By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The 40th chapter of flying dragon's biography: Zheng Ziming's angry attack on the garden

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第四十回 郑子明恼打园公 陶三春挥拳服汉

Poetry says:

When it's time for the wind to cool the night, fumigation is still wet clothes.

Spring does not solve the human body, so that the flow of disaster immediately taste.

He added:

If you don't have a clear taste, taste the fruits first.

There is no melody in the path, but why is it strong liang?

As for Zheng en, because of the hot weather, he wanted to take a bath and was not asked for the way to find the river. He was deceived. However, he was led to the woods and walked more than ten miles without any water shadow. Knowing that he was being bullied, he was about to turn back and walk away. Suddenly, he saw a garden behind the villa. The gate of the garden was open, and there were watermelons everywhere. The size of the garden was uneven. He said happily, "although Yue Zi can't take a bath, he should eat the melons several times." Make up your mind, no matter no one goes in, go to the dense place, pick up a big watermelon, sit on the ground with you, punch it into three or four pieces, and then eat it. Ancient cloud: "thirst does not choose to drink." Zheng en has gone to extremes. He has seen such wonderful things again. They are sweet and cool. They are delicious and refreshing. How unhappy? At that time, I ate one, picked another, opened it, and waited for the first bite. Suddenly, I heard a voice, and went into a man, and closed the garden door, but he was the garden master in charge of the garden. He went to town to buy fish and meat. After buying it, I closed the door and turned around. Seeing a black man sitting on the ground eating melons, he was annoyed. He came up and shouted, "black thief! Where are you from? Dare to break into the garden and steal melons? " When Zheng en saw him coming to ask, he put the melons aside and replied with a smile: "the music is thirsty. Because your melons are popular, what's worth eating here? You'll be stingy. " The garden is fair: "good thief, others have worked hard for a long time, and have succeeded in this garden. They are waiting for the goods to be sold, but you, the thief, are ready to use. Do you like the way you steal it, but what we planted ourselves doesn't? " Zheng en said, "if you wait, you won't have fun." Garden Fair: "well, you have eaten my melon, honest to return money, I will let you out." Zheng en said: "it's hard. I haven't brought money with me. Where do I have to give it to you? It's just for you to have fun. " The garden Master heard "Yue Zi" as "Laozi", and spat: "who is your Laozi? Your father never invites people. Don't talk about it when you eat melon. Pay back the money. If I don't, I'll ask someone to hang you for three hundred. I'll also skin your dog to pay for the melon. " When Zheng en heard this, he was very angry and scolded: "if the donkey ball comes in, Yue Zi eats some melons, you will hang it and peel Yue Zi's skin. If Yue Zi asks for the price of your girl doll, what will you do?" As he spoke, he stood up and fell upside down according to the master's palm. The garden man fell into darkness and climbed up. The fish in his hand was stained with mud. He gave Zheng en a hard look and ran inside. Zheng en ignored him and still sat down to eat the melon.

It turns out that this villa is famous. It's called taojiazhuang. The members of the village are called Tao Shangren. They are very loyal. He has two sons and one daughter: the first is Tao long, the second is Tao Hu, and the daughter is Sanchun. All the other members and the ANS have passed away, leaving the Tao long brothers and sisters to spend the day together. There is a lot of countryside, abundant in storage. This melon garden is also his. It is a rich family. On this day, none of the brothers of Tao family are at home, only this young lady is in the villa. All the young ladies were born like flowers and jade. They are gentle and have a beautiful mouth. Even if their faces are not beautiful, there is a section of orchid fragrance between their behaviors. Unique to this young lady, there is another wonder, different from ordinary people: to say that his beauty is really coquettish; to say that his figure is indeed graceful. If you don't believe me, please look at my compliments and see whether they are true or not

Strange appearance describes ugly, blue hair and gold thread cover. The black meat is abundant in the summer, and it grows on its own. The iron man was shocked when he raised a thousand jin with his arms. The Golden Lotus wandered into a sound, listening to the louchuan crossing the sea by mistake. I'm not as good at home as I am at home. I play sporadically.

