By Author: Wu Xuan, book named "Flying dragon"

"The fourth time in the whole story of the flying dragon is to fight against the snow and blood splashing buildings in the imperial court"

The Original Name:飞龙全传 第四回 伸己忿雹打御院 雪父仇血溅花楼

Word yue:

It's a beautiful scenery to sing on the tower. The night is heavy and the curtain is cold. In the Ming Dynasty, I lived in wushuyike, just for the light of sword, the wind and cloud, and the hail. I hate you enough.

Night after night, the Dragon hides in secret. Fighting with rage, you can see the scarlet brocade of the zhengpao. Day and night, run away from the country well, envy to kill his ability.

Yu Street in right

It's said that Zhao Kuangyin, Zhang Guangyuan and Luo Yanwei fought with more than 20 soldiers in huaupstairs. They fought with each other for a while, only to make Huben's army weak, paralyzed and gasping. They shouted, each seeking his own way, and fled downstairs for his life. Zhang Guangyuan said: "elder brother, since we have won, let's go as soon as possible. If they continue, if they report to the Department of arms and horses of the five cities and lead the army to come, then they will be outnumbered, and we will not be able to escape. " Kuang Yin said: "two wise brothers, what are you afraid of him? If he doesn't come now, I'll make a mess when he leads the army to Malaysia. I'll teach him the skills of the elder brother only when he comes to rectify and leaves after losing. " After that, I went downstairs first, made a short stick, and went out to fight against the strange flowers and plants planted on both sides of the yard. I was willing to fight against them in disorder, until they were washed away, and the moon was short of stars.

As soon as Huben military news had informed the Department of military and horse of the five cities, he immediately ordered archers, rushed to the front, surrounded the Royal barrage and shouted. Although the three men were brave, they had to drink for one thing, and they were tired of fighting against others. At this time, if we hope to break through the siege, how can we be the fresh soldiers, one for ten, with extraordinary courage, and how can we get rid of them? Zhang Guangyuan complains: "big brother doesn't listen to me, but he can't leave now. What can I do, what can I do?" Kuangyin listened to the words. He was angry and angry. He burst the top door early, revealing a red bearded fire dragon, half cloud and half fog. He opened his teeth and clawed in the air. Since ancient times, when the tiger howls and the wind blows, the Dragon rains. When Kuangyin yuan God appeared, he heard only one thunderbolt. Suddenly, the sky was dark and the sand was flying, but he saw the wind, rain and thunder. Suddenly there was another thunderbolt, and a hail came down, as big as a bowl. Looking at the soldiers and horses, he threw away his bow and arrow, and ran away. Where would he still take care of the people? Just trying to save lives. Kuangyin and other three people, with sticks, took advantage of the situation to break out of the hook and went home. It is:

The turtle takes off the golden hook and shakes its tail and head.

The barrage yard was hit by this hail, and the soldiers were scattered and hid. After a while, the sky was clear and the rain was heavy. All the soldiers stretched out their heads and shrunk their heads, walked out slowly, and gathered at one place. They all pointed and said, "it's really an ancient wonder that we have never seen such a big hail before. It's just too bad." Some said that he broke his head and his face was blue and red; some said that he hurt his body and hurt his shoulder and back. After a while, everyone was struggling to find the three heroes in the hospital. Look at the view in that courtyard. It's crumbling and destroying. People can't do anything but sigh. At this time, the sky will be late and separate. The eunuch in charge of the Academy, anxious and helpless, had to invite the Department of arms and horses of the five cities to come and make plans together with all the female musicians. After a long time of deliberation, we decided to tell a story about deer as horses, hoping to finish it: it can't be said that drunkards fight against each other and stir up the rain; we only bend the hail in front of us to become a disaster causing murderer and destroy the flowers in the imperial court, so that we can avoid the relationship between them. This is also the way in which the officials and officials of all dynasties set up their posts and wronged their duties. There are so many kinds of things, but they are not hopeful. The suffering of the contemporary monarchs is not clear-cut, and they can't candlelight as sad ears. At that time, the discussion was settled, and he went to the North Dynasty to start his performance overnight. No mention.

