By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 45th time in Fei Long's biography, Duke Du Er's son-in-law should be transported to Gaoxing and Zhou sent his son back home"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第四十五回 杜二公纳婿应运 高行周遣子归乡

Word yue:

The army is circling the mountains and islets, remembering and thinking of thousands of strands. Don't be a lone goose, fake good luck, the elder Xu, red line couplet Cuiyu. When we are together, we plan to make a rest and make contributions to the whole world. Flags are everywhere, sharpen to be rich. Who is really proud of Zhang, and the potential to kill his disciples leaves desolation. There are many obstacles in the end of the world. Look back at the slanting sun and wait for the next step.

Gepu lotus in right

It's said that Duke Du sent Zhao Kuangyin to the west study for a rest, and then he came back, waiting for his mother to sleep, and then the husband and wife went back to the room. I was about to take off my clothes when I saw a servant girl coming to report. The west study was on fire. Duke Du was so frightened that he could not open the door repeatedly. He took Chu's family and hurried to the front of the study. There was a half star of fire? I saw a red light covering the roof of the study. The husband and wife looked at each crack of the door kindly. Kuang Yin was sleeping on the bed. He was quiet. There was a red dragon through the top door. He could not help breathing the fire there. They did not dare to make a sound. After a look, they quietly turned around and looked back at the red light on the room. It was just like the fire. They were both surprised and happy. Back to the room, the servant girls are not allowed to go to the west study to disturb the master's sleeping.

The husband and wife sat down and thought about it for a while. Chu said, "if you are in charge, I can see that Zhao's nephew has a real dragon on the top. There must be emperors later." Du ERGONG nodded: "good wife, I always want to say to you, because of the trouble of the stronghold, I didn't know it with you. In the old year, after the Mid Autumn Festival, there was a man named Miao Guangyi. He came up the mountain to meet me. He said that my nephew was the Lord of life. He asked me to gather soldiers and horses, accumulate grain reserves, and help him in the future. I haven't believed that. I don't want to see the omen tonight. In response to his words, this son will surely become the son of heaven later. But this matter can only be known by you and me, and should not be disclosed. " Chu said: "it's strange to say that I went to sleep at midnight last night and got a dream. I dreamed of an old man with a white beard in a Taoist costume. He took a book in his hand and said to me with a smile on his face:" your daughter, Li Rong, is blessed by a concubine, and needs to be caressed. ". When the true dragon appears, it is your son-in-law. " At that time, I said to him, "we are from the green forest. How can a daughter be a concubine?" The old man said, "if you don't believe me, let me give you a testimony." I followed him in my dream. When I went to a place, I saw many tall palaces, all of which were built of gold and jade, all of which were perfectly arranged. The furnishings in that palace were rich, which I had never seen before. And on both sides stood many colorful women, and in the middle sat a beautiful woman dressed in palace clothes, very gorgeous. Who are you sitting in the middle of the house? " Du Er is fair: "good wife, how do I know who you are dreaming of?"

Chu said, "it's not someone else. It's my daughter. At that time, I met my daughter. How could he get here? I was about to go in and ask him, but I was turned over by you, and I climbed this bone duo'er's feet on my shoulder socket. When I woke up, I was shocked. I was just listening to the outside when I played four drums. Do you think this dream is strange? " Du ERGONG said with a smile: "it's a strange dream, but it's a pity that my tumbling body is not good. I woke you up. You can't ask your daughter if you're tired, and you can enjoy happiness there. It's all my rudeness. You should ask him a big charge. " When Chu heard this, he laughed and spat, "you have to say this funny thing. I think the dream I had last night, and the real dragon I saw today, are there any marriage between them? Tomorrow, why don't we promise our daughter to him face to face and become an emperor in the future? I'm afraid you and I are not a father-in-law? It's going to have to be a little more impressive in the second half of the life. " Du ERGONG said: "I heard that my nephew has been a relative in Tokyo. How can I promise his daughter to him again?" Chu said, "you are a fool. The emperor's family had three palaces and six courtyards, and the rich family had three wives and four concubines. Although there is no division in the Imperial Palace in the future, there must be some in my daughter's partial palace. How can you say that? " Du ERGONG said: "don't be impatient, good wife. I had this idea for a long time. I'm afraid that what you said isn't true. So I'm going to try it. Since you and I are united, I'll ask my mother to make an agreement tomorrow. " "This is what it is," Chus said with great joy So the couple decided to sleep all night.