This young lady is so beautiful and powerful. There is no need to talk about other things about him, but about his arms, which are like weapons. Even a brave man dare not approach him. The best martial arts since I was a child. I love reading martial arts books and 18 kinds of weapons. I can do everything. I only need to play. The servant girl of Zhuangding in the family didn't obey the order a little. She just grabbed hold of it and made people cry to heaven. She didn't know how much strength he had. The village heard his name far and near, and his mind was really hurt. Therefore, he was given a hidden number, called the mother bug. Even his two elder brothers, who are as respectful as gods, dare not disobey his mind. This young lady meets the evil star of the upper world, and according to the golden decree of the Jade Emperor, asks him to help Allah, start a business and wipe out the heroes. Later, Zhao Taizu went to the Southern Tang Dynasty three times, and was trapped in Shouzhou. Tao Sanchun hung his seal as commander. He led the troops to the south of the Yangtze River to rescue and rescue him. Liu Jinding was collected in Shuangsuo mountain, song Jizhi, the commander of Erlong mountain, and Wang chubao, the Sishui River, were captured alive. This was a lot of credit. At the age of eighteen, he was a disciple of the virgin of Jinxia. He also told fortune telling and divination that he was blessed by the princess. Therefore, my brother and sister-in-law cherish more.

This day, miss Sanchun was reading the book of war in her room. She saw a servant girl come to report that a big black man came to the melon garden. She stole melons and ate them there. She broke the Duke of the garden. Now outside, please go out. When Sanchun heard this, he was furious and paid: "it's said that Chuang Ding is going to prepare the rope and follow me to the garden to catch the thief!" Immediately stand up, step out of the room, with a number of servant girls, unexpectedly to melon garden. I saw that the garden was waiting for justice outside. When I saw the young lady, I said, "no, girl! The black man who stole the melon is powerful. He ate there. I can say a few words. He almost fell dead. Here, his face is so bruised. When you go out, you should be careful not to miss him. " "Three spring cheers:" minion, useless just, want to say more The garden master did not dare to speak. He let the young lady go and follow him. Three spring came to the front of the garden. Looking up, I saw a big black man sitting on the ground, eating melons like a wolf or a tiger. Sanchun said: "don't follow me. I will serve you here. When I catch him, you will carry him. Don't say it. He's gone. " The servant girls of Zhuang Ding stood at their feet and waited outside the door.

At that time, Sanchun tightened the black silk handkerchief on his head, made the whole skirt strong, rolled up his sleeves, walked slowly into the garden door, and looked forward to Zheng en sitting there. Zheng en, because he slapped Yuangong away, sat on the ground and ate as much as he could. The weather was hot and the intestines were big. The more he ate, the more he tasted. There were about five or six big melons buried in his stomach. This fashion made him happy. Suddenly looked up and saw the woman coming, and thought to himself, "what do you do with the music? Let's leave him alone. " This is Zheng en's strong self-reliance. He despises Sanchun as a woman and doesn't take precautions. Seeing that Sanchun had gone away again, he didn't look like he was dealing with him, so Zheng en just ate melons and didn't pay attention to him. This is what Zheng en suffered. When Tao Sanchun saw it from afar, he scolded: "how dare the black thief despise me? If I don't break you, I don't want to be named Tao. "

Those servant girls of Zhuang Ding are all peering at Zhang behind the garden gate. When the Duke who was beaten whispered: "sister Lamei, the thief who stole melon, I don't know how much strength he has. His hands are torn apart, like a dustpan. It's like hitting me, so painful. My girl is going to get him. If she gets a few punches from him, she will be afraid to call me quits. " There is a spring fragrance saying: "irrelevant, do you remember the old year? My plate weighs seven or eight hundred kilograms. It was collapsed by the rain and had to be built again. Five or six people couldn't lift it, but the girl lifted it up. It's so heavy and effortless, not to mention the black man. " Lamei said: "he just said all day that we are useless. If the Tao is not touched, he will howl. He didn't say that his hand was heavy, but that no one else could be beaten. Today, I met the Lord and asked the black man to beat him a few times. " After that, they all hid their mouths and laughed.

