By Author: Li Shen in Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

"To the fairy"

I remember the history of Zhou Zhu, the emperor of Xuanyuan.

Zeng Shixuan, Huang Youyao, and guangzuo, Zhou Wu.

Zhou's son of heaven has no spirit of immortality.

King Mu had a rough understanding of the immortals, and the eight pole wheel hoof was full of ambition.

I don't know how many times the sun, the moon and the stars die.

The golden tripod is the elixir and the Danhua is the green one. Thirty six thousand gods enter the house.

Brother Xian has been a master for thousands of years.

The sea light is long enough to accommodate the sky, and the spring breeze brings the jade lady to open the palace.

The name of zibi's tutor was engraved in the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor.

GUI window a farewell three thousand spring, Qin Fei mirror in E Mei new.

Suddenly control Xiangqiu to go up to the sky and rob the stone and flower dust in the corner of the sea.

As soon as the immortal drives away from the Middle Earth, the stubborn sun faints and the wind is old and there is no lord.

Kyushu fights all the time. Eight steeds hang their heads to avoid jackals and tigers.

I am also a great grandson of the Yuan Dynasty. I can see through my eyes the smoke roots.

Hualin and Baifeng are so lonely that they fly to the moon in spring and faint.

A hundred years of life hastens the galloping horse, and a melancholy heart combs the heart.

Today, Jishou pays homage to brother Xian. He would like to present the autumn bone with red sand.

The Original Poetry:

赠毛仙翁 李绅


















Commentary of Poem

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