When Kuangyin returned home, he paid a visit to his parents and said: "unfilial children, who have been away from their knees for a long time, have been obedient to the province, and bear a lot of crimes. I hope my two parents can learn from this chapter and forgive their unfilial children." Zhao Hongyin saw that although he didn't like it, his nature was close to his relatives, and his feelings were related to honor and disgrace. He felt pity and read out his kindness. His heart turned to worry for joy and anger for joy. He cried, "my son, how can you come back before the age limit?" Kuangyin said: "brother ermondo saw his father's golden face. Although it was not full, he put it back home in advance. The existing diploma must be issued. " After that, he presented the approval and the letter of greeting to Hongyin. After reading this, Zhao Hongyin would immediately deliver the written approval to the family. When Madame Du called out, "my son, you need to change your ways and fight with your parents for some glory from now on. You must not leave your old nature behind and do anything to frighten both of us. You have to be attentive and attentive all the time. That's your filial piety. " Kuangyin only worship. Just then, Zhao Hongyin stood up and said, "I'll walk in the study." Just have to step up, suddenly gather eyebrows frown eyes, ah of one, a flash back, almost fall to the ground. Madame Du saw her, and ordered an Tong to come forward and help her into the study. Zhao Hongyin walked step by step into the study. Kuang Yin saw it, and he was puzzled. He asked, "mother, the child has been away from her knees for a long time. I don't know what's wrong with her father. He's so upset." If you want to be frank, I'm afraid Kuangyin has a strong nature, and wants to make trouble, you have to vaguely agree: "your father has no disease, only because he went to the court yesterday, occasionally fell off his horse, fell a hand, hurt his legs and feet, so it's inconvenient to walk. I'm sorry." Kuangyin heard that, he dared not ask again. He was puzzled in his heart, and finally he could not understand. Suddenly, his wife said, "my son, you have to work hard on the road. Go to rest quickly."

Kuangyin heard that, he came to the room immediately and met with he Jinchan. After greeting each other, they sat on the chair, thinking of their father's reasons, and then, without knowing where they were, couldn't figure out for a while, they asked Jin Chan, "lady, what's wrong with my father? Since when? Just now, it's inconvenient to walk. "Tell me the truth, and I will go and get medical attention." He Jinchan was a young man. He didn't know how to cover up his words, so he said, "my father-in-law has always been peaceful. How has he ever been ill? Only because of the group of women's music that the leader of the Southern Tang Dynasty offered to the present day, who knew that the emperor had received it, drinking all day long for fun, ignoring the court rules, wasting money, and the people were destitute of money. Therefore, my father-in-law originally remonstrated him to tear down the corral and return it to women's music. He was courteous, diligent and loving the people. In spite of the emperor's anger, he wanted to incriminate his father-in-law. Thanks to all the ministers' advice, he only hit forty Royal staffs, so his legs were sore and his steps were hard to move. " Kuang Yin said, "I see." I thought to myself, "I knew my father had suffered this humiliation, and I was playing in Hualou. I've had this class of humble maidservants for a long time. Now I want to wake up, one does not do, two endlessly, waiting for a deeper night, and then go to GouLan hospital for a walk. Fortunately, I bumped into the faint king and died together. If I couldn't, I would give him the result of this group of women's music first and get angry with my father. " I have made up my mind to lie in bed with my clothes. When he Jinchan saw that her husband was asleep, he did not dare to be alarmed, so he went to sleep with his clothes.

Kuangyin had a rest and listened to the cicada. He was already asleep. Immediately gently climbed up, took a sword to the wall, and hung it in the clothes. Out of the door, from the back garden and walk over the wall. To the long street, by moonlight, came to the GouLan yard. At this time, it's about the second watch weather. When I look up, I see that the heavy door is closed and I look around. Looking to the west, I saw the red wall, but I didn't like it very much. There were many trees outside the wall. Kuangyin will hold on to the branch, slip up, stand on the wall, look inside, it is a vacant lot. I jumped down and walked down the inner path. It was a heavy instrument gate. But see two small tiger Ben army, carrying lantern, come out patrol. Kuangyin catches up with a few steps lightly, draws the sword in the hand, one sword, cuts down in the ground. Next to the door, I saw a huge poplar tree. It slipped up the branch, jumped into the gate of instrument, and walked straight in with a light step. I heard that the two corridors and the surrounding rooms were all occupied by the army of Huben. They were all closed and their noses were filled with thunder. Kuang Yin thought, "if I kill this group of soldiers first, I'm afraid I've missed my time, so I have to let him go, and then I'll do it." At that time, along the two corridors, I jumped over a heavy flower wall, which was the imperial garden. Looking back at the moonlight, I can see that there are flowers everywhere and leaves are scattered. Step forward, look inside, see the back corner Lingyun, towering, but is that play flower building. Even if you quietly walk up and watch from left to right, you can see that there is another tall building after the building, which turns out to be the bedroom of the eighteen girls' music.