Tomorrow, husband and wife get up. He went to his wife's house and said he knew about it. My wife was very happy, so she asked the servant girl to go to the west study and ask the young man to come in. The servant girl promised to go outside, but after a short time, Kuangyin had been invited in. Kuangyin first asked Ann, and then asked, "grandma, call grandson, what's the payment?" "My wife said," I invite you in, nothing else, because I have a word to discuss with you, but you have to rely on it. " Kuang Yin said, "grandma has something to say, and grandchildren have nothing to do with it." "My son," said the wife, "because your mother and uncle have no children, but only cousins, who are 15 years old, intend to recruit you as their son-in-law. You must not go against his beauty. " Kuang Yin said, "I see. But my grandson has had a family affair. How dare I bend my cousin again, as my grandmother knows? " The wife said: "you are also confused. Don't you know that there are three palaces and six courtyards in the emperor's family and one wife and two concubines in the rich family? Not to mention you! This is your mother's uncle. She loves you, so she promised her cousin. He's willing, you're not willing? " Kuang Yin said: "if it is not the grandson who dares to disobey his life, one does not dare to disobey his parents' life, and the other is the military affairs, how can he dare to deal with private affairs? However, they were wrongly loved by the two adults and reported to their parents on the day of being a teacher in charge of the class, and then hired them. " The Chu clan was afraid to leave the emperor's son-in-law, even if he said: "my nephew's close relatives, what parents are waiting for? Who is impatient until the teacher in charge? Grandma is the master, and you don't need any dowry. You just need to leave one thing as a decision, and you will have no change or change. " Kuangyin said: "although my aunt said so, my nephew was ordered to raise his army. There was nothing around him. What could I do?" Chu heard that he looked at Kuangyin's body and saw that there was a jade mandarin duck on Kuangyin's body. Even if he reached out and took it off, he held it in his hand and said, "it's him." Du Lirong should be blessed by the Western Palace, and worthy of Chu's heart to match him. Naturally, it is easy to accomplish things. There are poems as evidence:

Sometimes deep sleep shows the real dragon, touching the three more dreams.

Determined to cooperate wholeheartedly, what is the relationship between water and mountain?

Kuangyin said goodbye to his grandmother and aunt and went out to the hall with Duke Du. I met with Li Tong and Zhou ba. Li Tong pays for breakfast, everyone uses it. Then, he ordered five thousand elite soldiers to follow Kuang Yin down the mountain. The rest who didn't want to go were still patrolling the mountain. The village affairs were handed over to the Chu family. After Li Tong's allotment was set, he took 5000 horses with Zhou Ba and Du ERGONG, and went down the mountain with Kuangyin to the camp, where he joined forces. There were 16000 horses. Three will meet with Zheng en and two directors respectively. Kuangyin issued an order to start shooting. The army came to Tongguan. This is a slow statement.

However, Gao Xingzhou went back to Tongguan after returning to the army in Huazhou. He was restless and ill. He spent all his days in the Shuai mansion. My son, Huaide, is always serving the servants. First, we should take charge of the government affairs of all sizes. Less than three months later, Guo Weibing had to be reported to break Bianliang and force the Han Lord to death. He had already occupied Tokyo and changed his year. Gao Xingzhou hears this newspaper and is silent. A few days later, the imperial edict of the Lord of Zhou issued to the whole world: all the princes in the towns outside the Zhou Dynasty should go up to the table to be ministers and add officials to earn money; if they disobey the purpose, they will be convicted of conspiring against it. Gao Xingzhou read the imperial edict and was furious. He scolded: "old thief! You kill the rebellious king, usurp the throne of heaven, bear the great sin of heaven, and dare to despise the princes of the world. In front of your eyes, you are famous for thousands of generations. How dare I change my mind and become a servant to usurper the thief, which has tarnished my reputation? " Gao Xingzhou said this, not aware of anger filled chest, when dizzy. The old lady and the young man saw each other. They were very busy. Even if they helped each other, they hurriedly asked the servant girl to take the soup and pour it down. Gao Xingzhou fainted for half an hour before he gradually woke up. He sighed and said: "I want to go to Tokyo and revenge with the Lord, but the Lord of Liu Hong Fu is done. The old thief should be happy. I'm afraid that I can't reverse the will of heaven and defeat the soldiers in vain. It's useless. If I don't go to beg for thieves, I will not only laugh at the princes of the world, but also fear that the history of the future will spread, saying that I'm the hero of Gao Xingzhou, fearing knives and avoiding arrows Is it for the sake of officials that a corpse cannot be revenged from the Lord and can no longer be loyal to the dead? " Thinking from one side to the other, you can't think of half a plan. At this time, my mind was dazed and I had no idea, so I had to sleep on the couch with my clothes and close my eyes.

