and tell the army and the people that Zhao Kuangyin stabbed his highness in secret, hurt his majesty with arrows, and correct his crime so that Zhao Kuangyin would die without complaining. This is to serve the hearts of the people and do all the national laws. The most proper way is to do so. May your majesty allow you. " The king of Zhou listened to the play and bowed his head to ponder whether he could. There are different religions: admonish repeatedly, stop the dark anger in the chest; mediate for help, turn to doubt the discord in the elbow and armpit. It is:

Although the real life is shocked, there is a hidden opportunity for Gao Xian.

After all, if the Lord of Zhou listens to the music or not, I'll see what I know next time.

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