Kuang Yin looked into the past, and saw the light coming out early. When he saw it through the crack of the door, she saw all the women's music saying: "today, these three young people are really hateful for playing us so well!" The other said: "it's a small thing to beat someone up. I only hate him for disturbing the imperial garden so much. It's very embarrassing. However, there was another big hail in the sky, and he escaped. Although the prelude said only that the hail was broken, but we were unwilling to subdue him, so we would catch him in private, and he had no name or surname. Where would we take him? " Another said: "in my opinion, it's very easy. The red faced young man sitting on the Dragon seat, I once heard that Zhao's son in Shuanglong lane was just such an image. He was devoted to making troubles and was used to fighting against injustice. The day before yesterday, Zhao directed Shangben to tear down the corral and return us to the country. It is unknown that the holy one was furious and beat him with forty Royal staffs, or that he held a grudge and asked his son to come for revenge. We don't need to make a public statement about our plan. We just need to come out with a plan and quietly cheat him to come in and kill him. Is it not good that we don't know god or ghost? " Kuang Yin heard this sentence outside, and his heart suddenly became angry. He was furious and shouted: "thieves are cheap maidservants! Are you going to master here? " Kick the door open with one foot, hold the sword in hand, and rush in. All the girls looked up, their faces were gray and sweaty. They had no place to hide. They all trembled. They had to kneel and kowtow to beg for their lives. Kuangyin was willing to look, and he took up his sword and fell, and cut it all. I have pity on Eighteen women, who are headless spirits. There are poems as evidence:

If you want to plot a secret plan to harm a real dragon, you can't expect to change.

For thousands of years, the flower house is still fishy, so we should teach the imperial court to be beautiful.

Kuangyin killed the women's music, and thought: "although I was full of revenge, I killed this group of women's music, in fact, this disaster caused a lot. Besides, there was a big fight in the daytime. The soldiers and horses from the five cities came to take them. Fortunately, God protected them, so they got away. Don't you recognize me? As the saying goes, "if you don't know it, don't do it." If we know today that we can draw shadows and figures and seize me, will we not waste our lives? Now I hide from my parents and escape to my mother's uncle, Du Sixiong, for a year and a half. When things stop, I will come out. Kuang he was in charge of the army. He lived in Guanxi, Weizhen, and had little to do with it. " I made up my mind and went downstairs. I still followed the way and walked out of the wall. Out of the GouLan yard, come to my back door, cross the wall and enter. Into the back garden, quietly back to the room, hear he Jinchan is still deep and sleeping. Then he took off his bloody clothes and hid them. He took a big cap with an eagle feather, changed it into a light one, tied it with a Luan belt, took some money, hung a sword, carried a small knapsack, took a Panlong stick, and made it look like he joined the army. He still came out of the back garden over the wall. Hearing that Qiao Lou had already knocked five drums, he hurried to the west of guanxi. It is:

Split the road of life and death with both hands and jump out of the gate of right and wrong.

Kuang Yin escapes to Guanxi and presses it. Let's say that there are many people on duty in GouLan yard. They will clean up in the morning. When I arrived at the second gate, I saw the two tiger Ben soldiers killed. I was stunned by their bluff and didn't pay attention to them. I immediately reported to the eunuch in charge of the hospital. The eunuch examined the corpse and took Huben's army upstairs. There was no shadow on the upstairs. The sound was silent and everyone was suspicious. Raise your eyes and look back. The door is wide open and there is no one. At a close look, I saw those women's music. They were lying around. They were different. They were full of blood and water, and the smell was strong. The people were scared to death. They were shocked like thunder. The committee was very important, like:

Head three rivers, foot five Lake tide,

The Yellow River collapses on both sides, and Huayue falls on three peaks.

Then the eunuch in charge of the imperial court hurriedly went downstairs, galloped into the dynasty, and played to know the hidden emperor. The hidden emperor immediately beat his chest and mourned more than once, just like he really lost the priceless treasure and pearl on his hand, and sent a message to bury the dead body of the female music. He also sent five city soldiers and horses to close the eight gates and search and inspect them door by door. But those who hide the murderer will be killed by all the nine families; those who catch the murderer will be rewarded with a great deal of money. As soon as this will came out, the city of Yiliang was shaken up by the people, the army, and so on.

