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"Flying dragon"

"The 41st time in the legend of flying dragon, Miao Xun breaks the numbers and decides that the fish dragon will be the matchmaker only when he is in pity"

Word yue: Earthly traces are like morning hibiscus, fame and wealth organs. No one is allowed to get lucky. Wealth and glory are determined by fate, but the golden box of the palace is hard to give. Who is to blame for leisure? Fortunately, there are immortals, so that the future theory. I have met ...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 10th time in the whole story of flying dragon, Zheng Ziming plans to eliminate the bandits, Zhao Kuangyin and fight against the skirt hairpin"

Word yue: Colt gap long flow, happy life, innocence is no worries, how to use more? I feel sorry for him. I am willing to be a horse and a cow. Sighing things are all alone, body and fireflies sent together, struggle to know the hustle and bustle of the journey, suddenly turned into a mayfly. Rememb...

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"Flying dragon"

"The fourteenth chapter of Fei Long's biography is about Zicai brothers, Jueyi, who are born with their sons and daughters."

Word yue: The alliance was intended to support hawks, unite different surnames, run Lunchang, gather in different groups, and see the Ming Dynasty. That and this sing to seek corresponding, lingering music must be long. Once upon a time, the spirit was hurt, the wealth was exhausted, the righteousne...

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"Flying dragon"

"In the 16th chapter of the whole story of flying dragon, Shikui sent the invitation to know the God Kuangyin and meet the evil spirit in the temple"

Poetry says: Please play the piano on your knees. The sad string excites the dangerous column, and the separation of thoughts is hard to be heard. All the guests are bothered, not to mention the residents' heart. Back well has a long history, but there is no sunning. No matter how long the road is, ...

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"Flying dragon"

"Flying dragon is the 18th time to sell Huashan Mountain for thousands of years and leave a trace to Jingniang's great reputation"

Word yue: Famous mountains are as green as regular roads. When you want to swim, you can walk lightly. The Vatican lies in the cloud with quiet refining, eating pine and drinking dew. The misty clouds in the spring and gully can make people admire. Just to fight for power, but who will be angry for ...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 15th chapter of flying dragon's biography: Meng family village bravely subdues the demons and leads to the loss of Yangshan road"

Word yue: I'm tired of evil atmosphere. I'm good at it. Sanguine Temple battle, drunk drunk. Success, win, taste. When you get to sleep, you lose your soul and tears. Rugged trek sigh Lingding, insult regret. Looking back at the twilight, I don't know if I can meet you in my dream? Drunk spring wind...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 12th chapter of flying dragon's biography: sincere friendship; Chai Rong presents Yi, Yan, Guo, FA, Zheng en for face examination"

Poetry says: Gowns were given to the ancients as gifts. In fact, the alliance was dead and alive. If you want to get together, you should not let Lei Chen. He and Li are God's masters, and their gains and losses are ultimately based on nature. I advise you, but you advise me. Don't put fame and weal...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 19th chapter of the biography of flying dragon: Kuangyin's right and wrong, jingniangyin's reward"

Poetry says: Barren mountains and dangerous mountains are full of robberies, which block pedestrians from plundering beautiful scenery. The heart of a strong man is not smooth, and the sword drains blood with a wave of its neck. I want to repay my deep kindness when I'm thinking of it. I want to tal...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 13th time of Feilong's biography, Chai Jungui is suffering from excessive disasters. Zheng Ziming is good at delivering goods."

Poetry says: Pine and cypress are planted in the north mountain and Tribulus terrestris is planted in the south mountain; Although they are of the same interest, they have different aspirations. Hua Xin admires the flame, Guan Ning is happy to clear the Yi; Separate seats and get along with each oth...

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"Flying dragon"

"The 17th time of flying dragon's biography, Chu Yuan's master asked Chen tuanzu to set up chess to win or lose"

Word yue: Lonely village temple night partial long, angle skill pottery feeling waits for dawn. The body can't be helped by the floating disaster. The Yellow crown and the secret medicine are fragrant. It seems that there are endless views of Yaotai, fairyland, and who is better to play games with. ...

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