Speaking, Sanchun came to zheng'en and pointed out: "you black man don't know. You are a melon planted with money and compensation. What's the reason why you don't ask if you are ripe, rely on a strong beam, come in to eat for nothing and fight others?" Zheng en, who was also motionless, opened his eyes to see the three spring festival and said, "girl, do you have fun here?" After hearing this, Sanchun was annoyed and touched his heart. His eyebrows were wrinkled and his eyes were wide open. He shouted: "black thief! If you steal melons because of the hot weather, you will be forgiven. If you beat the Duke of the garden, you will be forgiven. You should never be bold and arrogant and bully me. Whose "Laozi" do you want to be? " The right foot only takes a step forward, reaches over, grabs Zheng en, and only mentions. This young lady is very interested. Her two arms are like an iron ruler wrapped in a cow's sinew. This move and a press down make Zheng en fall down: her back is up to the sky, her face is on the ground, and her nose and mouth are covered with mud. Sanchun holds Zheng en in his left hand, raises his fist in his right hand, and hits him on the back several times, which makes Zheng en sparkle. Seeing that Sanchun had knocked down the black man, the servant girls of Zhuang Ding all came forward and said, "girl, hold it down, don't let him go." Zheng enli was knocked down by him because he didn't pay attention. He was in a hurry. He wanted to struggle. He had to bear a wall on his back. He couldn't earn any more. He just scratched his hands on the ground. A village Ding says: "black big man, you don't just pick, pick deep pit, bury you to go down, rotten you, do the fat that irrigates melon to back up mile." He said, "girl, he doesn't know your interests. He just beats him a few more times to let him know. Next time, he dare not let go again." Sanchun shakes his fist, and it's a few more times, which makes Zheng en Scream: "the music has lost." Sanchun was annoyed by this sentence and shouted: "good black thief, dare to talk nonsense, whose Laozi are you?" The Yuangong wanted to revenge him and said, "girl, he wants to be your Laozi." Sanchun is furious. He raises his fist and counts ten times in a row. Zheng en is in agony. He is called liantian. Yuangong said with a grin: "black thief, you've got the upper hand. You rely on your own strength. It's useless to deceive me. I didn't know you were beaten by my girl. Black thief, it's called "strong in the middle and stronger in the hand". The villain is still being grinded by the villain. " Sanchun heard that, scolded: "damn slave, who let you say more, still don't go away!" Yuangong listened, and backed away. Three spring then called a Zhuang Ding and tied the rope. The Chuang Ding took two ropes and was about to start. Sanchun shouted, "let's go!" He still held on to them and asked the maids to come together to do the same thing. At that time, he gathered Zheng en's four horses and tied them very firmly. Three spring cent pays Zhuang Ding: "carry to vestibule with me." Zhuang Ding dare not neglect, took a shoulder pole, put on a rope, one at a head, carried it and left. Sanchun brings the women to the front hall and puts Zheng en under the eaves.

Zheng en, a group of children lying on the ground, opened their eyes and looked into the hall. Tao Sanchun sat alone in the middle hall, with several servant girls standing on both sides, and some makers standing under the steps. Looking at the three spring festival, I am afraid of people, but see:

It has yellow hair, round eyes, thick eyebrows and lips,

His face is full of flesh, and his face is black and green.

Tao Sanchun's face looks more and more frightened, just like the luochanv in the temple. Zheng enfang then regretted: "the music is wrong, we only regard him as a female doll, who knows that he has such great strength.". The music was thrown to the ground by him for a while, but he refused to let it go and tied it here. How can I meet people tomorrow if I let my second brother know? " Zheng en has never suffered such a big loss. The ropes on his hands and feet only drill into the meat. If you want to scold him for a few words, but you are afraid of his fist, you will be beaten by him in vain. If you want to beg for mercy and be a hero, how can you accept defeat and lose your spirit? There is no choice but to say: "female doll, Yue Zi ate these melons. She should ask for a few dollars. Yue Zi will come and make amends." Sanchun shouted: "good black thief, dare to talk nonsense? Talk to me. " Zheng en dare not speak again. Sanchun thought to himself, "the thief is so angry that he should give him a stick and let him go. It's just funny that my brother and sister-in-law often say that I don't guard the boudoir, I have nothing to do with finding fault, and I start beating people, which is such injustice. If I let him go now, my sister-in-law will tell me lightly that I have been beaten. It's better to tie this thief here, and wait for my two brothers to come back. It's not a false feeling to depend on him. " Think about it, stand up and pay off to Zhuang Ding: "guard carefully, and wait for your uncle and the second uncle to come back and find out." After that, he took his servant girl and went back to the house. When Zheng en saw that Tao Sanchun had gone in, he scolded in his heart, "this girl, who has a donkey ball, has tied up her music here, but she still refuses to let it go. She wants to wait for brother Zi to come. Yuezi is also a hero. There is a name in the area of guanxi. Since the second brother was saved at the head of shibawan, monsters have come down from mengjiazhuang. The wind and waves of the river have suffered a lot. Now he turned over the boat in the dead water, and was defeated in the hands of this shady man, and disgraced the reputation of music. If Yue Zi goes out of his door, he will kill all these thieves and get revenge. " It is:

Who will be back in the future, though he will suffer from the loss before his eyes?