Zhao Hongyin got up early this morning. He had no business in his spare time, so he asked his servant girl to ask the young man to come out of the inner room and ask him if he had any questions. The servant girl came to the back and said, "please go out, sir. I have something to say." He Jinchan said: "you will report soon. I don't know what's the matter with you. I disappeared at five o'clock this morning." The servant girl went back and forth to look for no trace, so she had to come out and reply to Zhao Hongyin. Suddenly a message came in and said, "I don't know who killed the 118 girls in the Royal prison last night. Now the emperor is under the arrest of the Department of arms and horses of the five cities. No hiding is allowed. For this reason. " Hongyin finished reading, and then he sent out the newspaper. "It's a strange thing," he said in his heart. "I think it's the same thing that happened last night when women's music was killed and animals were hidden. Is it not because he did it again?" Then he called his wife and said, "you can go to the wife's room and ask him carefully. For some reason, the beast disappeared." Madam Yi Yan came to the back room and asked Jin Chan, "what did your husband tell him when he entered the room?" Jin Chan said: "as soon as he arrived in the room, he asked the father-in-law about his illness. The daughter-in-law did not dare to hide it. She told me about the matter of bending the royal staff. At five o'clock, the daughter-in-law wakes up and the husband is nowhere to be found. " After hearing these words, the lady was surprised and came out to talk with Hong Yin. He only blustered Hongyin's face, cried bitterly, and said: "it must have been made by animals. I don't know where to run? It's OK to take off. If you can't take off, you will not only lose the life of this beast, but also our whole family will be slaughtered. " The lady listened, pained, tears in her eyes, choked, and cried. Hong Yin stopped and said, "it's not good. What do you want to cry for when you cause this disaster? Shut up quickly. If there's a leak, it's not safe. " Madame Du, hearing the words, had to live. It is:

Deep love and tolerance? Strong smile for a sad look.

And Kuangyin escapes from Bianliang City, lightning stars fly, shuttle arrows walk, looking at the road to guanxi. All the way, I feel sad and lonely. In the middle of the journey, there was only a high mountain ahead, which was very dangerous. But see:

The mountain is connected with the handle, and the mountain is connected with the sky. The mountain is connected with the handle of a thousand years old green cypresses; the mountain is connected with the clouds, and the pines have been rushing into the blue Han for thousands of years. Dangerous forest cliff, deep stream and high hillock. The cliff of the dangerous forest looks like claws and teeth, and the deep ravine is filled with tigers and leopards. At four o'clock, it is hard for wild birds to fly through the black forest.

Kuangyin looked at the mountain. It was as expected that it was as high as ever and exquisite. Looking at the foot of the mountain, I saw a stone tablet with three characters of "Kunming mountain" engraved on it. There were two lines of small characters on both sides, engraved with a clear way to score:

I was beaten to pass in front of the mountain, leaving nine for ten.

If you don't give me the money to buy the road, I will lie in the grass with one knife.

Kuang Yin looked at it and said, "it turns out that there are strong people who cut paths here and rob each other. You have to be prepared, but you have nothing to do. " Finally, I heard a gong on the top of the mountain, a king flashed out, a horse galloped down the mountain, followed by forty or fifty followers, waving flags and shouting. Kuang Yin took his time, stepped back a few steps, picked up a flat place, stood still, and held on to the Dragon stick. How can the king dress up?

The Golden Phoenix helmet is divided into eight parts. The golden armor is locked and linked. The gorilla is dyed on the red robe. The armor is very precious. In the bag, the bow bends the dragon's horn, the arrow in the pot is inserted with a carved feather, and the jujube monkey horse with good tune sits down with a steel knife in hand.

The king went down the hillside and immediately took the lead, shouting: "red faced man, quickly leave the money to buy the road and let you go. If you don't say a word, you will be killed immediately!" Zhao Kuangyin laughed and said, "you thief, you don't even have eyes? It's useless to do this. I'm not a businessman. I'm not full of glory. Do you have money to reward you? I think you rob all day long and harass the people. Today, you are full of evil. When you meet the master, I am afraid that you will die. If you want to save your life, bind yourself quickly, come and ask for a sin, and offer me your money, I will spare you; if you do not understand, I will make you cry in an instant! " When the king heard this, he was so angry that he was angry in his heart, and there was smoke in his mouth! What skill do you have, young man? How dare you speak up? " Said, clapped to open the war horse, snatched the knife to face to chop. Kuangyin makes use of the Dragon stick and holds it on his head. It's really a good fight when horses and swords are used together. But see:

A knife will be cut at the head and a stick will be raised to meet each other. One at once, one underground. The king of the mountain is like a fierce tiger attacking people, and the blade only looks forward to the heart splitting; Allah is like a dragon catching water, and the staff and staff all row up to knock on the back. Kunming mountain is famous for its powerful people who cut the path. How can they lose their vigour? Bianliang city is full of people who are too old for disaster, so they are willing to lose. If you add dozens of swords and staffs, you have to teach the winner in an instant.

Zhao Kuangyin's staff, as expected, was haunted and changed. At that time, the war was more than fifty years old. I killed the king as early as I could only parry, not to mention return him to the army. I'll see if I can defeat him. It seems that those lieluofei ran to the mountain and reported to the second king. Because of this report, there are different teachings: two dragon flies, the giant bandits turn to the heart and hands to help; one day, when Ping meets, the step capture skillfully sings along with the wind. It is:

How can we have a hidden trace if we don't get high scores from the enemy?

We need to know Kuangyin's past, and we will know next time.

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