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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

"Recommended blessing temple should be made" (a poem written by Liu Xianshi)

The spirit of the earth spreads the blessings of the scenery, and the heaven drives like a hook. Good old vassal residence, Heyi Vatican new. At the foot of xiangta fish mountain, there is a wild goose waterfront in the Zen hall. The Pearl flags reflect the day, and the mirror hall is full of youth....

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

Three meeting temple system (a poem by Liu Xianshi)

In the history of Cang, the Garden opened. Stop the danhu police, turn the frost feather to ride. Go down the chariot and mount three attacks, and look at the nine ridges when you are in a royal position. Lin puguan's pottery list, water soaked in Kunming ash. The net household flies the flower affi...

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

Accompany five kings house (a poem by Liu Xianshi)

Cardinal Beidou was appointed, and Xijing was close to him. In the past, under the king's gate, I made this morning. Enlai mountain and water quilt is a masterpiece of new orchestra. Around the seat of the incense, when the Xuan dark green Jun. It's early summer to pick the lotus and spring to liste...

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

Lin Ting, Princess of Changning (a poem by Liu Xianshi)

Princess forest Pavilion, in the morning, jade Yu Yu. Painting bridge flying across the water, the fairy Pavilion is facing emptiness. New sunny see the butterfly, early summer pick Fu Yu. Culture and wine entertain you, and Xindao attendants....

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

Fenghe Xingan Princess Villa

In the western suburb, the Phoenix Terrace is gentle, and the northern island is peaceful and bright. The golden sound of Zaidi is the first melody, and Zhou Tangyu is good at passing the cup. The bay road is divided into boats, and the bank gate opens to biting. At this time, wechat officials accep...

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

Send Zhang Zhe to Shuofang to answer the system (a poem by Liu Xianshi)

Life will choose the year of Qi, and success will be complete. The glorious Wancheng preserves, and the powerful second court announces. In the middle of the road there are drums and horns, and in the wilderness there are banners. Push the food chefs to, pour the fermented rice wine to pass on. The ...

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

Meet snow in the garden with you (a poem by Liu Xianshi)

The dragon's dawn comes into Wangchun palace, which coincides with the spring snow dance. Spend and in astronomy, cold marketing Yujiu....

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

"Fenghe's going to mount the floating map of Ci'en Temple on September 9"

Three times in heaven, six bridles in the stars. Climb the Lingbao pagoda and see all over the king's city. Shenwei is surrounded by the sky, and the fairy song is clear beyond the clouds. Chongyang tens of thousands of life, lead dance to praise Shengping....

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Poetry of the whole Tang Dynasty

"On the ninth day of Fenghe reign, Linwei Pavilion ascended the heights and got the rest words"

I hope it's three autumn evenings and the beginning of the ninth day. Zhu Qi patrols the Han court, and cuipu overlooks the Qin ruins. Pet extremely Yu room all over, grace deep chrysanthemum remaining. Chenghuan how to answer, trillion FengChen home....

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