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"Flying dragon"

"The fourth time in the whole story of the flying dragon is to fight against the snow and blood splashing buildings in the imperial court"

Word yue: It's a beautiful scenery to sing on the tower. The night is heavy and the curtain is cold. In the Ming Dynasty, I lived in wushuyike, just for the light of sword, the wind and cloud, and the hail. I hate you enough. Night after night, the Dragon hides in secret. Fighting with rage, you can...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 40th chapter of flying dragon's biography: Zheng Ziming's angry attack on the garden

Poetry says: When it's time for the wind to cool the night, fumigation is still wet clothes. Spring does not solve the human body, so that the flow of disaster immediately taste. He added: If you don't have a clear taste, taste the fruits first. There is no melody in the path, but why is it strong l...

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"Flying dragon"

"In the 44th chapter of Feilong's biography, Zhao Kuangyin brought the crime to the soldiers and Du ERGONG to collect all the money"

Word yue: When a wanderer returns to his hometown, he does not have morning or dusk to settle down. When it's not a problem, it's a trap. In order to have a minister or not, we should make contributions to the border. The wind, the dust, the horses, the flags are hidden. Take Yinghao on the road, an...

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"Flying dragon"

"Flying dragon biography the 46th time, Gao Xing, Zhou Wengjing, reported to Zhao Kuangyin to defeat the enemy's class teacher"

Poetry says: The general is loyal and determined. There are so many accidents in the world that they can't be cured. But when God was proved, his heart was appalled. The emperor is not against each other. He has been holding his sword for the rest of his life. The letter of bequeath entrusts the lon...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 48th time of flying dragon biography: Gao Huaide takes advantage of the patio, Zhao Kuangyin, to fight against Gao Ping"

Poetry says: Young people are brave and brave, and all of them are allowed to be brave. Horse South challenge, single thistle North army. A drum of Xianbei presents money, and five baits are only for resolving disputes. Vow to become famous and serve the country, shame will start the country on hono...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 45th time in Fei Long's biography, Duke Du Er's son-in-law should be transported to Gaoxing and Zhou sent his son back home"

Word yue: The army is circling the mountains and islets, remembering and thinking of thousands of strands. Don't be a lone goose, fake good luck, the elder Xu, red line couplet Cuiyu. When we are together, we plan to make a rest and make contributions to the whole world. Flags are everywhere, sharpe...

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"Flying dragon"

"The forty second time in the whole story of flying dragon, Chai Rong enters the throne to continue Kuangyin in the East Palace and binds Jin Luan without guilt"

Poetry says: On the origin of the ancient rule of mu, morality and propriety with the style of nature. The punishment measures, the government, the country, the people and the customs are indomitable. All of them are talented and talented, so they rely on the side of the sages. If the king has hidde...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 49th chapter of Feilong's biography: Ding Guili and Gao Huaide - plan to trap Zhao Kuangyin"

Poetry says: The imperial edict of yellow paper, the letter of qingni school captain. Swear to Zhang Hulu, and choose "Xiqu". The fog is dark, the water is cold and the willows are sparse. I want to sweep away the dust. You Lu Jiao Ran's march in the army It is said that Zhou Shizong was so successf...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 43rd time of Miao Xun's final accounts in the biography of Fei Long

Poetry says: When the wind blows on the ground, what do you think? Remonstrating words do not listen to the end, bitter as no machine. If your heart is full of hatred, how can your orders be harsh? Once a disaster is averted, the same path will be sighed for thousands of years. The world situation i...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 47th chapter of flying dragon biography Liu chongbing trapped in Luzhou City and Huaide bravely took the pioneer seal"

Poetry says: Remembering the Zhou Taizu, Sheng Yuan's last words are sincere. The practice of thrift is Zhaoli, which often makes the spirit Xi an Yin Fu. He added: Hustle and bustle from the north to fight for land and land. With the combination of the monarch and Huayi, I dream of opening up a new...

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