Not to mention Zheng en suffered in taojiazhuang. When Kuang Yin saw that the sun was sinking and Zheng en was not coming back, he was very busy and cried, "where are your three brothers going to take a bath? There must be a reason why I haven't come back at this time. " Zhang Guangyuan said, "since he is happy to take a bath, he must still be floating there. What's the reason?" Kuang Yin said: "although he knew a little about the water nature, he was greedy, reckless for a while, or drowned in the water. It was uncertain." Luo Yanwei said, "it's impossible." Zheng en is Kuang Yin's brother in need. Why don't you worry? Then he said to Zhang and Luo, "good brother, let's go to see each other with you." They promised to go with Kuangyin and look forward to Zheng en's way. After walking for many Li, there was no river or Zheng en's shadow. Kuangyin was in a hurry, sweating all over his body, driving his horse and looking forward. Suddenly I heard the reapers in the field saying, "elder brother, it's considered that this black man has suffered a great loss because of his low fortune." Kuangyin listened to this and had some influence, so he took the horse with him. Zhang Guangyuan asked, "why can't you, brother?" Kuang Yin said, "don't you hear me?" When they understood each other, they did not ask. Only the one asked, "this black man, know where he is? I don't know why I offended him? " The man replied: "look at this black man, who is like Shanxi people. If he speaks Shanxi dialect, he is talented and brave. Just because he broke into the garden and ate the melon, the Duke of the garden said a few words. The big black man started with one hand, which made the Duke of the garden climb for half a day. When the young lady came out, somehow, she laid the big black man on the ground and beat him, but he still refused to let him go. So far, she has been tied there. " After hearing this, the man said, "I'm afraid you haven't come to his house today. How can you know that he's going to hit people again? There are many preparations for that? Don't you pretend to be his authority? " "Otherwise, I don't know. I just went home and met the dealer of his family. He told me, so I learned."

Kuangyin listened carefully. He understood and scolded: "the black thief greedy for his mouth, then he made his body like a clapper. He left me and was beaten by others. I don't know how the lady is alone? Where do you live? What kind of people? Let me ask him one more question, then make sense. " Then he cried: "friend, excuse me, whose daughter is this lady? Where do you live? " The farmer looked up and saw Kuang Yin was very different. He was dressed up in the army. Zhang and Luo were also strong and resolute. They dared not take it lightly and said, "the three lords are not like us here." Kuang Yin said, "I'll stay in Tokyo." The farmer said, "since the man lives in Tokyo, why do you ask this young lady?" Kuang Yin said: "I have a friend who is from Shanxi Province. He was born with black face and long body. He came out to play because of nothing and didn't come back. Just now I heard from my friend that miss what had caught a big black man, so I asked, hoping that my friend would explain where he lived so that I could find him. " The farmer replied, "it's not hard to find him. From here to the northeast, that forest is his Chuang Tzu. This young lady's surname is Tao, and her maiden's name is Sanchun. Both parents have died. There are only two brothers, one is Tao long and the other is Tao Hu. Make the day at home. The young lady is now eighteen years old and has not been hired. Although he is a daughter, he is different from others. "

Kuang Yin said, "how can we see that he is different from others?" The farmer said, "he likes bowing horses, he loves swords and guns, he fights heroes, and his two brothers dare not mind him. Therefore, the people in the village have a name with him, which is called "mother insect". People from far and near are all notorious. If a man goes to see him, he can only ask for something soft, not hard. " Kuang Yin said, "because it's hard to talk about it?" The farmer said: "the men don't know that the young lady is strong and knowledgeable. If someone offends him, there is no cheap hand, so no one dares to provoke him. When a man goes, he doesn't need to see him, but he says to his two brothers, "it will be good.". His brother is the most reasonable and trustworthy. He has never offended anyone. Men talk to him and guarantee to save their friends. " Kuang Yin first heard that Tao Sanchun had beaten Zheng en, but he was still tied up. His heart was already burning. He wanted to find out where he lived. He wished he could step into his house and split the young lady into two parts to let out his anger. Later, when he heard that his two brothers knew the truth, they were all good people, so he put off his anger. "My friend, I have been taught," he arched Then he and Zhang and Luo urged each of them to mount their horses and came to taojiazhuang in the northeast. There is a division of teaching: turn anger into joy, break bad into good. It is:

In the dark, Si Luo once tied her feet. In the bright, she knew her heart.

After all, Kuangyin's going here may see Tao Sanchun or not, and listen to the next chapter.

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