By Author: Miscellaneous Ballads and Lyrics III in Yue fu poetry anthology

Guo Qiaoqing's Song

"Hou Han Shu" said: "Guo He, the word Qiao Qing.

Jianwuzhong is a book-worshiper. He has been in office for six years and worships the history of Jingzhou assassination.

When officials are appointed, they have different policies, and the people sing of them.

When Xianzong went to Nanyang on a hunting tour, he was especially rewarded with the clothes of the three princes, and the Ministry of command went to command the curtain, so that the people could see that he was tolerant and obedient and had virtue in Zhang.

” Jue Deren Ming Guo Qiaoqing was leveled in the Central Government.

The Original Poetry:

郭乔卿歌 杂歌谣辞三






Commentary of Poem