By Author: Miscellaneous Ballads and Lyrics III in Yue fu poetry anthology

Yanwang Song

"Han Shu" said: "Yan Lu Wang Dan, the fourth son of Emperor Wu.

When Emperor Zhaodi failed to work out a plan, the evil fortune could be seen.

Yancang knows his plan and tells him what it is.

Wang worry-yi, buy wine Wanzai Palace, meeting guests, courtiers, concubines and concubines to sit and drink.

Wang Zige, Mrs. Huarong danced, and all the sitters wept.

Wang Sui committed suicide.

” Going back to the empty city, the dog does not bark, the chicken does not crow, He Guang-li, knows no one in the country.

The Original Poetry:

燕王歌 杂歌谣辞三








Commentary of Poem