At that time, after a few days, I suddenly thought, "I am always incompetent in gaoxingzhou. What else should I think about and find out when I come to this situation? It's not only the salary of cannibalism, but also the principle of being a minister. But I should do my best. How can a child named wyde, who is still young and has not accepted his duties, be innocent? I might as well send his mother and son back to Shandong to work in agriculture for the rest of the day, but also to extend the Gao family's line, one of which has achieved great prestige, the other will not destroy the descendants. " He had made up his mind and began to cry: "Huaide, the father ate the wealth of the Han Lord. Although the king is not here, he should keep the land for the country. But it's not necessary to say it. Anyway, it's just death. But you have not received the grace of a king, and it is no good here. You can pack up your clothes, return to Zuji in Shandong with your mother, and live there. You can cultivate your own food and live in the sun. In the future, if your brother comes back, he must be kind and friendly, and filial to your mother. If he wants to spend all his life, he will be like a father. " Gao Xingzhou's second son was named Huaide and huailiang. Huailiang has been separated from her childhood and has no trace. At that time, Huaide reported: "my father should not only protect Tongguan, but also revenge for the Han Lord. I should be here to help. How could I tell my mother and my son to go back to Xiangjing? Kuang's father has not recovered from his illness, so he is suitable for recuperation. If the child goes, who will serve him? In my father's absence, I lost the distinction between son and son. I'm afraid it's not going to work. Please think twice. " Walking around, he said: "my son, although your words are reasonable, the righteousness is not clear. It is because you are young and have not learned. He who is a father keeps the land for the king, but he is faithful; he who is a son and does not carry his father's words is filial piety. Although I am not recovered from my illness, I don't think it will hurt me. Even if Guo Wei was like him, he would not dare to bring up his troops to commit crimes and defeat himself. I have made up my mind that you do not need to say much, but you must go quickly. " Seeing that his father's wishes had been met, Huaide dared not violate them, so he had to collect and carry his clothes and prepare his horses. The next day, I said goodbye to Xingzhou, and left Shuaifu for the road. My wife took the bus, and Huaide took the horse. My mother and son were two. They were looking forward to Shandong. Press not to mention.

It was only a few days after Gao Xingzhou sent his mother and son. I'm sitting at the back hall door this day, and I'm going to take revenge. Suddenly, hearing the sound of cannons outside the gate, some spies reported to enter the mansion: "Qi Shuai ye: today, the Lord of Zhou almost came to fight for Tongguan, and now he is setting up camp outside the town. Please make a decision. " Gao Xingzhou listens to the newspaper, but he is silent. He thinks that the master of that week is capable? There are no generals, but those who are not helpful will die. He gave the scouts a reward and returned to the flood land. Not for a while, he reported to the government twice in a row, only provoked Gao Xingzhou to gnash his teeth and raise his eyebrows angrily, and appointed Bianliang to scold: "Guo Wei's usurper! Do you dare to deceive me that I am ill and send troops to violate my city and despise my reputation? As the saying goes: "the tiger is thin and male." Old thief! This time you mistakenly identify the disc star, and plan to make a mistake. I'm afraid that you'll come here as a whole, but the plate armour won't return. " Then he sent out an order: "close the guard, patrol day and night, don't slack off. And prepare more ashpots and stones to prevent him from attacking the city. When the plan is settled, send out troops to kill the thief. " The middle officer promised and led the troops. Gao Xingzhou also sent agents to secretly go out of the city to find out who the leader was and what was his name. The agent had to order him to sneak out of the city to find out. It was already late to enter the city. He hurriedly went to the commander's office and replied: "Marshal Qi: the commander himself has no official position, but he is the eldest son in front of the hall of the Lord of Han who commands Zhao Hongyin. His name is Kuang Yin. I'd like to report that it's true. "

Gao Xingzhou was surprised to hear that Zhao Kuangyin was the leader. Gao Xingzhou was a tiger general in the world. He sent troops to battle. I don't know how many talented people he met. How could he be surprised to hear Zhao Kuangyin lead the army today? Only because Gao Xingzhou has another unique skill, which is amazing. It's the image of Ma Nong. When he was young, he was familiar with his method and studied it very carefully. No matter who he was, he would know that he was born to live a long life and die a long life. His method was like a God. There was no wrong reason. He was also a minister in the same hall with Zhao Hongyin. He had seen Kuang Yin. He was blessed by the emperor and had the appearance of being very precious. So he was surprised to hear that he was leading the army. At that time, after sending agents out, they sat in the back hall and thought: "if someone else leads the army, where is it in my heart? Who knows that if he comes, he will be blessed. If he can fight with him, it will hurt the generals, and it will be difficult to win. In this way, if it is the will of heaven that should destroy me, what can I do if the leader meets a man of great value when I am ill and unable to fight? " There's nothing to do with sighs and sighs. In the evening, hold the candle into the room, sleep uneasy, confused. Listen to the drum. It's playing three. Dress up, step out of the door, to the patio, look up at the sky. Only see the star Lang Lang, is illuminating the week camp; own main star, bleak without light, is tottering. I was shocked and angry. I was forced by the golden wind and drenched in cold sweat. I felt dizzy for a while and couldn't stand up. I leaned on the railing. A time of rest. Just now I was calm. He asked his men to help him into the room, sleep on a soft couch, and shut their eyes. It is:

When it comes to people's admiration, I'm afraid of people.

I'm not really afraid of that. It's amazing.

But when Kuangyin arrived at Tongguan, he set up a camp and prepared to fight the next day. I didn't want to see one soldier and one general in the city after ten days. I was very puzzled. I sent a careful man to spy around. I was afraid to go out of the city and arrange conspiracy. The truth is that there is no movement in return. Kuang Yin is at ease. If you want to choose soldiers to attack, you have no choice but to narrow the way and do nothing. Because Tongguan is the junction of Shaanxi, Henan and Shanxi provinces, with narrow roads and inconvenient siege, it is called "Jiming three provinces, Jindou Tongguan, guarded by one person, and difficult for thousands of people to enter", which is a dangerous place.

Kuangyin saw that the attack was inconvenient and Gao Xingzhou did not go out of the city to fight. He was very anxious and scolded: "Miao Guangyi, a Taoist with a bull nose, said in the royal palace that when I arrived, when I was lucky, he said that if I went to Tongguan, I would be able to win. How can I not see Gao Xingzhou's soldiers coming out for more than ten days? Isn't it a lie or a lie? " Zheng en said: "second brother, don't be impatient. Mr. Miao, who has a good mouth, is absolutely right. He is very happy. Why do you scold him? You have to wait for him for a few days, and then you will have it. " Kuang Yin said: "you don't know the situation, my third brother. This way of military is more expensive than speed. If you delay the time, it's not only because our soldiers are slack, but also because the thieves set up strategies, they will be defeated. How can you wait for him?" Zheng en said: "Yue Zi doesn't care if he doesn't wait for him. He only advises you to take care of people and horses. You can drink wine and eat meat. How long will Yue Zi and you live more when you take this opportunity, but not happily? Just want to go back and do what? If you go back, you will be killed if you are afraid of the one who gets into the ball. " Kuang Yin said: "you don't want to say that. For today's plan, we must look into the battle with him, or God's silent blessing, then we can succeed. However, Gao Xingzhou could not go out of the customs. What should we do if our troops did not keep their food and grass? He must be scolded to fight. " Zheng said: "second brother, it's not difficult for you to go out high. There are ways to have fun." Kuang Yin said, "brother, what can you do to make Gao Xingzhou come out to meet me?" Zheng en said: "second brother, have you forgotten? The day before yesterday, the pheasant forest called Han Tong. Thanks to a good scolding, the donkey ball came out. Today is called Gao Xingzhou. We should use this method too. Naturally, he will come out and meet you. " Kuang Yin said, "that is to say, it's good to be bothered by my brother." Zheng en said with a smile, "naturally, this method can't be done except for fun."

After that, he raised the sour jujube stick, stepped on a black horse, ran to the gate and shouted abuse. The sergeant who closed the guard saw him, and Fei Feng reported to the handsome mansion. Gao Xingzhou was only worried about his illness and could not lead the army out of the enemy. So he had to pay the sergeant to guard him carefully. Don't pay attention to him and wait for his recovery. Then he planned to send out the troops. Therefore, Zheng en scolded outside the pass for a day, but there was no movement. He went back to camp empty. I scolded him for four or five days in a row.

The soldiers under Gao Xingzhou's hand, seeing that the commander was seriously ill, ignored the military situation, and the soldiers around guanwai were abusive and demanding war. Everyone was afraid and panicked, that is to say, they were busy making people report to the commander-in-chief. Gao Xingzhou didn't realize that his ambition was fierce. He was so fiery that he shouted, "kill me with anger!" Pay around, give orders to open the door, then lead the soldiers out to fight. There are points to teach: if you plan a hundred times, you will not be able to return to the dead heart; if you are brave, how can you be the enemy of the coming force. It is:

Wang Zhi, who keeps his ground and works hard, should devote himself to his country.

After all, how will Gao Xingzhou fight? Listen to the next chapter.

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